Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday Friends!  Let's get right to it! Sharing some faves from our week...

All of the Fall Activities

So grateful my girls can experience joy right now...we are all soaking it up for as long as we rehearsals...field it all on.....

and this girl...part of a team that just won their first two games of the season- they beat Salem and very exciting!


Fall Baubles from Besties


...they just know me....

Flower Bar Studio

We have a cute little DIY studio in town called the Flower Bar of my friends has a party each year and raises money for a wonderful organization in town called Windham Helping Hands.  Well this year a few of us did not feel comfortable going in a larger group so we broke off and did our own special night...last time I went, I made a tray with our family name on it..I can't tell you how much I use the tray to serve appetizers when I am entertaining...this time I thought I would make something that Rob would love and decided on the Backyard BBQ sign where he can hang the grill utensils and have a bottle opener all in one- I loved the way it came out and he loved it even more FTW!


We had a great time making our creations...having some laughs and encouraging each other...well I like to make fun of BA because she is SO particular with everything and I warned her I did not want to be there for hours because she is trying to get her sign perfect-ha!



That's a wrap!  Short and sweet!  Have a wonderful fall weekend friends....


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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Monthly Musings: Fall and Halloween Edition


1. Favorite Fall Tradition


It is the hokiest...most low key...but so very fun tradition and that is the Milford Pumpkin Festival in Milford NH...we go with my parents every park at the Middle School in town and then take a shuttle to the downtown area...we always stop at The Pasta Loft for dinner first and then walk around and look at the pumpkins and buy things at the stands and some years they even have some cute rides for the so hokey and my parents and I can't get recent years, we have dragged my Father In Law with us too...well you know what I am going to say next though...due to COVID, the festival is cancelled this year..well they are doing some virtual things but we are very very sad...hoping we can continue our tradition next year



 2. Favorite Halloween Tradition

Spending the holiday with the Batsons...Lea is the Queen of Halloween and since becoming friends, we have enjoyed the tradition of Trick Or Treating with golf carts and all the fun festivities...even if Trick Or Treating is cancelled this year (I am sure we will find out soon), we are determined to create a fun night for the kids in a safe way



3. What will Halloween look like for us this year?  Not sure yet...but you will read all about it here of course!


(one of my favorite Halloweens...the girls were at the perfect ages- Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty)

4. My Favorite Fall Recipe

Ok I am including two- the first one is my favorite fall dish- it is my Autumn Chicken and Squash Risotto

You can find the recipe HERE



and secondly, I am sharing my favorite Fall Cocktail recipe with you...the Caramel Apple Martini

 (I like both recipes in this post but the first is my absolute fave)


Find it HERE 


5. Favorite Fall Fashion Staples?


It is all about layers in the fall for me and also mixing fabrics- I love mixing lace with leather and fur or a leopard print with leather...and creating outfits with these staples... 



6. Favorite Halloween Costume


Would have to be when we dressed up Diana as an angel and Eva as a lobster...their first Halloweens...really doesn't get much cuter than those years right?





7. Favorite Halloween Candy


Would have to be The 100 Grand hard to come by!




8. Favorite Family Halloween Movie


It is Disney's Animated The Legend of Sleepy Hollow- Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman- we watch it EVERY YEAR together...they can't take that away from us!


9. Scary Movies?  Yes or No?


Why favorite is the original Halloween

My brother is obsessed with the Halloween movies and quotes them throughout the year....kinda like Rob does with Christmas Vacation...but this one still scares me!




10. Favorite Fall Beverage?


Pumpkin Spice Coffee of course!

Just add one creamer and I am good to go!




 Can't wait to read all about your Fall Faves!





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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Monthly Musings is Tomorrow!

 Hope you will join Patty and me for Monthly Musings.  Tomorrow we are talking all things Fall and Halloween.....

Here are the questions to think about...

Also, in the meantime, need your advice.  Please send me your suggestions for great fall novels to read...stories that take place in the know I love romance but I am open to suspense and mystery too...thinking a cross between Sweet Magnolias and Pretty Little Liars ok?  Go!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Trader Joe's Fall Haul!



Hi Friends and Happy Fall!  Though I am sad to see my favorite season behind us...I think we can all agree that there are beautiful things about fall and moving forward is what we all need right about now!


Every Fall, I do a big "Fall Haul" at TJ's and stock up on all sorts of pumpkin and fall fun.  This past Saturday, I made my annual fall trip and scored some great goodies  and wanted to share with you!


 Fall Harvest Salsa


This was my favorite snack last year with the TJ's cornbread crisps


but we are also going to try the Pumpkin Tortilla Chips with it this year and again with the Leaf Shaped Tortilla Chips

Snagged some of our trusty gnocchi- both the cauliflower and sweet potato ones...I use these for so many of my and Rob's dinners instead of pasta/rice/potatoes

and while we are talking cauliflower...I picked up this "risotto" because a few of you have already recommended it...can't wait to try!

and I always like to have a cauliflower crust on hand too....

For regular bread items, I snagged the Organic Pumpkin Bread which is great for toast/sandwiches

and Pumpkin Bagels

Rob pushed back on this one...said I was going overboard with all of the pumpkin and then the girls surprised him and LOVED these...couldn't get enough- HA!

Need an appetizer in a pinch?  Have a friend dropping by for a glass of wine?  These little gems are perfect- pop them into the oven..they are ready in a flash and nothing is more delicious in the fall!

and for more snackage.....

Some faves....

a baking staple...I always grab a few jars for when I want to make pumpkin bars...

and some more miscellaneous treats to try this fall...

I love reading all about your hauls too...should make for a very delicious fall!



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