Wednesday, November 30, 2022

What's Up Wednesday- November 2022


Wow!  Here we are!  The end of November...one more month and we will be at the end of the year- a very challenging AND amazing and crazy year for us!  Here is what is up with us here in the Breton house!

What We're Eating This Week

Monday - Brown Sugar Soy Sauce Salmon and Chicken, Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Roasted Potatoes (all done in the air fryer)

Tuesday- Egg Rolls (also made in the air fryer)  and Basmati Rice 

I used the recipe HERE


Wednesday Make Your Own Pizzas

Thursday Breakfast for Dinner- Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Bacon and Berries

Friday Mama's Christmas Party being catered by Rig A Toni's - so plenty for all!



What I'm Reminiscing About


Our beautiful Nutcracker Weekend- will never forget it


What I'm Loving

The gift I chose for my Favorite Things Party

because that is exactly what it is- one of my favorite things!

What We've Been Up To

We had all of the Halloween Fun!

Mama helped send off one of the best in her industry- a mentor I will never forget

We decorated for Christmas earlier than ever- even before Halloween- eek! (Blaming it on this special Nutcracker year- next year we are going back to normal-whatever that is-ha!)


We have been lovin' on this guy!

We loved seeing Caden in The Outsiders

Date Walks Have Continued

as have Saturday Morning Starbucks Dates


Nutcracker Excitement Surrounded Us!

and we hosted "Clara's Nutcracker Brunch"

Rehearsals Got Intense but Mimi got to observe a battle rehearsal and loved it!


We LOVED seeing Eva in her Veteran's Day Concert- many tears were shed!

We Voted

Diana had a BLAST at her first Homecoming Dance!


I sewed by Goddaughter's First Pointe Shoes- Special Moment!



 There has been plenty of Hallmark!



We Rolled Clara's Hair for the last few times :(


and endured tough tech and dress rehearsals and prevailed ;)

We loved our very special AND very different Thanksgiving this year


and enjoyed every moment of our very special Nutcracker

What I'm Dreading

Not going there...living in the present...practicing Blind Faith

What I'm Working On

Generating some new business at work AND buying all of the gifts- can't wait to tell you I have my wrapping done- ahhh!




What I'm Excited About


All of the Christmas Magic and Traditions



 What I'm Watching/Reading


LOTS of Hallmark


Some new faves this year include....


A Holiday Spectacular- based on the Rockettes!


and Noel Next Door

a little more edgy than the traditional Hallmark movies


and my two books for November were


Go On Girl by Hilary Grossman

(Forest River PTA Book #1)

Oh this was so cute- love reading about moms in the same season as me- may go back and read more of the series- we shall see!



and It Starts With Us (The Sequel to It Ends With Us)

by Colleen Hoover


She does it again- thrilling- brilliant writing that keeps you on the edge of your seat with some romance mixed in!



What I'm Listening To


Sirius XM Holly and Holiday Traditions



What I'm Wearing


Workout Gear several times per week


Sparkly Tops for the Holidays

 A Long Silk Dress from Banana Republic Factory for Thanksgiving (wish I had a better pic/full body- will make sure I get one soon!)

 RED for the Nutcracker!


 What I'm Doing This Weekend


Hosting my Favorite Things Party on Friday Night



and having a night alone with my hubby in Boston- it has been TOO LONG! 


What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month


A Fresh Start...New Beginning...and getting ready to turn 50 next year! 



What Else Is New?


I think I covered it!  What's new with YOU? 


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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Nutcracker 2022



Capturing our magical weekend...chronologically here....




On Friday Night, when we were setting Diana's hair for her big show, NEDE did her spotlight we screamed and enjoyed every word...


Here is what they posted....

SPOTLIGHT ON - Diana Breton, Clara in NEDE’s “The Nutcracker.”

Diana has been a student at Londonderry Dance Academy for 7 years, studying classical ballet, pointe, jazz and contemporary. She has passed all of her Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams with the highest grade awarded- Distinction. She has also completed all of her AAB Performance Awards with the highest level- Gold with Distinction. Diana is the Freshman Class Secretary and Freshman Class Choir Officer at Windham High. She also participates in the Blackout Cancer Event each year which raises funds for pediatric cancer. A NEDE company member, she has performed with Triple Threat Theater Camp, honing her singing and acting skills over seven summers. A high school freshman and honors student, she enjoys taking voice from Carlos Martinez, spending time with her family and friends and plans on joining the Windham High Theater Company this year.
See less
Saturday Morning we were up bright and early- we couldn't sleep!
We got the sweetest video message from one of Diana's little dance pals- Lydia- she melts us!

We got to the theater by 1:30 and Senior Warmup with Sterling started at 2!

and then it was time to get ready....ahhh...the day flew by...kind of... and our people were there in full force !  (wish we had shots of everyone but they were there and appreciated!)

The program




Right before making her entrance- thank you Anya!

Diana's Entrance as Clara!

and the show blew us away!  Here are some professional shots from our favorite photographer Chuck Swierad

Backstage After The Show...he got some great shots!

and a few candids from friends!

with theater pal Ryan
with our favorite Filmaker and fellow castmate Wesley Foster

with her senior friends- Anya and Cassidy

and the after party at Red's

Check out Kat's cake- she outdid herself!
It was a chocolate cake with candy cane buttercream filling!  Beautiful, ornate AND delish!

Eva was living her best life with her besties and cousins- we got a big kick out of her as always :)

We partied hard and then crashed hard!

On Sunday we were up early again...got the hair and makeup done and headed to the theater early so we didn't get stuck in Christmas Parade traffic...so we ate lunch in the car and then killed some time

When we got to the theater, Rob and I got to work with the tech crew...always love the behind-the-scenes work and magic!

After the production, the tears were flowing!

The Cast Party was at The Coach Stop- one of our favorite restaurants!  The kids AND adults had a BLAST!

The Clara Moms made it out alive...barely...ha!

It has been a wonderful ride....stay tuned for Clara's Documentary

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