Thursday, April 30, 2020

Monthly Musings: Spring and Summer Fashion Edition

I was so excited for our linkup this month because it covers one of my favorite topics and that is FASHION!

I hope you join Patty and me and share some of your Spring and Summer Fashion Faves.  Don't forget to link up below!

Here we go.....

My Five Must Have items for Spring and Summer

1. Flip Flops

My fave pair is from Nordstrom and they are sold out but they are my favorite because they are comfy AND beautiful with a sparkle of course :)

2. A Jean Jacket that covers your arms for a breezy night but also adds a little extra something to that Spring/Summer Dress or outfit

You can still find this one HERE

See?  Just the perfect accessory ;)

3. Cute and bright bags

I'm a sucker for Kate Spade's eccentric bags especially My "Larry The Lobster"

4. A good pair of white jeans!  They are a must in the warmer months!

 I am partial to white jeans from the The Loft

5. Saved the best for last and you know what I am going to say.....

LILLY!!!!  But of course!

Whether it is a dress....a top...or even workout leggings...everyone needs a little Lilly in their life!

2. My Favorite Spring and Summer Footwear?

As stated above flip flops AND to go with all of the Lilly, I am partial to Gold Espadrille Wedges

3. How I transition my wardrobe from Winter to Spring?

I start adding in the bright colors again...and like fall, dress in layers like with a jean jacket or cardigan that can be taken off as the days get warmer

and then to transition from Spring to Summer....the outfits get lighter....and I add in more shorts and skirts....

4. Favorite Colors to Wear This Season?

I would say pink and Lilly's Shorely Blue...pure bliss!

5. Do You Like Lilly the Way WE DO?

See #s 1-4 for any clarification needed ;)

Some of my favorite prints include "You Gotta Regatta", "She She Shells",  and "Pink Pout Barefoot Princess" 

6. White Jeans?  Wait until after Easter?  Until After Memorial Day?  Any time of the year?

I tend to wait until after Easter  

7. Must wear items during stay-at-home orders?

Outside of Zoom calls for work, it is workout, loungewear and comfy clothes...trust me, I prefer to dress up...it is just who I am but I am not wasting my nice work clothes and social clothes when I am stuck at home!

8. Which do I prefer Maxi Dress or Romper?

Definitely a Maxi Dress for me...I like to look at rompers on other people but Maxis are more flattering for my body type :)

9. Flip Flops or Wedge Espadrilles?

 10. Bonus question: How many loaves of banana bread have I made this month?

ZERO...actually haven't baked at all..I am not a big baker...my Mom always spoils the girls with homemade cookies, etc...and Auntie Janie spoiled us with homemade cookies last weekend....I will say, however, I have cooked most nights during this quarantine...it is tiring but I also find it therapeutic and we have really limited our takeout as well so I am tending to get a bit more creative in the kitchen!

This was fun...can't wait to read all about your Spring and Summer Fashion! 

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

What's Up Wednesday (April 2020- Quarantine Edition)

Hi Friends...how are we all doing?  I know for us bloggers who live all over the country, the school situation is different in every state.  Some of us aren't going back this year...some are still holding out hope...we shall see.  Whatever your situation is, I pray you come to peace with it all.

As always, linking up with Sheaffer and Shay HERE  and sharing "What's up with us!"   Here it goes....

What We're Eating This Week

Monday- Pan Seared Dover Sole* with Asparagus and Brown Rice for Mama and Daddy- Chicken Tacos for the Kiddoes

Tuesday- Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry and Caprese Salad

Wednesday- Marinated Chicken Thighs on the Grill with Corn on the Cob and Broccoli

Thursday- Breakfast for Dinner- Frittata and Salad for Mama and Daddy and Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage and Berries for the Kiddoes

Friday- Takeout (supporting small businesses once/week continues.  So far during this quarantine, we have had takeout from Black Water Grill, Jocelyn's, La Carretta, 99, Pasquale's, Wasabi, 33 Hilltop and On The Corner Grill.  This week, we will be supporting 603 Brewery

What I'm Reminiscing About

Times with some of my favorite people...the human connection...the deep talks...laughs...advice...how I miss these interactions and connections...every day I wake up with a pain in my heart and always ask myself, "Is this a nightmare?  Is it over yet?" 

What I'm Loving

Extra time with these two crazies...as exhausting as it is...they are wow'ing me with how "fine" they just are...how hiding our stress and sadness and continuing on for them is truly making them feel safe and happy...they even just said to us "that was the best weekend ever"....guess it really is the little things :)

What We've Been Up To

This one made me laugh because every month, I usually fill this section up with our whereabouts from the previous month...and seriously..you all know it is been more of the same...Work, School Work, Face time calls, Zoom calls, reading...tv....walks...cooking...yard work...and there was some extra special cooking for Easter thrown in there too so there's that..but hey...we are all pretty much doing the same right now AND I am praying that next month, when I write this post...I will be able to share some more excitement..until then....

What I'm Dreading

Hey...we are in it....no dread here...just hopeful that we are able to enjoy our summer!

What I'm Working On

My job...I have never worked harder to keep the relationships going so we are the first call when our clients can move again...and also helping the girls with their school work but I must say that Daddy is a rock star with the school work!

What I'm Excited About

Getting back to the beach...feeling the warm sun...having coffee or wine with friends...Triple Threat Theater Camp...thinking positively...talking positively...writing positively....willing it all to happen!

What I'm Watching/Reading

We finished The Office and I am still mourning this...Steve Carrell was my favorite...we found some Office Bloopers on YouTube so we have been enjoying some of those since wrapping up the series...the goal here is to keep laughing...

Good Girls


Little Fires Everywhere...it was amazing....even better than the book...wish it never ended!

and just also started Mrs. America on Hulu 

Decided we are going to start Desperate Housewives next...could use some more humor and drama I guess?

My books for April were

Verity by Colleen Hoover 

This one was CREEPY!  Wow...couldn't put it down!

and finally got into 

Summer of 69 by Elin Hilderbrand

Not my fave by her but made myself get through it
and because I did, I read her follow up short story, called "Summer of 79"- it was quick, easy and a great way to wrap up the stories of all of the characters from Summer of 69

and I even read a fourth book!  I was kinda pushed to for Book Club and I really enjoyed it- light, funny and something interesting that I wouldn't have picked on my own!  (Side Note: My goal is 2 books per month and due to my crazy schedule with work and home, that is a realistic goal for me.  This month, due to insomnia, I was able to read more.  I find myself opening my Kindle when I go to bed or when I wake up thinking...worrying...so I guess that is a positive way to look at this time?  Helping me to read more?  Sigh)

The Spelllman Files by Lisa Lutz

What I'm Listening To

Nothing...silence right now before the chaos...there really hasn't been much music during these times...and that makes me sad

What I'm Wearing

So...I would normally say just workout clothes but I have been able to put on business casual attire at least once/week and that always makes me feel better!

What I'm Doing This Weekend

More of the same...Life....Quarantine Style

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Hoping and praying that I can get back to some of my favorite places...church...the office...and to my hair salon to get my much needed color...and hopefully to our gym...fingers crossed! 

What Else Is New?

* (See Dover Sole on the menu above) I must say...I have had such great experiences at a local Whole Foods (Bedford NH)...everyone is so friendly and cheerful that they put me in a good mood for the rest of the day... everything was so clean and was being constantly disinfected AND I snagged some of the freshest divine fish around- halibut, dover sole and monk fish!  Haven't had monk fish in years...have you ever tried it?  It tastes like lobster because that is what they eat- try it...you won't be disappointed...saute it in a pan..throw it on the grill or under the broiler...that is what I did last weekend and it was amazing!

Will leave you with this....as we are being transformed...

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Things I Am Looking Forward To Post-Quarantine

Going to mass-by myself, with my family or with Lea

Going to the gym

Going to my Office

Need energy....ideas...collaboration...it fuels me!

Doing Lunch, al fresco, with besties at one of our favorite local hangouts- Red’s, Copper Door or Tuscan

Bringing my girls to our beloved dance studio and hugging Mrs Mullen and our dance friends and then being able to socialize together again as well- Kids and Mamas

Enjoying the dance and theater in the theater again

Having my hair done at Bella with Claribel

Having my nails and toes done at Fantasian

Going to the beach for the day- jumping in the waves with my girls- relaxing with my hubby- reading- feeling the sun on my face and body

Hitting Portsmouth

Having more structure and routine again and being excited for the weekends!

What are you looking forward to? 

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