Monday, December 31, 2012

2012-My Year In Review

 This was a very big year for us...for me

One of the biggest challenges that I never quite fully thought we may be able to pull off, came to fruition this year and we are most grateful.  You set a goal, you put the pieces in place, you complete the physical labor and then you strategically try to execute to the point of completion...so we did it...we sold my in-laws house...we sold our house via short sale and we moved in with our in-laws to our dream home...it is still surreal...most of the time, as social as we are, we don't want to leave our home...we still truly appreciate it every day...we love the space, we adore the neighborhood and we cannot get enough.  We have both been through tough times and have financially struggled from time to time so to be rewarded with this, after so much hard work, chokes you up on a weekly basis.  We are so...so...so grateful and this truly was the highlight of our 2012.

With this highlight, came many challenges of course.  We were put through the ringer by the bank, by lawyers, by investigators.  It was grueling.  We both cried weekly and then the kicker, after the physical work was done, was that Rob had to go through surgery for a hernia.  It stopped us in our tracks.  As minor as it sounds, I would die without him.  I was shaken to the core and so grateful that he had a great doctor and was treated at Winchester Hospital.  He did SO WELL and had an amazing recovery!

I still thank God every day that Nick believed in me and hired me.  We have been fortunate enough to enjoy success at my firm.  In fact, since I joined in July of 2011, we have doubled our revenue.  It took hard work but it always amazes me how much you can accomplish when you have the passion for what you do and you are working for someone who truly appreciates your talent- always makes me want to do better...work harder...and the #s show it...I am still enjoying this world and will do what I can to ensure that it continues for years to come

We are so so lucky to have our parents with us and we have enjoyed so much quality time this year together...Diana is so lucky to have all four grandparents around too...it is truly one of life's greatest blessings

I had a BALL during my girls' weekend in Portsmouth...I love my girls

After Rob's successful surgery, the "mini fam" (he, Diana and I) enjoyed a weekend at the lake...what surprised us most was how Diana had the passion that Rob has for the lake (I still LOVE the ocean)

I did get there a few times but again, it was not a normal summer for us

Zach's last football season will always hold a special place in my heart...although I did not enjoy it as much this year as deep down I was dreading the end (and of course, the DiPrimas were not around as much) I still loved our football fam and watching Zach shine in glory

We became part of a neighborhood...and that is truly a dream come true...don't know how to explain it but I never want to go anywhere else

We enjoyed a beautiful trip to the Bahamas...we truly all found paradise

We had a BALL in Disney- thanks to my parents- I will remember Diana's joy forever

Hurricane Sandy hit us hard.  Our deck and porch were taken out as well as our skylights and damage was caused to our roof- as upsetting and stressful as it was to us, we came home and looked at the devastation it caused in NJ and we thanked our lucky stars

I hosted my dream Thanksgiving...lots of chaos...lots of family and food and all in our dream house...was everything I had hoped for!

Truly enjoyed giving back this year, more than ever.  I learned and found out this year that the more you try to give back and focus on others, the happier you can become with yourself.  

This was the election year- so interesting- our candidate didn't win but we will put our trust in our President

The devastating shooting in CT will forever stay with me...I pray for those parents every day and can't image, even still, what it is like to walk in their shoes every day

Still so very grateful for the unconditional love I receive from my hubby...excited at the prospects that are in store for us in 2013

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Insta Friday (December 28, 2012- Christmas Week!)

life rearranged

Bits and Pieces of Christmas Week 2012 (didn't even capture 90% of where we were and what we did but you can see a snippet or two)

Pharm Strat Christmas Party (iPhone shots)

True Love

Breakfast before a long day of giving back

Spreading Christmas joy to Uncle Matt & Gina

Cozy dream dinner

The new Ciny Lou Who courtesy of Ally Breton

Making cookies for Santa

Christmas Eve Magic

My pine cone cheese ball for Auntie Peg's (thanks again Pinterest)
 Our version of the Feast of the Seven Fishes

Christmas Day Blur....got no pictures of us with our parents and we had such a lovely day...in fact, we agreed, one of the best ever

Karaoke Machine= Big Hit!

Hope you all had a blessed week.  Linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weekly Gratitude

For my desk- it is reminding me daily how lucky I am to have the flexibility to work from home two days per week AND I love the view from my window

To be part of a neighborhood

To be part of a new middle school coalition- lobbying for education combined with politics excites me especially when I see how much I can make a difference

For good test results after a scare for me-grateful

For the warm Christmas we enjoyed together with our family in our dream home

Advent Week Four

We made dinner and brought it over to our friends whose son is not doing well

I am using this post to ask you all to pray for his health and healing and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to fill them all with knowledge and peace during this difficult time

CJ is one of the best people you will ever meet- he is different from other kids-so special- so friendly- one of those kids you look at and say, "I want my kids to be just like him"

His parents are dear friends of ours....you have seen them on this blog...they always host the greatest parties but more importantly, they have been good friends to us...we were cut from the same cloth...we share the same faith and together we will pray for CJ's health...I ask you to do the same

Thank you

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pharm Strat Christmas Party 2012

A record year deserves a banner celebration right?

That is just what we did last night

We rented a limo so no one had to drive and we did personal pick ups and drops offs

The limo started at our house and this year, I had the company of my beautiful stepdaughters


In the limo this year, we did our Secret Santa exchange which as such a blast!

Dinner was at Strega on the Waterfront...truly luxurious...so good, we decided to stay for dessert this year!

Elisa and I really enjoyed going around the table and telling each person what they meant to us and how much we enjoy them in the office...the boys decided to tell us how much they respected our management which completely choked us up.  We all had a wonderful night!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Advent Week Three

Week Three = The Most Joyous Week

The Week of the Pink Candle

Fed our construction crew all week- coffee, doughnuts, subs, pizza...you name it...they truly appreciate it and it feels great!

Donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital

Had our parents over for dinner

Brought in breakfast and made lunch for my business partner

Made cookies for our mail carrier and left them in the mailbox to surprise her!

Insta Friday (December 21, 2012)

life rearranged

A week in the life of Holly (I can only speak about myself in the first person this time of year right?  I can't stand people who do that but tis' the season for Holly)

Friday Night= Christmas with the Fourniers

Saturday Morning meant Christmas Show and Party at Dancing School
 (complete with Santa- look at the face of fear) ;)

LOVE getting dressed up especially for holiday parties!
Great night at the Aspect Software Holiday party...
 Photo Booth!

and after...we grabbed a cocktail at Moonstone's...so fun

One of my favorite things this time of year is all of the lovely Christmas cards we get from friends and fam...this year, we have filled three door frames already!  

Shots around home....all decorated...so cozy

and even more Elf antics of course...

Christmas movies- another seasonal fave

Time for haircuts...the blowout?  A surprise :)

Holiday cupcakes from John our IT guy- such an indulgence from Sweets in Boston

Festive Dinner with Mum!  Burton's Grill is alwasy delish and we had a blast :)

Papa and Diana were matching yesterday!

Christmas present from my hubby- my first desk- working from home got even better!

Had another festive week...loving our home more and more...hope you all are enjoying this glorious time
Linking up with Jeanett at Life Rearranged
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