Thursday, February 21, 2008

JCrew Hot Shot!!!!!

I am so proud of my stepdaughter Kayla...she has landed at JCrew!!! She is getting her foot in the door in the retail industry and couldn't be more excited! I will be forever grateful, of course, to my best friend Cass, who helped us with a connection there too!

Everthing we prepped Kayla on, she did. She absolutely nailed it! I was so impressed with her maturity and ability to make a great impression. We helped her put a resume together and that made a world of difference- definitely set her apart from the crowd!

They were fully staffed and not hiring AND still made her an offer- outstanding! Geesh, I wish I could get offers like that! :)

What is terrific about JCrew is that they offer training and resources that other retailers do not. They provide training in such areas as merchandising and visuals and that is exactly what Kayla wants to get involved in. The Assistant Manager, John was great. He offered to take Kayla under his wing and show her the ropes.

If you see her around town, wish her congrats! She is a very responsible young lady and one that is going places! We are allll very excited for her new beginning and new career adventure!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Saturday for Girls and "Motherhood"

I am so lucky to have Cass as a best friend...she is truly a sister. Yesterday, as part of our Saturday morning ritual, we met for breakfast (of course Little Alexis joined us and she is just getting more and more fun and hysterical). We went to Maddie's in Salem- fairly new AWESOME coffee shop/bistro type of place. They have great breakfasts and lunches and they are known for their bagels. Cass took me out which only means that I take her out next week!

After breakfast, we headed to the mall and I am so grateful for her and her help. She helped me find many maternity clothing options...gave me her honest opinion and never lost her patience with me. Although we started in Macy's and looked at the Motherhood and Mimi options there, we had much better luck at the actual Motherhood store- the options were endless!!!!

We even went to Sephora after for some new makeup- a pick me up if you will...we got this pretty glittery eyeliner by urban decay too....we are such girls!!!!

Thanks Cass...for being so good to me...I truly treasure our friendship :) (Attached are pix of just a few of the items I purchased)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Success

Thanks to my friend Jenn at work...I think I pulled off Valentine's Day...although I blew the most romantic part because, of course, or should I say par for the course, I fell asleep- ha ha!!!

Anyway...Rob and I exchanged our traditional romantic valentine cards first thing in the morning and then I made him open his gifts...I did a little sentimental goody bag for him, if you will. Per my boss Steve's suggestion, I got him the Wilco cd. Steve said they were inspired by the Beatles and some of their music sounds like them. Well, Rob agreed- it was a huge hit- cha ching! I also got him a heart shaped picture frame paper weight for his desk and his favorite chocolates (heart-shaped lindt chocolate truffles). He was touched by everything so I could have a good day.

Then the bugger totally trumps me and had a beautiful rose plant in a beautiful ceramic vase (with hears on it) delivered to me at the office...there were also two cute stuffed dogs with hearts alongside it...so touching..so romantic..I am even getting sick now!

That night, we enjoyed a terrific dinner at the Blackwater Grill in Salem NH. A MUST try. Linda, the owner, is just wonderful. She works so hard ahnd provides the best service and her food never disappoints.

Hope all you lovebirds enjoyed your day and night :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day 911

I need your help! Please email me at hbinda@yahoo.com. I need some ideas for my hubby! We are going to dinner which is nice but I want to get Rob something special and unique- please help me! I need ideas...I will eagerly await your suggestions :)

13 Weeks!

I am afraid to say it...afraid I may jinx myself...however, I am feeling a bit better....yesterday was the first morning I didn't gag in the shower...and the first day I didn't feel faint...I have also noticed that I stopped gagging on the hour..every hour...I actually have a bit more energy. As you know, I love to cook- it is one of my creative outlets...well, since getting pregnant, I haven't cooked! I know! Mortal sin! I have had no energy and cannot smell many things however last night, I was inspired and I whipped up a wholemade eggplant parm in 15 minutes flat...I know I was impressed too! Stay tuned :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pat's Surprise 40th!

We had an absolute BLAST at Pat "Pappy" Louis's (aka Denzel's) surprise 40th party last night. Pat's lovely wife Joanne threw him an intimate and awesome dinner at Haru in Boston.

Haru was fantastic to put it simply. To all you pregnant ladies out there- you won't even feel deprived. There were so many cooked and also vegetarian options that I was just thrilled.

What was hysterical (especially if you know the love of sushi I share with my stepdaughters) is that my hubby who will NEVER eat it...tried it last night..I mean the real stuff..the raw stuff...and became an instant fan..he couldn't get enough! I told him PERFECT TIMING ;)

Celebrating with Pat was so special- Joanne invited some of his closest friends and family and it was like everyone had known each other for years. We felt honored to be included.

We enjoyed some laughs during the various roasts but nothing could top the awesome slide show presentation Joanne did for him. It was touching...emotional and funny!

I will sign off by saying "Here's Johhny!!!!" Had to be there

Ann Marie's Baby Shower....

and there was an even a very special guest present- Baby Lucy Halliday!!!!! It was a lovely day; a day to truly celebrate.

Ann Marie and Ish just got great news from Children's Hospital this week. Lucy ended up having what they call a frontal lobe stroke. As a result, the doctors did not know what the extent of the brain damage was.

This week, they confirmed, that the damage is contained and will not spread. The even better news was that the worst thing Lucy will experience is some muscle stiffness on her right side; something that can be cured with physical therapy. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief!

So back to the shower: Ann Marie's sister Kathleen put on a great shower at the Woburn Country Club.

Enjoy the pix :)
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