Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The BIG Send Off AND The BIG Career News

So as you may have surmised, I am moving on from "the firm." I thought I would retire here but an opportunity that is truly life changing for me and my family presented itself and I need to give it a shot. Who knows? It may not be the right thing, however, I am going to give it 110% like I do with everything in life.

I am taking an opportunity that will allow me to run sales and client development for a pharmaceutical staffing firm. I will be working for a prior boss who watched me save one of his companies in the past.

These are bitter sweet times. This opportunity almost seems too good to be true so there is some skepticism, however, at the same time, I have some much excitement and nervous energy that I cannot wait to get going!

At the same time, I am leaving my second family and that is what is hard and that is what is going to hurt.

They were there for me during some of the biggest happenings in my life...the good and the bad. They helped us welcome Diana Mary and they entrusted me to work from home...we obsessed over The Office and Modern Family together and all laughed at Smitty's impressions. We went through this awful recession together and survived...
and now it is time for me to do the right thing for my first family...the right thing is to put us in a much better place financially right now...who knows, perhaps our paths will cross again down the road

What I do know is that I have wonderful relationships to last a life time

Thank you to you my mentors and friends

Weekly Gratitude

Thankful for this picture and everything it means in my life

Thankful that Diana is feeling better...on the mend all around

Great work friends and relationships to last a lifetime...trying not to feel the sadness...makes it easier right now

A future team that is trusting me to take things to a new level...so flattered and so excited to get started

Summer....finally :)

Cape Cod and my BFF

Being a Mom

Being a daughter

Being a wife

Being a Stepmom

Being strong enough to leave my comfort zone

Thankful as always for all of these gifts

Fun at the Water Park

We have never had a more fun lunch time break....obviously we were with our dance pals and Mama's Dance Mom pals always teach her the fun things to do!

This time it was the water park in Derry...such a blast...will be going back soon :)

Diana in her glory!

Diana and Fiona

Oh yo dude...hey it's Baby Cam in his surfer gear!

Diana with Fiona and Emma

Lyla and Emerson joined us too but unfortunately Mama didn't snap any pix of them- next time!

Girls' Weekend

What started out as four of us...turned into just 2 and that was FINE by US! My BFF Cass and I went down to Hyannis for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

Although the weather could have been better (never made it out to the pool or the beach), we ended up being outside for most of Saturday and got scorched! (so not planned)

When we got there on Friday afternoon, we hit the sports bar at our resort- Bogey's at Cape Cod Resort and Conference Center. We had some apps and cocktails and then headed to the room to NAP (what's that?????) and watched intently as Whitey Bulger was being escorted to the court house in Boston (in fact that was all over TV all weekend long!)

Friday night we enjoyed some wonderful tapas and martinis at Embargo on Main Street!
Here we are in our glory...well with Cass's Bikini Martini and my Pop Idol Martini :)

The tapas we chose were perfect: curried chicken salad lettuce wraps, stuffed mushrooms and sliders- delish

After that, we strolled down Main Street and visited some awesome little jewelry shops! Bella of Cape Cod is our favorite shop and one we discovered when were down here with our hubbies in 07. Everything is under $25 and there is lots of pink and green and fun silver jewelry- we got the cutest rings and bracelets and hair ties...I even got the cutest little purse for Diana :)

On Saturday, when we woke up it was misty out...I trotted down to the health club only to find out that it did not open until 7:30...UGH..so didn't let it stop me...went for a power walk and enjoyed the quaint scenery of the Cape...LOVE...when I got back, Cass and I decided to make the most of our weekend and make a trip to Mashpee Commons to walk around the village of shops...it was love at first site! Our favorite stop however? Lilly Pulitzer of course!

I have loved Lilly for years and I finally fit into her stuff...as a present to myself for something big that is happening (stay tuned- can talk about it in a few days!) I got a navy and white Lilly dress and a pair of pink poppy Lilly pants! It was now Cass's turn to make some Lilly purchases :)
Seriously though? The cat that swallowed the canary here right?

After the shops, Cass suggested we try a place that looked great...tropical and right on the water...Trader Ed's on Hyannis Marina. After driving around for a bit and trying to find it, we finally found it! Though it was chilly at first, the sun came out and we enjoyed an awesome lunch outside and several cocktails...too many and then the rest was rather a blur...all I know is we were there from 12noon until about 10:30pm...after lunch there was dancing and a dj and we felt 19 again...and that is where i will leave it...

Well...check out the lobster on the right huh? Did I mention we got scorched! Oh yeah...when we came back Saturday night we bumped into Kimmy and Tom who were also staying at our resort...needed to get a pic to prove it!

Sunday morning? I felt like I garbage....had so much fun with Cass though...celebrating our friendship and enjoying some R&R....so glad to be home though and back to my normal life...missed my hubby and babes so much!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Someone Had a Blast at Ava's Princess Birthday Party!

Meeting Tinkerbell!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Diana's love of the water...another mermaid in the making

A wonderful dinner with my future partner in crime with our hubbies- if you haven't tried it, pay a visit to All Seasons Table in Malden- best sushi ever!

A very special father's day...great to spend such quality time with the wonderful men in our lives

AWESOME circuit workouts...looking around the gym and knowing I was strong...I didn't quit...I finished with a bang!

A great result for the final weigh in!

The basil growing like wild on my deck and the wonderful return of our caprese salad suppers! I LOVE SUMMER

My sweet girl as always- please say prayers as she has been ill this week

Last but not least for my brother getting the job...a great job...another answer to the rosary! So happy for him and so so grateful!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Biggest Loser RESULTS

so I had to weigh in first thing this morning because I am going away for a girls' weekend and the real final weigh in is Saturday morning.

I successfully dropped 17.6 pounds over the last 12 weeks- pretty proud but want to be clear- I AM NOT STOPPING!!!! Even better? CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP!

Hopefully I hold on to fourth place but pleased with my results nonetheless

So grateful for Marianne showing me the way

Last night, I was at circuit training by myself. I sat down to do the tricep row exercise and looked around. I really got choked up because I realized that when I started this competition and looked around, I was intimidated by the 25+ other contestants and their fitness levels...never thought I would be the last one standing...alone at circuit and able to figure out everything on my own :/


Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We brought breakfast to Papa Bob!

Then we headed to mass of course! After mass, the kids came to the house and we enjoyed watching Daddy play his new cocktail drum kit (Happy Father's Day!) and playing a round of WII family golf!

Then we headed down to see Papa Pete...Mimi made some delicious Chinese appetizers and Mai-Tai cocktails as a precursor to the obligatory Chinese food takeout...mmmm delish!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the THREE BEST DADS I KNOW...so grateful to have you all in my life xoxoxo

Garden Progress

We finally got Mr. Owl to watch over our garden and guard it from the nasty birds and bugs...ha ha!!

Swim Class- Year Three FINAL WEEK

Daddy bought Diana goggles just like the ones that the big kids wear...she was more than happy to put them on and went to town in the pool.

It makes me so melancholy when I think back to her first year of swim class and how we carried her around the pool and she would coo and smile...

Now she takes on the water like another challenge...she goes for it...this week, we even enjoyed seeing her kick for the first time...she is really getting it!

Here we come beach!

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