Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Monthly Musings is Thursday!


Hi Friends!  I am here to let you know that Monthly Musings is Thursday!  Patty and I hope you will joint us.  This month, we are talking all things spring and answering the questions below...

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Monday, April 22, 2024

Hello Monday (April 22, 20024)


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  I am here with Sarah and we are chatting about our weekends.  Hope you will join us!


Rewinding back to Thursday to capture this cuteness.  It was Colonial Day in the 4th Grade :)

and Diana was off to the NEDF Festival with her Theater Co!



Remi's Cuteness!


 Day 2 for Diana at her Theater Festival

Friday Night meant a gig for Daddy and a night to crash early for Mama and Pidge- pure bliss!


I got to enjoy a nail and toe appointment!  Daddy started on some work around the house while Pidge played.  Diana was enjoying the third and final day at her theater festival

Then Pidge and I went to visit Grammy :)

and grabbed a tea at Fuel Good! LOVING the Red Sox themed teas this month!

and wrapped up our special time with a fun walk!

Later on, I picked up Diana from the high school so she could come home and get ready for a fun night.

(Side Note- she just experienced her first breakup and we are proud of her for the decisions she made.  There will be no prom as a result but we came up with a creative decision and that was to cut the dress and have it "homecoming ready" in the fall)

I picked up Laurel and we dropped off Diana and her date to Chipotle- so cute :)

We enjoyed catching up (long overdue) over dinner at Tuscan- so yummy!


I headed to mass with Papa.  Rob brought Diana to her new job (yup new man AND new job FTW! HA!)

Then Rob and Eva headed to softball.  I cooked for some friends in town who have just received a devastating diagnosis and return of cancer- just awful

and I got lazy and watched some great rom coms....

Later on Rob and Eva did some yard work and then he took Diana out for another driving lesson...I snapped a pic of her driving by- makes me a little nervous that she is learning on my Jeep- eek- ha ha!!

Last night, we started packing for New York since Rob and I are working up until we leave first thing Thursday-  I feel so much better being organized!

What were you all up to?

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Friday, April 19, 2024

Friday Favorites (April 19, 2024)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  We made it!  Getting right to it!  Sharing some faves from our week....


Career Day

Eva's School had a career day and I volunteered and had a blast!  My boss had a great idea to do Zoom interviews with the kids and you know what?  HUGE HIT- we had so many laughs


Boston Marathon

One of the highlights of being a New Englander- I always follow along while I work :)

My Girls

Love seeing shots of them in their happy places....

Christmas Calendar

We have a group chat going and Mike and Rob always text the group when a new month of pictures pops up...we always crack up ;)

Date Walks are back!

Praise God and Praise Spring Weather!

That's a wrap!  Hope you have a wonderful spring weekend!  



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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Headliners! Pro Shots and Videos























 "Wait for Life"


 "Whipped Into Shape"




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