Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday Favorites



Hi Friends!  Happy Friday- we made it!  Wahoo!  Linking up HERE and sharing a few faves from our week..

My ABSOLUTE FAVE of the Week!


Diana placed FIRST in NEW HAMPSHIRE for the National PTA Reflections Competition

(Category: Dance Choreography)


We are so proud of her!

Next stop = NATIONALS!

and I love that her dance studio caught her in action this week...she is the one in the middle :)

Fave New Series

Thanks to my Mom, I started watching Ginny and Georgia on Netflix- it is great!  Perfect mix of adult drama and teen angst and just cute all around...check it out!

My Workouts

This week, I have burned more calories than I ever have in a I learn how and when to eat, I am seeing that I am better fueling my workouts and feeling even better!  Yes I am still really enjoying heated yoga too!

and because it is all about BALANCE

and I need to still do life and love it...Wine Club this month was focused on all sparkling wines- so fun to try different ones from different countries and our friend Lisa did an amazing job pairing the foods


 and we all chipped in with different kinds of chocolate...I put together a platter of different ones from Whole Foods 

and we celebrated Jess's Bday too :)

That's a wrap!  Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Currently: March 2021




Hi Friends!  I am joining Anne for her Currently Linkup and sharing what is currently going on here..... 


choosing: To take care of myself...this one is tough for me friends...I am putting myself first for the first time in my life and fighting the guilty feelings but every day I am getting healthier and stronger...mentally...physically and spiritually....getting to an all around better place and I am loving it!

imagining: summer days at our pool and at the beach...hopefully more beach time this summer like the "ole days"

making: really healthy I continue to learn about proper nutrition, it is fun to discover new ingredients and play around with recipes...especially when my family members become fans of my new recipes!

recommending: Ginny and Georgia on Netflix- so cute!  

wearing:Started to bring out the spring colors....I am done with winter and done with black!  Who is with me?

 What's going on with you currently?

Monday, March 1, 2021

Hello Monday and Hello March 1st!


Hi Friends....It is MARCH 1ST!!!  YEAH!!!!

I am excited because it is starting to feel like Spring around here....there is less cold...more daylight...and more hope all around....who else is feeling it!



Here are some scenes from our weekend...


Friday Night 


Watching Daddy's Band on FB fun and they sounded amazing!




Date Walk (but it was snowing hard and we were just trying to get it done and forgot to snap a pic- BOO!)  


Brought Diana to the gym and Pidge and I hit up Home Goods for some Easter decorations-we scored some really cute ones- much better selection than Target.  The boys of the fam went to play some virtual golf and had a blast...



After the gym, us girls met Mimi for lunch!



and then I got some organization done and put together some bags for donations.


After golf, Zach got some play time in with Remi- they are such good pals :)



That night, Rob and I met Lea and Mike at a new Mexican restaurant in the next town was SO GOOD and we had many laughs....these two tho...



 and us two...BFFs....


 (Yup Rob was pushing her buttons so she was acting up- ha!)






Church then Hockey!



and then Daddy let Mama have an afternoon....I celebrated Misty with the Dance Moms ...we enjoyed brunch!


Misty turned 40 this weekend :)


 and then I hit the nearby outlets but was pretty disappointed that everything is still winter- BOO!  Bring on the spring colors please!

 (1st world problems)



Last night, we got takeout and crashed...well made sure we are all organized for our week before going to bed....let's do this!  Have a great week friends! XO 




Linking up for Hello Monday HERE

Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Favorites


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  Yay!  We made it!  I am sooo excited that Monday is March 1st..I can't stand it- yeah!!!  As always, linking up HERE and sharing some faves from our week....I am going wordless...just sharing snapshots and some favorite products....enjoy!




Have an amazing weekend friends!

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