Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday Night "Wine Down" at the CMan

The Common Man Restaurant in Windham, NH does a great job of bringing in the big crowds especially on Wednesday nights. They have a wonderful "Wine Down Wednesday" every Wed night that includes half off every bottle of wine...amazing.

You can imagine the crowds...it used to be the entire town of Windham but the word spread and people have been coming from all over.

My best friend is a love and took me out this Wed for some wine and apps...she always seems to know when I need a little boost.

We had such a great time...her brother Basil provided the expected comedy and entertainment that we have come to depend on him for and I had the chance to meet some new friends from the area....truly had a blast :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Separation Anxiety

Well it was only a matter of time...hopefully it is a phase. Diana has freaked out the last two mornings as I try to leave to go to work...it is heart wrenching. She screams and cries and clings on to me. When Rob steps in to help soothe her, she gets even more mad and yells No No!!

Zack called me tonight on my way home to tell me that it doesn't get much better after I leave...he kills me. I can tell he is surprised by this and he is so thoughtful and sensitive. He always wants to make sure everything is okay.

My poor little Monkey...the good news though? Once she is at school, she is very excited!

Enjoy these recent pix of her enjoying some of her favorite treats like her "baguulll!" and then sharing a pop with her big bro :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

I just looked at this picture again...

and I wanted to share because I LOVE it...the Bindas...Late Summer/Early Fall 2009

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Girls Night In...Partners in Wine

It was a much needed wine night....with work friends. We went with the "wine tasting theme" and focused on California.

First we (and when I say we, I mean Kristin and I only, because Jenny G only drinks the sweet wines, and she enjoyed her own tasting of pure Turning Leaf Reisling with chocolate) had Sean Miner Sauvignon Blanc with a creamy port cheese. Next we switched to red and did Steven Vincent Crimson (a nice 75% syrah and 25% cab)with my homemade tomato, basil, mozzarella pizza and an apple smoked cheddar cheese. Then Kristin and I swigged a little Kendall Jackson Chardonnay and she whipped up her "precious" little strawberry shortcakes. (Zack was quite pleased with this dessert especially since Kristin brought it to him and served him- priceless)

We had some great laughs. Early in the evening Diana graced us with her presence but she went down for a long milk-tasting pretty early so Mummy could relax with her friends.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Blog Design!

So...what do you think? I LOVE IT! Thank you Miss Brittany from Cherry Dazzle Design Studio :)

Right Now...

Right now...

I am enjoying walking out to my deck every night to pick fresh basil and then bringing it in to help me make the perfect caprese salads...along with my newest fave... golden plum tomatoes

I love how much The Fresh Beats entertain Diana

I am excited about starting our theater company in town...we have named ourselves The Windham Actors Guild...looks like our first show will be in January...stay tuned

on a California kick with the wines right now...passion for the flavors of the Central Coast area

loving the way Diana takes care of her baby....talks to her and even gives her time outs- hysterical

love this picture i found...Daddy's Girl

the discovery of a hidden gem in town...Wonderland Park

the entire Spring and Summer of 2010...we haven't had this kind of weather since I was a child...a real Spring...a hot hot summer with thunderstorms and plenty of weekends at the beach...paradise

I recently had a mole removed and thought it was nothing...I went for a skin check because one of my candidates (who is my age, newly married and with a new little baby), has stage 4 melanoma from one mole. My mole ended up being pre-cancerous and it freaked me out. As much as I love the sun and visited tanning beds in the past...I am sorry to say that those days are over...I am all about sunscreen now. This one little mole has been the most painful and scary experience.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amanda Grace is Christened!

and I have another beautiful Goddaughter...we had a very special day :)

Seaglass Salisbury Restaurant Review

Wow...this restaurant is my cup of tea. We knew it as soon as we stepped into this oceanic paradise. It sits right on the ocean in Salisbury MA and when you look out the windows you are surrounded by ocean...you are actually eye level with it which makes you feel like you are on a cruise ship.

The decor was paradise to me....a stone mermaid laying across a shelf...pseudo-water drops dripping down the walls...shells and candles and fish everywhere...paradise.

Rob and I got there a little before we were to meet Cass and Steve. We sat at the bar and had a drink and our experience was off to a wonderful start. I got their signature Seaglass Martini...You will see the picture...another piece of paradise. I typically don't go for the blue drinks...usually too sweet. This time I asked the bartender what their specialty was and this was one of them. It was a delicious blue martini made with blue curacao, vodka and triple sec and the garnish was the best part- blue rock candy!! It was the perfect start to our evening. Cass and Steve joined us at the bar and Cass ordered the same as it was that good!

We had some laughs and then made our way to our table. They tried to sit us away from a window, even though I made reservations. They said window seats require at least a 5-6 week reservation time. I was impressed with my hubby (and he will be pleased that I wrote this.) He pushed back and ended up getting us seats with the ocean view...ha ha!!

Dinner was incredible. Usually at ocean side restaurants, I order fish but tonight I was really craving red meat (we don't eat it often for various reasons)...I had the filet oscar style and it was delicious- it also came with a side of blue cheese mashed potatoes. Rob got the Scallop and Lobster Farfalle which I tried and that had the perfect blend of fish and a sweet caramelized sauce..delish.

Cass got the fisherman's platter which was full of all different fresh fishes and Steve, ordered a rib eye which he was pleased with!

I also have to make mention of the wine I had- I had the Cambria Pinot Noir and it was excellent. They had an extensive wine list too...very comprehensive.

We finished the night with another drink at the bar (which I probably shouldn't have had because I had enough already but hey- special occasion- special night with friends right?) Cass and I tried the berry berry martinis which really reminded me of a grown up koolade drink-too good!

I would highly recommend Seaglass...I wish we could've stayed all night but we needed to rush back for our monkey...who had a BALL with Grammy and Papa while we were out!

Lastly, I want to mention, too, that they have a wonderful Sunday brunch including a raw bar. Cass went with her family and said it was unbelievable! Our bartender told us they are not doing it over the summer but plan on bringing it back some time this fall...we want to take my Dad because it will be completely up his alley...we will just need to find a good excuse to splurge!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer 2010 has been Spectacular....More Fun Times

More beach...

A Visit to Saunders....where we brought the Monkey to see our Wedding Reception Site

Wine tasting with Tracey...stocked up on some Cali reds and whites...

Made good use of our Farmer's Market Veggies (Diana liked one of the dishes so much that she dumped in on her head!)

Diana and Alice enjoyed another play date while Baby Ben looked on in amazement...
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