Monday, January 31, 2022

Hello Monday (January 31, 2022)


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  Sarah and I are so glad you stopped by!  If you blogged today, grab our graphic above and link back up to us below!  We would love to see what you have been up to!


Well...we survived the Blizzard of 2022 here!  We got about 18-20 inches of snow here in Southern NH...woosh...again not my favorite time of year but it was nice to have one quiet and cozy weekend before our lives get crazy again with some upcoming commitments!  Here is what it looked like





I whipped us up an "Aruba Salad" for lunch...recipe coming soon...isn't it pretty?



That night, I brought the girls to dance, voice and acting and started binge-watching Sex And The City from the very beginning...my plan is to get through the entire 6 seasons...then watch both movies in order and watch the current season again...the last episode of the current season "And Just Like That" airs this Thursday.


When I picked up the girls, we met Zach and Zoe at Coach Stop for dinner and had a great time...


Aren't they adorable?  Beautiful couple inside and out and we love seeing how happy they are!

 After dinner, they headed to Rob's gig...he was playing at a very cool Winter Fest at Fody's Tavern...always a great time...I had a friend there who took this pic for me...



I snuggled with my girls :)





We were SNOWED IN so it was all about snuggling with Remi...and Zach may have wrestled with him...cooking and binge watching SATC...while the girls did their own thing- Eva on Ro Blox with Kyla and Diana sleeping in and snap chatting and such..there were trips outside to shovel and snow blow to keep up with the masses of snow and more cooking



Later on, the guys took my Jeep to pick up Zoe and I made us a big family dinner..Papa came up to enjoy with us..it was a real Italian Night...Shrimp Fra Diavlo over Linguine and for the non-fish lovers, Linguine with Homemade Marinara along with Salad and Rolls...took a quick shot of the storm still brewing around 6pm

After dinner, we watched some old family videos of when my in-laws took Rob and the kids to Disney...we couldn't wait to show Zoe how adorable Zach was as a little kid :)

Before bed, the guys did one more big clean up so we would be good to go on Sunday


Daddy brought Eva to hockey and she scored two goals!

I cooked some more and made us a nice Sunday dinner and got some meal prepping done for the week.

Later on, Diana had a YAGP rehearsal

and it was more binge watching for Mama....then we wrapped up our weekend by attending Sunday night mass...haven't had a relaxing weekend like this in a long time....enjoyed it but I am ready for some more excitement again....and ready to crush another week!  What were YOU up to?

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday Favorites (January 28, 2022)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  We are bracing for one of the largest snowstorms to hit ever, here in the Northeast!  Yikes!  I am actually looking forward to a little downtime though...not gonna lie...our trip to New York for Diana's film has been put off for a few weeks...we are just pivoting...it's ALL GOOD!


So, as always, sharing a few recent faves...hope you all stay warm and safe this weekend and squeeze in some fun :)


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  Fave MEMEs of the Week



 Fave Meals of the Week


Sushi on Ladies Night- Mint is one of my favorite restaurants


The Game Day Scramble from Troys- such spicy goodness!


 Ladies Night

Speaking of Ladies Night I enjoyed a night out with some besties last night...it was supposed to be the Winter Wine Festival of NH but they cancelled it...this is getting old....yup the C word...anyway, that is typically one of our favorite nights all year and we still got together to get out and catch up...until next year....sigh...





 Meet Me In Newport Sweater

Yup and will be getting back there....



Fave Recent Products

Best snack ever- yummy- satisfying and high protein and fiber while being low in fat FTW...thanks to Brandi for recommending

Teeth Whitening Products- Another win from Brandi...love the vanilla coconuty flavor and excited to see the difference soon!


Bathing Suit and Cover Up for Aruba....will be in my carry on and will be put on immediately upon arrival and plunging into the ocean...ahhhh (fingers crossed)



The Rem Dog

Such snuggly goodness


Tulips from my Bestie

Brightened up my day!

My Happy Place



At yoga.......



That's a wrap!  Have a wonderful weekend friends!  See you back here on Monday for Hello Monday with Sarah and me!

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Monthly Musings: January 2022- All About Love Edition


Hi Friends and Welcome to the First Monthly Musings Link Up of 2022!  Patty and I are so happy you stopped by!  We hope you will join in on our fun.  Grab our graphic above..answer our questions on love and Valentine's Day below and then link back up to us..we can't wait to read all of your posts!

Here are the questions to answer this month...

Here it goes....

1. Favorite Valentine's Memory

Making dinner with my hubby a few years ago and enjoying the said, semi-romantic dinner while our kids watched on....oh the irony...wouldn't have it any other way

2. Chocolate, Flowers or Both?

Oh both...why not...the best of both worlds :)

3. Favorite Romantic Date?

My fave romantic date was when Rob took me to an outdoor concert...we packed a picnic dinner and enjoyed Toad The Wet Sprocket in Boarding House Park in Lowell...will never forget it!

4. Any Valentine's Traditions with the Kids?

Well Eva still exchanges Valentines at school with her pals...Diana really doesn't have these traditions anymore but I make sure they feel loved on the big day and make sure they have treats and cards waiting for them at breakfast :)

5. How do you show love?

I cook...I make meals or treats to show my love for people...pretty simple I guess


6. Do You Decorate for Valentine's Day? 

Oh yes and I already decorated...we liked to enjoy decorations for as long as possible in this house!



7. Do You Wear Red or Pink on Valentine's Day?

Yes...either or both!



8.  Valentine's Day- Big Deal or Small Remembrance? 

I am not sure...small?  Special?  Just want my girls to experience joy on the day 


9.  Favorite Ideas for School Valentine Parties?

I love when the kids decorate "mailboxes" to collect all of their Valentines and Goodies...so festive and fun


 10. Have you ever had a secret admirer?

So funny...in college, we had a newspaper...on Valentine's Day, you could send messages to people and they would all get published...and a couple that were published for me were so exciting...didn't know who they were from so kept me guessing and on my toes...so fun...great memory!

What is YOUR Love Language?


and check our our schedule of topics below for 2022!






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