Monday, June 14, 2021

Not Just A Mom: Quick Family Dinners Edition

 Hi Friends!  Happy Monday!  Hope your weekend was great- I will recap ours tomorrow.  Today, I decided to join Jen and The Crew for the Not Just A Mom Linkup!

It is a fun topic and I love getting your ideas on meals too.  Today we are talking Quick Family Meals- that is one of my specialties.

I do stay organized and meal prep most of the year BUT I like simple meals that I can put together quickly ...when you are balancing work and family "easy" is key!

Here are a few "crowd pleasers" if you will....

Chicken, Broccoli and Ziti

Find recipe HERE

Egg Roll in a Bowl

 Find recipe HERE

Taco Bowls

Find recipe HERE

Quick Bolognese

Find recipe HERE

Can't wait to get some ideas from you!

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday Favorites (June 11, 2021)


As we are packing up for a great weekend...full of excitement surrounding the girls' Wizard of Oz Movie Premier and being in our fave town in America (Portsmouth)...I thought I would dedicate my Friday Faves to some of my favorite things that I am packing in my weekend bag...eeeeee I am so excited!


As always, linking up with the lovely ladies HERE





In case it gets chilly during the movie (this time we are sitting outside on our chairs- can't wait)...I will throw on this little lobster sweater...Wooden Ships just has the BEST summer sweaters...such fun preppy and patriotic designs!  


 and my mom LOVED my patriotic sweater that I wore on Memorial Day Weekend so I am surprising her with this one...isn't it cute?  So her!

 You can check out Wooden Ships HERE


Gosh...every summer I go crazy over blue...particularly baby blue...hey any blue for that matter...I find it so my baby blue watch band is coming with me and I had my nails done in blue too....BLUE FTW ;)



This brand of sunglasses became a hot thing at our gym and Lea really convinced me to try a pair- well friends?  LOVE THEM...big the shapes...and the polarized lenses....and the comfort..big fan!  This pair will be coming with me...they are perfect for the beach...or the lake...or a get the picture!

Check out Blenders HERE 



 Comfy Black Dress


Oh I love a comfy dress in the summer...I am a big fan of dressing up but also like to be comfortable in the heat....I am also having a moment with strapless dresses...anyway, I digress...I found this cute boutique on line called Veronica M Clothing.  I snagged an adorable mustard and black silk top for Aruba....and upon further browsing, found the perfect summer dress for me...Strapless Black Maxi...will be wearing this Sat night for our dinner and the movie premier- woohoo!


You can find Veronica M HERE






This bag is what I am throwing it all in to!  This was a bday gift from Cass last year and I LOVE is so me- patriotic- big- just perfect :)


Always love packing up for a little gotta get the girls packed too...that will happen tonight ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Let's Look: Summer Bucket List Edition (2021)

 Hi Friends!  Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay HERE

and talking about one of my favorite topics of all time...our Summer Bucket List!

My girls and I make a Summer List every year...we haven't done that yet this year because they are still in school for two more weeks!  

Later next week, we will get to doing that and I can't wait!  I feel like they will be able to enjoy all of the normal things they have loved from years past...they have been through so much over this last year and a half and I want to make sure they find joy....

Here are a few things that I know will be on our list...some pre-planned things that they can't wait to check off...without further ado....

Attend The Premier of THEIR Wizard of Oz Movie


The movie premiers next week and they can't wait to walk the Red Carpet Yellow Brick Road beforehand and show off their work to us and their grandparents.  We are making an adventure out of it and staying overnight in our fave town of Portsmouth NH too!


Go to Ogunquit ME with the grandparents


At the end of the month, we are spending the weekend in Ogunquit with our parents/grandparents...we are looking forward to beach time and yummy meals and a whole lotta QT.

Attend our Town Fireworks Night


One of my favorite things to do in town- we all bring a picnic dinner and the kids have a is so patriotic...and hokey and just perfect!


4th of July at the Lake

The McLains are generous enough to invite us back with our besties for a weekend of fun on the lake- boating, swimming, and lots of laughs...we are all very excited!


Wild Acres

We will be spending the last weekend in July at the camp ground we went to last year with our Dance Pals- excited for "glamping" , beach time and more laughs


Red Sox Game

Our fam got Red Sox tickets for Christmas and we are going on our Wedding Anniversary (Saturday August 14th) - can't wait to celebrate with our kids at one of our favorite places to be- Fenway Park!

In addition to these bigger pre-planned events, we will be adding some traditions too like Daddy and Diana's "Campout Night", Mama and Diana Annual Boogie Boarding Day, Pool Dayz, Beach Dayz and QT spent with family and friends....we will be sure to share our list once it is drawn up!


 What's On Your Summer Bucket List?

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

2021 AAB Performance Awards at LDA!


Hi Friends....I am so happy to share with you my favorite day of the year.  It was the AAB (American Academy of Ballet) Performance Awards Day at LDA last Sunday....this event typically happens during the first week of March and we squeaked it in last year a week before we were all shut down....we honestly didn't think it would happen this year but by the grace of God, it was postponed and it happened this past weekend.  Though it did not happen in a theater like recent years, it happened right at the dance studio and we were so happy to be able to see our girls dance live again AND with our parents....I cried during most of it on and off...I know shocker but it was a magical day and I am just grateful all girls are still on Cloud 9 happy for them and they certainly earned their scores with all of their hard work!

First, we have Eva...her very first AAB Performance Awards- Level 1

Port de Bras B

and then Allegro B

and then Level 1 Dance A (Solo Performance)

and when it was time for her awards, we were so proud that she scored Gold which is a challenge at this age...they are still so little and adorable!  My heart was bursting

and then it was Diana's turn...these were her 4th AAB Performance Awards at LDA and this year she competed at Level 6

Her dance partner was her pal Elizabeth...they started with Port de Bras A

and then it was Adage A

and then it was Allegro B


and lastly, her solo- Dance A- La Vos





Few More Shots

and then it was time for Diana's Awards

We were so proud of her and she achieved what she set out to do- score at the highest level- she got Gold with Distinction and also won a scholarship to AAB's Summer Program- she attended virtually last year and hopes to do either in person or virtual this year but it will depend on some other commitments-stay tuned!

My heart is still squished!

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