Monday, December 31, 2018


I love setting goals...I especially love meeting goals...I battle with myself and try and force myself not to get discouraged when I don't meet goals.  I remind myself constantly to do what I know is right and the rest will fall into place.

Here is what my goals looked like in 2018 and what I achieved...some are written vague to protect our privacy.....

2018 Goals

Lose 50 pounds- Well, I lost 25 so half of what I wanted to but I am relisting this goal again for 2019 and looking at this as progress.

Have X dollars plus in savings-done!

Have my best year at Willmott thus far- Bill over $400,000- Billed $393,000 so far- missed it by 7k BUT best year yet and ended up being the Top Biller in the firm so I will take it!

Go on fam vacation with friends to somewhere tropical- got it booked anyway- the trip will happen in 2019!

Spend more time in the present- done

Spend more time at home with my hubby and kids- done

Spend more time with my parents and in-laws- done and we lost my Mother-In-Law this year

Read one book per month- done (actually averaged 1.8 books per month!)

Re-do girls’ bedroom-done!

Have windows washed- done!

Have trim painted- going back on the list for 2019

Paint trim in kitchen and back hall- another one for 2019

Paint/stain deck- done!

 2019 Goals

Lose 50 lbs

Double the amount in savings

Bill $400k at Willmott

Read 2 Books Per Month

Have trim painted

Paint trim in kitchen and back hall

Spend more one on one time with my girls

Did I mention I love goals AND I also love lists...love checking off items!  What are some of your goals for the New Year?

Friday, December 28, 2018

Scenes from Christmas Weekend 2018


It was my last day in the office before all of the holidays- we rallied and merried all around- here are some of the "Team Will" girls in our "Holiday Selfie" ;)

I left the office at 12 noon and headed right to Diana's classroom to help chaperone her holiday party.  The 5th Graders always make "Gingerbread Houses"...oh what a mess!

My crazy cat decided to make a "Gingerbread Bed" ....ahhh so witty ;)

That night, I had prayer group and it is just what I needed before heading into the holidays.


Got some work done and then it was time for the Fab Four's Annual Holiday Lunch and Gift Exchange...we had so many laughs and reminisced on another great year...love these ladies!  

That night, the girls and I completed our service project for the season.  We went to the grocery store and picked out some different foods/canned goods that will help our local soup kitchen make some hearty meals.  We then delivered them and thanked the crew for all the good they do....glad my girls are starting to learn the true meaning of Christmas...

After that, it was early to bed for these cherubs and a cozy Hallmark night for Mama as Daddy had a gig...pure bliss!


We enjoyed Diana's 1st Basketball Game of the season.....yes she is the shortest one...by far..ha ha!  Her coach calls her "Shortcakes"...we explained it is a term of endearment....

After that, we visited Rob's relatives at the cemeteries and then stopped for lunch and Mama indulged in some oysters...yum!

That night, Mama and Daddy enjoyed Laurel and Tom's Holiday Cocktail Party...always one of my favorite holiday events each year :)

These are the epic jeans I was talking about...they make me feel good as I continue on the road to health :)

I made these mini cheese balls for the occasion- they are the perfect amount of sweet and savory as they have dates in them.  There are three different kinds too- some are rolled in bacon- some are rolled in cashews and others are rolled in dried cranberries

Caden wow'd us with his very own recipe for beef wontons- here he is in action in the kitchen with his Dad



We started our day with mass and then visited my relatives at the cemeteries-very emotional day for me.  Later on, we met at my parents and all headed to the Stone Zoo Lights....and checked off yet another Holiday Bucket List event!

The girls got to FINALLY see Santa this season (which is our favorite part) and the lights did not disappoint!

Well we no sooner checked this item off the list and I started feeling awful....we went back to my parents for pizza but made it an early night and that night I was cursed with the stomach bug :/

Monday (Christmas Eve)

I was so sad...I completely missed Christmas Eve...one of my favorite days/nights all year...I was down and out.....we made sure, though, that Christmas Eve was saved for the girls and instead of going to Auntie Peggy's, Rob and his dad took them to dinner and to see The Grinch Movie so they did not end up being super disappointed.

I have never slept so much in my life and if there is a silver lining...well I could actually find two...the bug helped my diet...ha ha...and Hallmark was playing ALL of my favorite movies from years past so between sleeping, I devoured many romance movies 

Rob sent me a few pics so i could see my girls happy :)

Tuesday (Christmas Day)

Though not 100% better, I rallied and I am grateful I could spend Christmas with my fam.
The big kids came the night before and stayed over....my girls were SO EXCITED for their giant Christmas sleepover.......Christmas morning was magical with wrapping paper EVERYWHERE of course!

 We had left Santa a healthier option this year- Rice Cakes!  He took a few bites anyway ;)

Family Selfie Time!

Then later on, we headed to Mimi and Papa's where Santa had paid another visit!!

and Mimi made us such an elegant dinner...

and I was so excited about this gift from my Mom- I had talked about the ceramic trees we had when I was growing up and how they are making a comeback...and she surprised me with one :)

That's a wrap...certainly not the perfect Christmas, however, family time and rest was much needed and I am grateful!
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