Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Favorites

Well it's Good Friday...the saddest day all year in the church and the one that reminds us just how lucky we are.  I plan on enjoying the true meaning of this weekend....

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Here are some faves from this Holy Week


My absolute favorite part of my week so far.  

Easter Love from Auntie Janie

They have more Easter Love from Auntie Cass but I am spreading the treats out because they are already so wild this week ;)

Bantam Bagels

 Have you tried these little gems yet?  Well you can find them at Starbucks and your local grocery store- another genius idea from Shark Tank...and oh so yummy PLUS you feel half as guilty eating a bagel because they are only 100 calories each (with the cream cheese inside!)

Buck A Shuck at Surf

We hit it up again- the last Wednesday of the month and it....was hopping...we love us some oysters and we loved Jeanine's Hawaiin drink- isn't the glass cute?

 Book Club

I hosted...we toasted....we had so so many laughs just like we did when reading this book (Class Mom By Laurie Gelman). I have read it twice now and have laughed just as hard both times.  Our next book up is The Flight Attendant.  I am going to get through The Family Next Door first and then move on to that one so I see those two being my two books for April- I love reading- don't you??

 That's a wrap.  Today I am remembering and tonight we will experience the live stations of the cross.  We will celebrate all weekend with family and friends and I am grateful. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Growing In Gratitude

I LOVE this linkup...I think expressing gratitude is one of the healthiest things you can do.  Living a life in gratitude makes you appreciate every little thing that comes your way.  It can also help you during rough times....it forces you to look for the light...and it also reminds you of how blessed you really are.....

This month, I am most thankful for.....

1. Quality time with our families- celebrating milestones and sharing in sorry together- family always comes through 

2. Time away with friends for both my hubby and me- recharging makes everything so much more doable- work- daily life- the nutty homework- somehow we have more energy to tackle the day

3. Steady business- when hard work pays off and when someone special is watching over you and helping you to make things happen

4. Time at St. Matt's...the wisdom

5. The beginning of spring

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday (March 2018)

Well well...it is the end of March....and it was a long and snowy month here in New England....I am ready for Spring...how about you!  We are just one day closer!

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What We're Eating This Week

Monday- Skillet Tacos (in honor of the book Class Mom)

Tuesday- Chicken Caprese Salads (in honor of the delicious salads at the W in Fort Lauderdale)

Wednesday- Chicken and Broccoli (and brown rice for the kiddos)

Thursday- Leftovers

Friday- Good Friday- Friday Night Pizza Night

 What I'm Reminiscing About

Whenever spending time with my parents, we always reminisce so when celebrating my mom's birthday this past weekend, we reminisced about so much.  One thing that stands out is when we were touring colleges and toured Northeastern.  It was one of the 6 schools I got into but it scared me so much.  Our tour guide told us that students were hit frequently on Huntington Ave....ummmm....next?!  Ha ha! 
We saw a satellite campus next to our hotel and that is what reminded us of it this past weekend.

What I'm Loving

Power Yoga...Early Monday Mornings...with Becky as our instructor....I sweat....I focus...I get ready for the week and I am SO CALM...it really is the perfect way for me to start my week!

What We've Been Up To

We spent a few days, over February vacation, at the Cape Codder Resort and Waterpark with BA and her fam!

We said Goodbye to Rob's Mom- it is still really hard for all of us- the lack of her presence at home is so apparent- grateful that her suffering is over just feeling the sadness

Mama enjoyed a girls trip to Fort Lauderdale with Besties

and Daddy and Diana had a blast at the Annual Daddy Daughter Dance :)

We were so happy when our friend Shannon won a seat on the School Board!

and Mama and the girls enjoyed a dinner at Cass's one night during Daddy's weekend away...perfect night!

Diana wrapped up a great basketball season and Papa Bob enjoyed finally being able to see a game!

Daddy enjoyed a weekend away golfing with the guys in Orlando.....

and the girls loved a sleepover adventure with Mimi and Papa....

So Mama and the Ladies made the most of a night alone and dialed it up a notch or two ;)

The PTA Gals Celebrated Shannon's Win!

We celebrated Papa's 80th!

Eva started gymnastics at Palaestra Gym!

and we celebrated Mimi's 70th!

and Brenda's 40th!  Bdays all around!!

What I'm Dreading

Nothing At The Moment

What I'm Working On

My overall health....ongoing process...weight....stress....managing it all!

What I'm Excited About

The Spring!  It has been the longest winter ever and I cannot wait to get outside!  I am excited for walks outside...golfing...planting our garden again....open toe shoes...lunches al fresco and so much more!

Oh and heading to the beach with besties for April Vacation?  Yes...very excited for that!

What I'm Watching/Reading

This Is Us

American Housewife


Greys' Anatomy

Santa Clarita Diet

Oh...and I have watched I, Tonya at home 4 times now...I bought it...I know...I have a problem ;)

and this month, I read two books

Truly, Madly, Guilty by Lianne Moriarty
(she is not my favorite author but I do find her novels entertaining and this one was interesting- a little slow just like The Husband's Secret but entertaining nonetheless)

and I read Class Mom again so I am prepared for book club this week...I am hosting!!  I am coming up with some questions for discussion now too!  I howled again the entire time- so funny- I hope she writes more books!

 What I'm Listening To.....

I still have been enjoying the Fort Lauderdale Play List I made and my girls' love it in the car too.  Pidge says, "Mum will you DJ?" and that means will you play your mix because I love the songs!

The other songs I have been listening to are the ones on the I, Tonya soundtrack.  Even if you didn't like the movie you have to admit that the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE!  So we pretty much flip between these two playlists right now!

What I'm Wearing

Well in Fort Lauderdale....it was all springtime attire and lots of Lilly of course!

Since being home and not being very springlike just yet, I have been tossing on lots of black so I can wear my new leopard watch...so for the first time ever, I am matching outfits to a watch...I find it hysterical!!  Hey...it is getting me through the end of this very long winter :)

What I'm Doing This Weekend

It is Easter all weekend long.

On Friday night , we are attending the Live Stations of the Cross outside at our church.  I enjoyed the service by myself last year and this year, the rest of the fam is joining me.

On Saturday, it is our annual Easter Baking Day with Mimi and we will also be coloring eggs AND hosting our 2nd Annual Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.

On Sunday, we are celebrating Easter with our entire fam- mass and then dinner back at our house complete with a Bloody Mary Bar, Mimi's pastita and an elegant surf and turf dinner.

I am so very excited for all of the holy time and quality time with the fam.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Diana's softball games...the two shows she is dancing in.....and Eva's 4th Birthday! 

What Else Is New? 

On yes....that...and you should be saying THANK GOD...ha ha!!

What's My Favorite Easter Tradition?

It would have to be baking and coloring eggs with Mimi...we always shared this tradition but it is so much fun now that the girls are involved...they love it as much as we do!

So...what have YOU been up to?
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