Friday, June 30, 2023

Friday Favorites (June 30 2023)


 Hi Friends!  We made it!  We are approaching 4th of July Weekend..one of my favorite weekends all year!  It will look a little different this year (crazy rain predicted) but I am sure it will give me 2021 vibes and we still had a blast!  So here goes nothing but before we get there...here are a few faves for you!


 Recent Amazon Faves


Find it HERE



 Insulated Lunch Bags

Like this one HERE



 Satin Pillow Cases (To Save The Hair)





 and a few more faves that I posted recently in my post HERE




Patriotic Goodness

Since the 4th of July Holiday Weekend is upon us, I thought I would share some of my favorite patriotic posts of the past

Memorial Day Weekend Inspiration HERE

Red, White and Blue YOU HERE


A Patriotic Friday Faves HERE



Our 2016 Fourth of July Weekend HERE


Film Camp!

My Girls have had SO MUCH FUN at Film Camp This Week...but they look bummed right?  HA!!  ;)


The Five Star Weekend by Elin Hilderbrand

Yes friends...her latest is out and I am devouring it...I know we don't have many more, if any, beach reads coming at us from her so I am savoring this one and trying to slow down but it is FABULOUS :)

Find it HERE


Can you believe we never gave Eva shellfish before now?  I was just always worried she would have an allergy and I have no idea why.  None of us do but it was never the right time to try until this week.  We tried shrimp on Tuesday night.  She had three with her dinner and then a few hours later we tried two more.  All seems to be ok AND she loved it! We may try it once more over the next month just to be certain but she likes it!  How could she not when her mother is a mermaid? ;)


Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated 1 year this week with Diana's AMAZING Vocal Coach Carlos.  He truly is the best.  He has prepared her for auditions, strengthened her voice and her confidence and he has introduced us to his agent who he would love Diana to work with.  We are so grateful for you Carlos! XO

Dream Team Reunited
Well most of us and it was a wonderful night!  When I think back to what we accomplished,  it still amazes me.  This group was incredible.  I was asked by our company president to take over a failing sister company...when I was a mere 27 years old...to say I was scared was an understatement...I went home and cried every night...I had panic attacks but I just put my mind to it.  I sat in an office...all by myself...as the staff had walked out after the hostile takeover.  I studied and learned the business...I hired this incredible team and guess what?  We were the first group in the U.S to turn a profit with that little company which is now part of the 2nd largest staffing company in the world BUT the best thing to come out of it was the amazing team and our never-ending friendships.  When one of us calls, we always show up and I will be forever grateful.


That's a wrap!  Happy 4th My Friends!  Go live it up in all of your Red, White and Blue!

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Monthly Musings: Summer Fun Edition


Hi Friends!  Thanks for stopping by!  Patty and I are so glad you are here!


We would love for you to join in on our fun.  This month we are talking all things SUMMER FUN- it doesn't get any better than this right?



Here are the questions we are answering today...


 Hope you will join us!  Grab our graphic above and link back up with us below!


Without further ado...here we go!



Favorite Vacation Destinations


Well because we are talking summer, if you have been following for awhile then you know I would say the beaches of New England- no better place to be in the "summah" as we say here!  Maine...New Hampshire...The Cape...you name it!  Best waves...best views...softest sand around



Best Packing Tips


Use packing cubes!  I started doing this a few years ago and never looked back.  You can fit more and they help to keep you organized!



 Road Trips or Fly?


For summer, I prefer road trips...I love exploring new areas and going on our little family adventures but sometimes flying is necessary for sure




Favorite Vacation Memory As A Child?


Speaking of road trips, I would have to say our family road trips- we did Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Virginia, MD and Washington D.C. and Niagara Falls!  Those are some of my best family memories and what inspires me to continue these for my kids :)

Ocean, Lake or  Mountains?

I love all three but the ocean wins every time!

Camp Out or Indoor Grill?

I wish this one said "Indoor Girl" because that is me!  Ha!! 

(Glamping was as adventurous as I ever got!)

Favorite Summer Cocktail or Mocktail?

I like refreshing drinks in the summer like a cucumber soda (cucumber vodka, soda water and fresh lime) or sometimes a raspberry mojito (find my recipe HERE) and most of the time, I really love a Sparkling Rose or Sauvignon Blanc especially to accompany fresh seafood!



Most Amazing Travel Upgrade Story?


The only one we ever experienced was in Chatham MA "Down The Cape".  Rob and I took Baby Diana down to Chatham for a weekend in May- right before "peak season" started so the prices were still reasonable.  When we got to the Chatham Bars Inn, they upgraded us to a "spa suite"...it was incredible.  Huge room with a huge bathroom- spa tub- fireplace AND it was the first time Diana started to crawl because she had so much space and the carpet was lovely (unlike the wood floors at home with Bambi the bulldog getting in her business- ha!)

Ice Cream or Popsicle?

I would lean towards ice cream but there is something about a Popsicle...especially a bomb pop that screams summer to me!

Do You Camp?

Negative ;) See Above!

That was fun!  Can't wait to read all about YOUR summer fun!



Here is our schedule for the rest of the year in case you want to join in next month


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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

What's Up Wednesday: June 2023



Hi Friends!  It's my favorite link up of the month and I am getting right to it!

What We're Eating This Week


Monday- Potato Chip Chicken Tenders, Brussel Sprouts and Potato Wedges

Check out the Recipe for the Chicken HERE


Tuesday - Shrimp, Mango Salsa, Broccoli and Cheesy Rice

Wednesday- Grilled Pizzas


Thursday- Breakfast For Dinner- Pancakes, Strawberries and Turkey Bacon

Friday- Burgers and Chicken on the Grill with Sides 



What I'm Reminiscing About


I have been trying not to but I can't help it and I have been reminiscing and having some PTSD issues... this whole past weekend I thought about where I was last year every hour of the weekend as that is when my issues had started.  Trying to push forward- sometimes it is easier than other times


What I'm Loving

Although we have been in a rainy pattern and it looks like we will be for at least another week, I love the heat and the glimpses of sun and the time we have had in our pool and I am grateful!

What We've Been Up To

I got to see my God Daughter Alexis Dance

We got to see Eva in The Lorax when they performed the play at the Windham Strawberry Festival

We watched the girls in their Spring Show- Cinderella

 Mama enjoyed a Team Lunch with some of the BPOE


Mama loved helping to put on the Senior Breakfast again


We loved seeing Eva in her 3rd Grade Western Round Up Day!

Diana said Goodbye to some of her Favorite Dancers as they graduate from high school


We celebrated the graduations of Sophie and Bree


There has been some amazing tournament softball!


Mama was honored to be part of Amanda's Bridal Shower


and more softball!

We hosted Kayla's Baby Shower

We celebrated Father's Day with Papa Pete!

Then with Daddy on the Softball Field

Then with Daddy and Papa Bob as we grilled and swam

Diana wrapped up Freshman Year!

We loved seeing friends in their Dance Show

Eva wrapped up 3rd Grade!

Mama enjoyed the NH Wine Fest with Friends

We Made our Summer List!


 and Mama filmed the 2023 Blackout Video

We enjoyed some girl time....

at The Little Mermaid Movie


and Swimming

Strawberry Picking

and picking out some Summer Reads

and meanwhile, Daddy was having a great business trip in Denver

Diana said Goodbye to Harry...for a little while

Miss Thing Had a Fun Girls Day with Cass and her Girls and got her ears pierced!

and we enjoyed more tournament softball!

and the girls started TT Film Camp This Week!

(No Remi you need to stay home with Mum and Dad- sorry Pal) ;)

What I'm Dreading

All the rain that is happening this week...ugh

What I'm Working On

My Job- My Home- Balancing It All- Blackout- My Health and Summer Vaca Planning (or planning on what will actually fit in my suitcase- ha!)

What I'm Excited About

This weekend at the lake - the 4th of July- seeing my girls on stage again- Shania Twain and just Summer in general!

What I'm Watching/Reading

I watched another interesting documentary on Netflix called "Take Care of Maya"

Another one based on suspected Munchausen by Proxy- scary stuff

and not sure I have mentioned this but I got sucked back into Friday Night Lights.  Rob and I had binge watched the entire series a few years back.  I watched the pilot a few weeks ago and now I am hooked again...now that I am committed I am going to see it through again...just can't get enough of high school football

We are still working our way through Blue Bloods too

and we started watching the final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel- going to miss that Midge!

I devoured the first two episodes of Season 2 of "And Just Like That" (Can't wait for Aiden to return...eek!)

My Two Books for June are both from one of my faves, Colleen Hoover

Book 3 in the Hopeless Series "Finding Cinderella"

Book 4 is the only one you can read independently as I just learned and I finished it up last night "All Your Perfects"

and I will read the last book in the series called "Finding Perfect" next!

What I'm Listening To

When I am driving with Diana, we go between Shania Twain as we are getting ready to see her in a few weeks

and T Swift :)

Last weekend, we tortured Rob and his Dad when we blasted the West Side Story Soundtrack and Mamma Mia- can't take the theater out of this family ;)

What I'm Wearing

Well June was the month of dresses...so many special occasions


Senior Breakfast

 Graduation Party

Bridal Shower

Wine Fest

Baby Shower

and finally a pair of pants- White Wide Legged Jeans


Book Club 


What I'm Doing This Weekend

Celebrating Caden's Birthday and Heading to the Lake with My Besties!



 What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Seeing My Girls on Stage- Seeing Shania with my Bestie and our Girls- meeting up with Dawn in NYC- and celebrating a wonderful season with our Softball Family 

 Favorite Recent Amazon Purchases

These adorable and comfy joggers

Find them HERE


This Workout Outfit for Diana for an Audition

Find it HERE


Black Maxi

Find it HERE

Sleek- Comfy and such a great investment piece


Teal Midi Dress

Another stylish yet comfy dress that you can wear anywhere!

Find it HERE



So..what's up with YOU?

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