Wednesday, March 31, 2010

239. I am genuinely interested in people...what they do to make a living and what makes them tick...people make me tick

240. iPad came out today...I am very intrigued and can't wait to learn more about it...much more intrigued about this one than the iPhone for some reason

241. Beautiful Easter weekend...I want to add...this week is my favorite week in church all year...it is so holy (hence the name Holy Week) and each day is a reminder of how lucky we are

242. While I am on it, my Dad and I sang in the Folk Group at St. Robert's in Andover for years together...it was our thing to do together and we ended up meeting so many special people...and during those years, we sang at every mass during Holy Week...Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday...what I wouldn't give to be back there once again...we miss you Dick

243. What would you do if someone you really respected in business...someone you put on a pedestal...came to you and offered to financially back whatever business you wanted to start.....yes it just happened to me...I am more than flattered but know this is not the time...it is nice to know that if my current door closes, there is another one waiting to open for me...needed this meeting...needed the boost..his words were "I think you walk on water"

244. Winners tend to have brains....class...eloquence...successful strategy...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Swim Lessons- Year 2 Week 4!

Dear Diana (at 19 months)

Dear Diana,

You are such a sweet little lady now! It is amazing how much you have grown and how you continue to improve your health and strength!

We had your check up yesterday and you now weigh 24 pounds and 9 oz and you are 31 inches long! (That puts you in the 48th percentile for weight and 30th percentile for height) You are our precious little peanut!!

Everyone agrees that you are bright- you are up to 38 words! You also speak additional words that we don't understand but you understand everything you are saying.

You are also starting to feed yourself with a fork and spoon...such a big girl...or as Mama likes to call you Miss Independent.

You have successfully taken over as boss of our family and know exactly how to manipulate us and your grandparents...when you do something wrong/fresh, you immediately try to make up for it with a kiss...hysterical.

You have a new friend Alice in town...you had one play date so far and another one planned. It is really special because you two will be in school together!

You have inherited "the curse" or Mama's curly hair and both Mama and Daddy's energy, passion and drama...we knew this would happen, of course, when we had a child!

You still add so much magic to our family...this is a very rough time for us and you consistently take the stress away and erase the negativity associated with business and work pressure. When I am down, you help me will myself to a positive place and help me to laugh every day.

For that I will be forever grateful as I am to have you....

I love you my Baby Bird,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

One of our favorite commercials

The Kitchen!!

She is SO BUSY...wonder where she gets this from???

Our Newest Driver

Isn't she adorable???

Friday, March 26, 2010

Deep Thoughts by Holly Handy

215. Well National Healthcare passed...I feel sorry for all of the hard-working Americans who will be paying the price for this...I also feel for the small business owners

216. Some people look at a good thing and because they did not create it/initiate it/have control over it, will try to ruin it....just remember what you have accomplished...and all of the wonderful memories that go along with those accomplishments...cannot be taken away

217. Monkey is feeding herself like a big girl..with a fork and everything...one of her newest faves is mac and cheese

218. I am thinking of my mother-in-law right now

219. Ally got her license! I took her during my lunch break today...She did so well....as she drove out of the lot with the DMV officer, I started to cry...when I met her, she was 8 years old...a beautiful, wide-eyed little girl desperate for attention...I immediately fell in love with her...can't believe she is a young adult driving :(

220. On a similar note, we are going prom dress shopping on Sunday...Ally, her mom and me

221. and I am thinking of my Godmother...my aunt

222. Zack made the WHS baseball team!!

223. My work husband is "The Fois"...and I haven't mentioned him yet because truth be told, Rob gets a bit annoyed with this phrase...I mean, I would be "pisssseed" if he had a "work wife"...right? All joking aside, "The Fois" is a true friend and one of the good Catholic boys you rarely see nowadays

224. I'm an over-the-top Type A...but I am sure you already guessed that

225. I am trying to focus on living in the now...too many what ifs...unnecessary worry...I am trying to just BE (as a wise person once said)

226. Did something nice last week for someone...it went over like a fart in church...girls, I know you are getting a kick out of this one!! ;)

227. I miss the sunny Saturdays in college when my 2 biggest concerns were a. what I was going to wear to the neighborhood keg party and b. when will Angus post that cast list already!! :)

228. When I was little, the kids at school teased me because of my "big curly hair"...they called me Chewbaca (the hairy monster from Star Wars), Helmet Head, Afro Woman...among other things...I find it ironic that I get so many complements on my hair nowadays...I sometimes still see Chewbaca staring back at me

229. You should SEE Diana's new kitchen...so flippin cute!

230. I, as a working mom, wife, mother, stepmother and volunteer extraordinaire, get more accomplished than alot of people I know

231. Diana is afraid of the Easter Bunny

232. My favorite names for next time? Eve, Caroline, Deirdre, Hunter, Jack, Paul...to name a few

233. One of the "Wisteria Lanes" in town was always a place everyone wanted to be...until as of late...proves that peoples' situations aren't always what they seem

234. I was a mermaid in another life

235. I am slowly and surely learning how less is more

236. I am a firm believer in KISS

237. Nothing, in fashion, compares to CANDY PINK

238. I am at a crossroads

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mimi's Birthday!

What a lovely day we had...Gnocchi with Vodka Sauce, Carribean Jerk Chicken on the grill with Mango Salsa, Roasted Shrimp and Orzo and then for dessert....the big Kahuna...Seven Layer Cake from Cheesecake Factory...Food Coma like no other.

We love you Mimi!!! Here is to many more :)

Swim Lessons- Year 2-Week 3!

Of course, we needed show variety in the wardrobe...check out the pink and chocolate swimsuit :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I have been waiting my whole life for this look....

2nd Annual Boosters Comedy Night

another smashing success! This year I helped co-chair it and had so much fun. Check out these few pix...when I am working, I am not as good at snapping the pix...there was so much more where these came from!!
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