Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween and Favorite Halloween Memories!

 Happy Halloween Everyone!

The Girls carved their Jack-O-Lanterns last night...Eva's is an "Evil Pig" or Dragon and Diana's is an ode to Gilmore Girls :)

This morning, we tried to put a spooky headband on Remi and it wasn't going over well...I'm sure you can tell by our picture attempts- ha!


 The Candy is Ready To Go!

and just had to share one more funny costume idea...this...just this...

Anyway...my full Halloween Post will come tomorrow but until then, I thought I would share some of my favorite Halloween memories over the years...I just wish I had pictures...my mom still has some in scrapbooks at their house but I wanted to document these great memories...

Some of my oldest Halloween memories include those plastic Halloween costumes with the plastic masks that didn't allow you to breathe- can you relate?  I specifically remember my "Lemon Meringue" costume from Strawberry Shortcake

Before we were allowed to go out and Trick Or Treat, we had to have a "light supper" and my Mom would make her Cheese Souffle for us.  I remember my brother and I being in our costumes and sitting down at the table in front of the bay window...eating...anxious and excited...peeking out at dusk...and knowing there was so much fun ahead of us :)

One year, My Dad took my best friend and I to a Haunted House in the woods of Winchester....On the way there, like it was planned, Monster Mash came on...it was at that moment that, that song, became my favorite Halloween song of all time.  The Haunted House was SO SCARY yet fun and after we went to Friendly's for Hot Chocolate and snacks.  SO FUN

As an adult, when I became a mom, I learned to make wonderful memories with my girls and have loved experiencing Halloween through them!  One of our first years in this home, we hosted the entire neighborhood before Trick Or Treating and I made spooky snacks and the kids ran around and had a blast!


For years we went to Lea's neighborhood and rented golf carts to get around- those are some of my favorite Halloween memories!

Starting last year, we Trick Or Treated with Eva's friends and families and we are doing the same this year.  So glad she is living her best life! :)


Stay Spooky Friends!

Monday, October 30, 2023

Hello Monday (October 30, 2023) Halloween Eve!


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  Sarah and I are glad you are here!  If you blogged about your weekend, grab our graphic above and link back up with us below!



Here is what our little weekend looked like....






I got to enjoy lunch with my Mama.  She spoiled me with an outstanding meal of homemade chicken piccata, pasta and the best fall salad.  We had a blast catching up and my dad got in on the chatting action too :)  Wish I had taken more pics but at least I got her beautiful and delicious salad :) 

Meanwhile I got this text- Rob took Diana to be tested- no Covid- no Strep- no RSV- just a virus thank God :)


By the way, check out my Candy Corn Earrings from my Lea :)

and Rob sent me this pic too- my Baby Boy was waiting for me to come home- LOVE HIM!

That night, we were supposed to go to a Taylor Swift 1989 Release Party but it got pushed to Sunday because of a few of the girls having dance commitments.  This means that we got to crash- yeah!  Diana wasn't feeling well and was home from school anyway so glad she got to bed early too as did we all!





I got to start my day with a massage.  I have had a few gift cards that I haven't used this past year and when I bumped into my massage therapist at Blackout she reminded me that I needed to come see her so she could take care of my stress- she is a miracle worker! 

Then it was home to make some party food so we could bring our A game to the Messina's Halloween Party.  

 I made THIS Sausage Beer Cheese Dip and brought it with large soft Pretzels for dipping and....

I also made individual "Ghosts In The Graveyard".  You can see my full recipe HERE

 We got to enjoy a fun visit with Zach and Zoe when they were in town too! Yeah!

 Then it was time for the big party...Friends?  It was epic!  They have amazing decor and they did such a great job with creative and spooky food.  They had awesome fall/Halloween games for the kids and fun for the adults- a true blast!


We went as a Barbie Family- Cowgirl Barbie, Rosie The Riveter Barbie and Ken "Kenough"!

Check out Ken- ha!!



The amazing decor...

The Games...

Dads Getting In On The Action!


The kids were psyched to end the night with an outdoor viewing of Hocus Pocus...did I mention the weather was incredible???!  It got up to 79 degrees here on Saturday FTW!


Rob left early to babysit Baby Sylvie.  She was supposed to come over but with Diana not feeling well we felt it was safer if he went to her house.  Eva and I came over to visit after the Halloween Party- we needed to get our snuggles in too!


I dropped Diana off at a choreography session- thank God she is feeling better!  Then I went to see what Aldi was all about and I was wow'd- I got out of there with one week's worth of groceries for under $100 FTW!  Couldn't believe it!  So excited :)  Then it was home to make some meals for the week and prep our food for the T Swift Release Party :)

I made a Fall Charcuterie Board...

and Gluten Free Pumpkin S'mores Cookies :)

Kary and Kevin outdid themselves.  The girls had a blast but the Moms did too and the guys were pleased to be able to watch the Chiefs game.  Unfortunately Taylor wasn't in attendance- boo! ;)

and we sang to Mary for her birthday

We even played a Taylor Swift Trivia Game- thank God for kids who saved the day on this one- ha!

It was a full and fun weekend with so much QT with family and friends...what were YOU up to?



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