Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 1


Easiest place to do this- in the car!

Another 30 Day Photo Challenge

Bring It On!

Weekly Gratitude

For the return of the nicest man at morning mass who leads our rosary...back from summer vaca...perhaps the Cape?  May never know but just glad he is back

Business....business....business....so grateful we have it!

An AWESOME weekend with Ally Bean...from picking her up on Friday night to Diana's endless squeals...to getting my special gift (UNH Stepmom Shirt- LOVE LOVE LOVE IT) to quality time and so many laughs and for being able to help her with a very special paper she is writing about how the birth of Diana has changed her in so many ways

A great homecoming for Zack...getting his swagger back...love seeing him so happy and love the success this football team is finally experiencing...much deserved

For Claribel....the greatest hairdresser who ever existed

To new found friends in town...it just keeps getting better

and for our Homecoming Duck- LOVE

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maxwell's 3rd Birthday

Diana's pal from school, Maxwell, turned three and we had a great time celebrating with him today at Smolak's Farm!

The kids got to ride on fake trucks...feed the animals and take a tractor ride!  Diana was in her glory playing with Maxwell and Travis and we snapped some pix to capture their happiness :)

WHS Homecoming 2011

Zack and the JAGS are on a roll.....what a difference from a year ago!  They beat the Bow Falcons 41-21- unreal!

The handsome voice of the Jaguars (yes it's Rob) :)

and then our friends from town surprised us by asking Diana to be the "Homecoming Duck" as part of a fundraiser called "The Duck Drop"  She looked so cute but she got hot and very cranky pretty quickly!

Ally, of course, was a big help, keeping Monk calm...so happy to have her home for the weekend...we had a great time!

and then Coach Burke kept his promise and lead the guys off the field by playing his bagpipes!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Diana's 1st Trip to the Dentist!

Diana really enjoyed her first trip to the dentist.  I was more than impressed.  She was so brave!  She loved the sunglasses she got to wear...she enjoyed her cleaning...she especially loved the prize she got to pick out at the end.  She surprised me thought with that.  She looked into a big bucket of prizes that included princess wands and snakes and trinkets and she picked a mini Old Maid card game...the hygenist and I were dying laughing!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

A fun trip to Fall Mountain...never had to drive 2 hours for one of the kids' sporting events but the JAGS made it so worthwhile...Rob and I enjoyed a scorpion bowl and some chinese on the way up in Claremont...some of the parents agreed that we need to make that a group party next time- check!

Gymnastics and breakfast with out BFFs...such fun girl time!

A successful photo shoot for Diana- because of some advice from a pro, I took Diana to have some pictures taken and she ATE IT UP! 

Cozy fall night with my parents...made one of my specialities- Autumn Risotto.....just never gets old...we had a ball

A healthy check up for Diana...still can't believe she is 3!

The friendships I made at my last company

Making peace

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