Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Thursday is Monthly Musings!


Hi Friends!  Can't wait for this one!  We are talking all things Fall Fun! Patty and I hope you will join us and answer the questions above!  We want to hear all about YOUR Fall Fun and Fall Traditions!  Hope to see you back here on Thursday!



Monday, October 25, 2021

Hello Monday and Hello Countdown to Christmas! HA!


Happy Monday Friends!  Hope you all had a great weekend....here is what ours looked like



A quick lunch with besties is just what the doctor ordered and the mushroom quinoa salad at Copper Door- yes please



That night...we did all the running around...brought Diana to voice, hip hop and acting, grabbed some dinner next door and then scooted Pidge out for hip hop.  


Love getting sneak peaks of behind the scenes...Diana and Caitlin doing a Halloween Improv in Hip Hop class.


Finished our dinner next door and then picked both girls up and went to the church for our monthly Family Faith meeting...Eva took the lead 

and then when we got home and crashed...some of us were in our glory because 

HALLMARK!  I mean...how exciting is the premier of Countdown To Christmas every year!  The first new Christmas movie premiered...Rob even watched with me from the comforts of our bedroom and Diana made herself a hot cocoa and snuggled up with Remi in my office to watch...glad I can pass this passion on to the next generation ;)






It remained dark for our entire date walk!  Can't wait to turn the clocks back...sigh

(yes that's a head lamp that he won at work...insert eye roll emoji here....)

 Our 2021 Ghosts

Then it was time for Starbucks and Dance...cracking me up as always with her impressions...

and I did it up in new sweater for the season ;)

 Then I went home and made my Halloween Snack Mix to surprise the girls.  My mom came up and we went to the craft fair in town...always good for a couple of Christmas Gifts and felt even better since it was cancelled last year!  We enjoyed it...and caught up..we picked up Diana and hung at home over coffee for a little bit...then it was time for Mimi to get home and us to get Pidge ready for Nutcracker rehearsal.


She had such a busy day!  She had a soccer game, her first away hockey game and then rehearsal.  Daddy took care of the morning...we divided and conquered like we always do to get it done!


 That night, Diana headed to a sleepover, Pidge hung out with Papa and Mama and Daddy headed out with the Batsons.  We were supposed to head into Boston to a steak house to celebrate our friend's birthday but ended up having to stay in town to be near the kiddos which was fine...we enjoyed a cozy night of catching up and many laughs as always...



and have you been enjoying the moon?  We have!  Yes it explains why some people are acting crazy right now but overall, it is just gorgeous and the perfect symbol of fall!


When we got home and crashed, there just had to be more Hallmark and someone else joined in as well...Eva in her sleeping bag on our rug and this guy in our bed...so squishy!




It was time for mass and then Daddy focused on the yard all day...we had so many leaves that needed to be blown away!  The girls had several Nutcracker rehearsals, we got organized for the week and then when relaxing, there may have been a bit more Hallmark..ha!! However, you will find our home in an identity crisis right now...Hallmark on the inside and Halloween on the outside- HA!



That's a wrap!  Have a wonderful week friends!  It is going to be a busy one here on this blog!


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Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday Favorites (October 22, 2021)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  Hope it is a great one!  Here are some faves from our week

Fave Recent MEMEs


Fall Fashion Colors

I am so drawn to rust and various shades of orange this time of year.  Check out this adorable sweater I snagged from Wooden Ships...hysterical right? ;)

and I love pairing this rust color with navy...so fall!

Halloween Fun on Snapchat

I blame Lea for this silliness- HA!

8th Grade!  How did this happen?  UGH!


My Diana Mary...a.k.a Monkey

Book Club #20- Yoga Pant Nation
A few of the OGs had an awesome time at Laura's this week celebrating our 20th Book Club and one of our faves- LOVE Laurie Gelman's Class Mom Series!

World Ballet Day 

World Ballet Day was this week...I posted my obligatory collage...

and got treated to a video of Diana hard at work preparing for YAGP with Mrs. Mullen

New Blog Photos!

Did you notice some new pics at the top of my blog?  Had to update them...especially the kids...they have grown so much since that last pic!

Old Pics

and New!

and leaving you with this...Diana says this is me and I am dying laughing because it could not be more dead on....HA!!!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Kayla and Marshall's Engagement Party

 We had a great time celebrating Kayla and Marshall's engagement on Saturday night.

Kayla is the oldest of my three stepchildren.  In case you are new around here, thought I would clarify.

We are so excited for the lovely couple and so happy they found each other!

Enjoy the pics...sorry if there are too much...will interject info as I remember...highly recommend all of our vendors if you are local!

On Friday night, Chuck, our Chef and Caterer came by to start prepping his dishes...he is a pro... a love...and just such a talent...We LOVE Chuck!


Our Menu: Tenderloin Crostinis with Chimichurri Sauce, Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, Sticky Bourbon Chicken, Beef Sliders, Lobster Sliders, Shrimp Cocktail (one of Kayla's faves), Chicken and Beef Taco Purses, A Charcuterie Board made by my talented stepdaughter Ally and Clam Chowder made by me (because it is Kayla's favorite)


There was lots of running around to do on Saturday- Flowers, Cake, Balloons, Oh My! ;)


The cake was made by my favorite Cake Lady Kat and it was a Gluten Free Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting- I am so sad I never got to try it but it looked beautiful- ha!


My mom also made Kayla's Favorite- Russian Tea Cakes or some call them Snow Ball Cookies and Cass made delicious Pumpkin Cookies :)


The flowers were made by Seemia of A and A Floral in Windham- she did a great job of getting Kayla's colors in there with a real bridal look :)


I had the most fun printing out pics and putting them in these gold glitter frames around the house

We bought a portable bar on Amazon and so glad we did- it came in very handy!  Chuck's team included a bartender, Dominque, who is also a love!  We did a signature cocktail for the bride and a signature cocktail for the groom- their faves


The lovely couple arrives...


With Papa!



With Dad and Holly


Lea's here...thank God! :)


Lea and Mike


Ally's Charcuterie Board- delish AND beautiful


Updating the pics on my blog...you will probably see the updates this week...anyway, I wanted an updated pic of the kids and add Remi...he was like a bucking bronco..this is the only one where everyone is looking at the camera...sigh...you have to laugh though...I seriously couldn't take it!


A Very Special Moment- Kayla asking Diana and Eva to be in her wedding...squished my heart!

and Daddy's Toast!


The fiances with Uncle Matt



Kayla with Holly's "Sisters"



With Mimi and Papa Pete



With Matron Of Honor Steph



The Wedding Party minus Marshall's Brother who will be coming in from California :)


Eva was obsessed with Dominique!



and then the karaoke and dancing shenanigans ensued ;)


It was a great night!

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