Monday, July 30, 2007

Tiki Tiki Tiki...A Tiki for you and a Tiki for me...

We finally got to make Carl and Kate Ayotte's annual Tiki Party on Sunday afternoon...we got decked out in our "tropical attire"...sipped on lovely tiki cocktails courtesy of the lovely bartender hired from Princeton Station and enjoyed snacks like teryiaki chicken, salsa and shrimp. Authentic tiki music played in the background and old friends from "Lowell Rocks" and beyond got to catch up and just chill.....such a blast and it was a great ending to a wonderful week!

Real Life Belly Laughs Courtesy of Zack and Alexis...

We had a lovely little dinner party on Saturday....The Fourniers brought the baby (well they really didn't have a choice) and Zack was making her laugh uncontrollably! Every time she tossed her bottle off the high chair, Zack would dive and pick it up and she would laugh hysterically! For the first time we all got to enjoy belly laughs out of baby Alexis..my precious Goddaughter!! :)

Girls Night Out at "The Club"

My best friend's mom treated us to the Atkinson Country Club on Friday night. I have to say...I was out almost every night this week and that is not like me! Nevertheless, we had such a nice girls night out. We sipped cocktails and enjoyed some yummy appetizers out on the deck, overlooking the golf course. It is just gorgeous there! Basil (I mean Officer Chingros) blew us off but hey some things never change!!

Make New Friends BUT Keep The Old...

One is silver...and the other is gold...(or a brown haired boy from Andover)who now resides in Southern Cali.

Meet one of my dearest friends from high school- Mike Marchlik. He was in from Cali...on business and pleasure...and I was lucky enough to grab breakfast with him on Friday morning. He is married to his wonderful wife Amy and they have three beautiful little boys...we are hoping to meet the entire family the next time he is in town. It was so nice to go down memory lane and laugh about high school times..my college graduation party and the events that happened that night that I NEVER knew about....and it was even more fun talking about where we are now...and how far we have come. Peace Mike- hope to see you again soon...it was like no time had passed at all.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Coach Lynn Rocks!

Had a blast last night at Margarita's with Lynn. I COULD NOT WAIT to see her wedding album. It was beautiful and definitely the style of albums that Rob and I will focus on when brides request albums- it is a new trend called "Flush Albums." They truly tell a story. As you will see in my title, I refer to Lynn as Coach Lynn as she was Ally's cheering coach this year. We found out we had a lot in common and hope to get together again soon! Her and her hubby may even allow us to do a "Trash the Dress" shoot sometime in the fall! She made a beautiful bride...Stay tuned :)(Wedding Photos Courtesy of Dan Doke Photography)

Friday, July 13, 2007


So....my mommy took me to dinner last night and we had a ball. We went to FINZ on Pickering Wharf in Salem, MA. It is the funkiest, hippest spot and we got to sit right out on the deck overlooking the water. We started with an order of steamers that were to die for. Mom had a margarita and I had a FINZ cosmo- both very good. Then I enjoyed the black and white tuna- it was a tuna steak- sushi grade and cooked rare. It was encrusted in black pepper and sesami seeds and topped off with a ginger wasabi sauce- delish. It was accompanied by a wonderful sushi rice cake and a seaweed and cucumer salad. Mom enjoyed pan seared scallops that were the size of a small dog! They came in a fragrant sauce with gnocchis and asparagas. Needless to say we were stuffed. We enjoyed some nice girl time. If you are in Massachusetts over the summer, you must check out FINZ. (http://www.hipfinz.com/salem.php)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Vacation...Can't Seem to Get My Mind Off Of You...

and some more pix from vaca!

Vacation....all I ever wanted...Vacation..had to get away...

This year's family vacation was in Ogunquit Maine. We enjoyed the beach...the pool...some sun..some good food and drinks...and an occasional thunderstorm or two :) Ogunquit is a beautiful little town on the Southern Coast of Maine. It hosts some of the best restaurants in New England...and some of the most beautiful old homes and grounds. This year Kayla's boyfriend Zack joined us and he was a true pleasure to have around :) I especially enjoyed the way he got such a kick out of our Zack...hey but who doesn't. Rob and I got to enjoy karaoke one night with my rents- of course I sang Crazy for my Dad. One of the most fun things we did, was one of the unplanned things too. We watched 90210 Season Two DVDs every night..now we are all obsessed! I have posted some pix and some links to some of the great places we enjoyed. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!! http://www.bintliffsogunquit.com/ http://www.clayhillfarm.com/ http://wildblueberrycafe.com/ http://www.ogunquitmaine.com/Perkins-Cove.html
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