Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dressed in White Gala at BWG Featuring Sunglasses at Night!

Christian Breen, owner of the Blackwater Grill in Salem put together an event to benefit the Lazarus House. The Lazarus House helps the needy in the Merrimack Valley. Rob's 80s Dance Band, Sunglasses at Night, played and the night was a huge success! We brought canned goods and the BWG ended up taking several milk crates full of food to the house.

Enjoy these pix...it was an absolute blast and for a good cause!

Dear Diana at 8 Months....

When people say "enjoy every moment...it goes by so fast"...they aren't lying. You have helped me to live in the present...I am learning not to dwell on the past and not to be in such a rush for the future....I am enjoying every moment like watching you discover your little hands and watching your funny faces when you don't like a new fruit I am introducing to you. We also chuckle when you get mad when your food is gone. Once we hit the end of the jar and get up to toss it, you yell and cry...you are mourning the loss of a good meal ;)

This is a very difficult time for our country and it hits home when you see how tough things are for the families and friends we have but you my little munchkin, have added such magic to our lives....you have brightened some of our most stressful days and I will be forever grateful to you.

So! It is official...your first word was DADA!!! We knew it would be....Daddy went to pick you up at daycare this week and when you noticed he was there, you shouted "Hi Dada!" Everyone went crazy...you haven't done it since BUT you did it and we know you will do it again :)

We tried a sippy cup for the first time last weekend and just like with your bottle...you get lazy. You know we will hold it for you, so you just drop it until we feed you. The funniest thing though was the way you were talking to the cup...you must have talked to that cup for an hour! It was adorable :)

You also make friends wherever we go...you have a beautiful smile and you know how to play up to people already...I think we are in big trouble!

I love you my baby bird

Adam's First Communion

It was a beautiful day! Adam is Rob's first Godson and he received his first communion last weekend.

We snapped a few pix in the church and a few more back at the house party.

Diana really liked sitting with Auntie Mal :)
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