Friday, July 19, 2024

Friday Favorites (July 19, 2024)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday...we made it!  Before we get started I just wanted to thank you all for your messages about Clark...he truly was one in a million...we will miss him and ensure that his values are carried on!

I also need to make mention that so many stars have been passing away...Bob Newhart...Shelly Duvall...Richard Simmons...although it is always sad, Shannen Doherty is hitting me the hardest...she was part of my childhood..I literally grew up with her....Beverly Hills 90210 was my favorite show growing up and still remains one of my favorites...I followed her breast cancer battle and boy did she put up a long fight...rest in peace...Brenda Walsh will live on forever!

and now some recent faves...


Good Sleep

On a good run...let's hope it continues

Daily Exercise

and outside...loving the Rail Trail!


Do you remember Ban de Soleil Sunscreen in the 80's?  Well check out this bad boy....saw the ad on Facebook and had to give it a try...it is exactly like the old stuff....hello my orange gelee friend!

Zach Bryan

Well I like him...I wouldn't call him a fave BUT he is one of Diana's and I took these lovely girls to his show on Wednesday night at Gillette...I did the drop off...Rob did the pick up and it worked out so well...they described it as one of the best nights of their lives...consider that a win!  So cute!

Mama Got Spoiled

My fave of the night was heading to my parents once I dropped the girls off...they spoiled me with an amazing dinner and we had a blast catching up...my heart is full!


Have always been a fave and there is a new little bagel cafe near Eva's camp so we have stopped here a couple of times- just love it!

Blackout In Full Force!

We are adding a bakery to our list of sponsors this year...they are going to make smiley face cookies for us for the month of September (Childhood Cancer Month) and we are getting a portion of the proceeds- so excited!  I love seeing Blackout support all over town and I can't wait to see these bad boys being sold!

That's a wrap!  We have a pretty chill weekend...Eva's show tonight....Mama is working in real estate tomorrow...not sure what tomorrow night will bring...Sunday no plans so we may just head to the beach...we shall see!  What are you all up to?

Thursday, July 18, 2024


Clark...a true legend...the true meaning of a wonderful and ethical human being and a pioneer in my industry.

Our founder and owner, Clark, passed away this week.  He was a true diamond in the rough.  In our industry, you hear so many stories of recruiters not treating candidates right...you hear about all of the slick deals and unethical business that happens.  As I always say, in our profession, we are constantly fighting the ghosts.  We have to kill ourselves to demonstrate our ethical and professional ways...go above and beyond...do the right thing always...and with all that being said, we had the privilege of learning from the best there ever was.

People always took my call because of this man.  One of my favorite conversations over the years was with a woman who told me, "when I hit rock bottom and had nothing to offer him or anyone...he took me out to lunch...gave me the greatest pep talk I ever received and sent me on my way...I will never forget him or that and that is why I will always take your call."

That my friends is a big reason of why I joined my firm...actually begged them to hire me...ha!

Our business has become transactional from time to time due to the advances in technology and the kids coming out of school who don't want to meet in person or invest in time, but we strive to build those long- term, trusting relationships and know that is what our firm was built on and that is how this legend became so successful.


As a human being, he was a wonderful husband and father and loved the ocean.  He was so happy and excited when we would go up and visit him in Marblehead where he lived.  He would take us on walking tours of the town and narrate history and fun facts.  


He was also so progressive and one of the first staffing leaders in our area, who embraced the "working mom" and offered flexible schedules so we could do our most important job and that was to be a parent.


I will miss him forever but I promise to take his values with me in all that I do.  I am really sad..I'm not gonna lie...life has been so challenging this year...it is very hard not to throw in the towel...but I am hoping...from up above...he will push us to keep going...keep trying and turn things around...trying to keep the faith and make him proud.


Rest In Peace Clark...you made such a difference in so many lives...probably more than you will ever realize.  Grateful I got to know you, work for you and spend time with you- a wonderful human.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Trader Joe's Spicy Margarita


Hi Friends!  Today I thought I would share a fun recipe with you.  I whipped this up on a whim on Friday night and really enjoyed it.  Thought you may too.  Knowing most of my readers are big Trader Joes fans like I am, this recipe may be for you!  


I am calling it the Trader Joes Spicy Margarita since it includes a TJs ingredient AND my suggested snack with this luscious cocktail is also from TJs!  FTW!




1 cup Trader Joe's Spicy Limeade

1 shot of Tequila of Your Choice

1/2 lime

Tajin for rimming your glass and extra sprinkle for flavor

Trader Joe's Mini (Almost) Everything Bagel Sandwich Crackers





Rim your glass with lime

Dip the glass in Tajin

Fill your glass with ice

Add 1 cup of TJ's Spicy Limeade

Add 1 shot of Tequila of your choice

Stir and Enjoy!

Best snack to go with this is the TJ's crackers I mentioned above- so delish!







Monday, July 15, 2024

Hello Monday! (July 15, 2024)


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  I am here with Sarah and we are chatting about our weekends.  If you are sharing about your weekend, grab our graphic above and link back up with us below!

It has been a hot and steamy summer in these parts...kind of shocking...haven't had a summer like this around here since 2010.  BUT...I will take it...here is what we were up to...

Friday Night

When I picked up Eva from camp at DRT, I got to see the Counselor's little show and got to sit with my bestie and her hubby.  After a quick pit stop to Trader Joe's we were on our way home for Friday Night Pizza Night

Daddy went to wait for our pizza at Ricochet in Derry- huge wait because David Portnoy just reviewed it recently and said it was great and not everyone is on board- I thought it was good but not worth the wait.  Anyway, I whipped up what I am calling a "Spicy Trader Joe's Margarita" and decided I loved it and will share the recipe with you here soon

Cass bopped into dinner at Zachary's and got a pic of our girl in action ;)


We really slept in and it felt luxurious!  


After a show morning AND getting some work done...even making a placement...I took Diana to an appointment and then we grabbed a quick sushi lunch and....

headed to Eva's first softball game of the day


Breton Girls in full effect!

After the first game, Diana and I headed home.  She did my hair for me then I went to meet Lea for an early dinner and she headed out with Alexis

After dinner, I went home to snuggle with Remi while Rob and Eva were at the last game of the day AND started binge watching Normal People on Hulu (highly recommend)


 BUT then my friends starting texting me about the shooting at the rally in PA and I turned on the news for the rest of the night- so shocking and scary and sad.  So glad President Trump is ok but so sad for the innocent bystander who was killed

I did watch the Game Changer App to follow the rest of Eva's last game of the day


I was up bright and early and headed to mass.  Then it was a trip to Starbucks for Diana and me.  I was supposed to head to an open house with my client but it got cancelled- already under agreement- crazy market we are in.  

After dropping Diana off at work, I was able to make Eva's last softball game of the weekend.


 Then did some errands and went home to meal plan, cook and get Diana from work.


Eva had a friend over and I continued watching Normal People.



Last night, Daddy and Eva whipped up a batch of banana muffins too :)



It was another chill weekend in these parts...what were you up to?

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