Monday, December 3, 2018

Hello Monday and a Festive Weekend Recap!

Wow!  I can't believe it is Monday already!  How did that happen?  Anyway...today I thought I would link up with Heather, Joannah and Lindsay for Hello Monday HERE
and tell you all about the fun and festive weekend we had!

Here is what it looked like.....

Friday Night

I hosted my 4th Annual Holiday Recipe Exchange Party.  Thanks to Shay, I have enjoyed doing this every year.  There will be a separate post about this coming this week but here is what we all looked like in our jammies- we had such a great time!


I gave the girls their Advent Calendars from Auntie Janie- they were so excited to open the first door and eat their chocolates :)

Relf, Our Elf, also returned and left the girls a note about being kind this holiday season :)

Then, it was time to take my parents to Newport, RI.  Dressed up and ready to hit the road....

It was my mom's request for a Christmas gift this year.  She wanted to see the mansions of Newport, RI decorated for Christmas and we did just that.  We had an awesome time at the mansions...out to eat and walking around...it was a wonderful time full of lots of QT...separate post coming this week on this too! 

Once we got home, it was time to catch up on some Hallmark and then we watched our beloved Christmas Vacation and made some Christmas cookies...we are packing in all of the festivities that we can (in case you haven't noticed) :)

Last night, Relf Our Elf, brought some surprises for the girls- pets!  They will wake up to them this morning and I can't wait! :)

It was a fun and festive weekend in these parts.  What were you up to?


Good Better Best Food said...

Loving your plaid with the girls. Those Christmas cookies look so Good!

Have a Good week lady!


Joanne said...

We're heading to see the Newport Mansions all decked out for Christmas next week!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Love you and your girls' plaid tops! So festive!! We have that same Elf dog pet--so sweet.

Holly said...

Thanks Patty!

Holly said...

Thank you Jaclyn- the girls LOVED their new pets :)

Holly said...

"Mother of 3" how do I find your blog? Would love to follow you. Hope you enjoy the mansions as much as we did! :)

Rechelle said...

Oh what a festive weekend, love you ladies dressed up for seeing the mansions! Looking forward to your other posts this week :)

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