Monday, December 15, 2014

Caleigh and John's Wedding- 12/13/14

One of the most beautiful brides I have seen....

What an elegant evening...and very fun time

Annual Christmas Dance Show at Carlene's!

Holding on to moments like these...just precious...and magical!!!

and check out the performance....

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weekly Gratitude

Weekly Gratitude

Enough said

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Visiting Santa!

and it was magical....Eva didn't know what to think but she didn't cry so I consider it a success!!

Insta Friday- Insta Month (Sunday December 7, 2014)

A Wild and Crazy Month Here.....So...
This is Insta Friday "Insta Month Style"

life rearranged

The Wine Group's "Thanksgiving Prep Dinner" This is the famous Apple Cream Pie from Apple Orchards in Windham NH- they used to take orders for Thanksgiving but because the volume became crazy, they close down the week before Thanksgiving- Cass snagged the last one of the year for our dinner- everyone could not believe how good- too bad we can't share it with our families on Turkey Day

My Girls!

Family Selfie

Rob and an 80"s band he went to see...he will laugh...I don't even know their name!

The beautiful bride to be Caleigh- we surprised her with an office shower

New friends Beth Ann & Kathleen

Diana with Beth Ann's daughter Ella- trying out for ECE Cheer!

Thanksgiving Teacher Gifts!

Breakfast date with our pals!

Thanksgiving Morning....Annual Windham Turkey Trot...We actually lucked out...though we had a snow storm with ice and Jill and I could not run it, we were one of a few who did not lose power so we are able to carry on this family tradition AND host a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner after!

and it was Eva's 1st Thanksgiving!

Eva snuggling with Uncle Matt (watching football!)

Black Friday meant a trip to Edaville USA/Railroad with Mimi and Papa!

After seeing the lights, we headed back to Mimi and Papa's for a wonderful dinner and Papa continued teaching Diana the game of chess- just precious

Saturday was another fun day for Miss Diana and Mama...our friends Beth Ann and Ella organized a little get together at Paint Party in Windham...the girls painted while the mamas grabbed a cocktail and then we all headed over to Beth Ann's for a night of fun

Later that night, I joined Robby B at his 30th high school reunion!  Check him out!

My client visit this week was in the most beautiful location...right on the ocean in Rhode Island...this picture doesn't do it any justice but I stared in awe...in my car...when I first got there

Someone is sitting up! :)

Decorating the Tree...Diana could not wait to put the star up!

Friday night was a special treat- the pals had holiday nails done and then came back to our house for a play date and dinner

well cocktails for Mamas of course

My goddaughter

Snuggles with Daddy after her play date with makeup or as Rob calls it "war paint"

and Relf the Elf got into the M&Ms again this year...tis the season!

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