Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Life Lately...Spring and Summer 2020

The pics above?  My little Pidge rocking remote learning...she continuously reminded us that all is good...and we will get through...seems so long ago...I am finally recapping what we have been up to in May and June...have more energy today and feeling the JOY!

School ended a little early for us- June 10th to be exact and I am so glad that my girls get to relax now for a bit.  Their theater camp was cancelled this summer and although that is devastating...we are all being mindful of absorbing these days and enjoying our together time because we know those days won't last.

When Rob lost his job I knew I needed to lean on my besties to get me through and they certainly did....this is my therapy...good for the soul...loved when my worlds collided and my best friends from different pieces of my world came together for a night on my deck...my heart was so happy!

Jeanine surprised us all with a beautiful birthday lunch in May for our bestie Cass's bday 

Diana loved hanging with her besties and these pics are them freaking out when my friend Jess was digging a frog AND a snake out of the pool- hysterical

It is the Summer of Eva educating Mama on Ro Blox

The Kindness from Friends has been overwhelming and pure joy

We celebrated Eva's birthday a month late with her bestie Kyla and Elsa and Anna of course!

Every weekend we have either been entertaining or going to friends' houses and fun salads are always part of the plan- Mel's Caprese Orzo salad is one of my faves to make!

and some wonderful and interesting news is that we got a pool- an above ground pool, perfect for our backyard.  I wasn't announcing it or sharing too many pics yet because the day they came to put it up, Rob lost his job.  As I am calling it a true "Kick in the Teeth"...we tried to hide our fears from the girls and share in their joy but friends?  It was SO HARD...I feel like we will be able to start enjoying it now and maybe even get to relax a bit this summer...(RELAX?  What's that? Ha!)

Anyway, I digress.....we have tried to have family and friends over each weekend to share in the joy and enjoy QT...

I was really happy when my gym opened back up- FTW!

I was also ecstatic when they finally paved our road- yeah!

and thrilled when I got to return to my office and spend time in person with my boss again...

These little surprises in our yard from Eva's teachers never failed to make me cry...will remember them always

and these girls are so very happy in their pool

Kudos from my boss?  All I need to carry be through the year 

Silly Goose

When Eva missed me because I was at the office, she drew me a picture of myself (in a Lilly dress of course)...squished my heart!

Tuscan Kitchen has been hands-down the best outdoor dining experience we have had!

and these girls have lived in pools this summer already!

Yeah for the nail shop being open again!  Side Note: My nail salon, which I went to for over 15 years did not survive COVID-19...I was so sad...they were great people and I hope they all land on their feet...this new shop seems to be great...I am still mourning my peeps though

Yeah for the Green Goddess Salad at Copper Door again!

My friend Dawn is an incredible baker and she surprised us with her famous cheesecakes one day...brightened our moods and gave someone here lots of joy :)

Fave cocktail of Summer 2020?  Frose of course!  Enjoyed this first batch with besties Shannon and Bethany

More Ro Blox Tutoring happening here ;)

Awesome Lobsters thanks to Papa Bob!

More Swimming of course!

and so so very happy to be able to go back to St. Matt's and receive mass with Father Brian in person again!

Another surprise visit from Eva's amazing teachers

Celebrating the End of this very hard school year at the McLain's this year

Saturday Night Fun Back at the McLain's

She cracks me up

Made our Summer List Happen

Parking Lot Ballet at LDA started for Diana and she couldn't be happier!

More Swimming..this time with the older siblings...

Saying Goodbye to the Seniors at LDA

First Week for Summer 2020's "Surprise Lunches"
Will be doing a separate post on these soon!

Back to Golf for Mama- feels so good!

Cass took me out for dinner...such a fun night!

Don't ask...my hubby is FRESH

Father's Day was awesome...Rob said despite it all it was his favorite one ever because we were all together....mission accomplished!

Veggies starting to grow on our deck!

Another surprise lunch!

Diana has something to do anyway....field hockey clinics!

Daddy played with his band at the Pelham Town Night

Mama enjoyed Wine Club at Lea's

More swimming and snacks with friends...

Daddy and his band played a benefit for the JT Fortin Autism Foundation

More QT with Cass

We enjoyed Caden's Bday Party

While the guys celebrated Daddy's new job, Mama enjoyed a cozy night with besties...and our fancy snacks ;)

Had a little helper in the kitchen on Sunday...

still in awe of Jill's Patriotic Platter :)

Besties since 18 months old

As you can see, though these last few months have been filled with stress and uncertainty...we were surrounded by those we love most and they truly helped to carry us through the darkest days....grateful...Praise God!

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