Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009!

It was a great one- we are so blessed to have the family and friends we do and to be able to spend holidays together. We are also blessed and grateful to still have our jobs and our home and the feasts that we often enjoy together.

We started the day doing the Windham Turkey Trot with the kiddos. It will most likely be our last trot for awhile as Zack in on the WHS Football team and for the first time, in history, we will be enjoying a Windham/Pelham football game on Thanksgiving morning next year!

Nevertheless, we really enjoyed kick-starting our metabolism and walking for the Sheppard's pantry.

Then Rob and I and Monk headed down to Mimi and Papa's and had a lovely day with them, Uncle Matt (or Uncle Stinky), Aunty Mar, Uncle George, Em (Tess is still in Denmark for the semester) and Grammy and Papa.

Mimi did not disappoint- she is truly the hostess with the mostest...here is our menu so you can just drool:

Hot Mushroom Dip
Date nut cheese ball with "broken" crackers (that was one if for you Mimi)
Caramel Apple Martinis
the best red wine ever- Louis Martini Cab

Mimi's Pumpkin Soup

Mimi's bread stuffing with cranberries and pecans (my favorite of the day)
Mimi's mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese
My Bourbon Pecan Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows
Grammy's French Pork Stuffing
Green Beans
Cornbread, cranberry bread, rolls and croissants
Uncle George's salad
Mimi's onions and cream sauce

(I think I remembered everything)

and then for dessert:
Mimi's lemon meringue pie
Apple Pie
Auntie's Chocolate cream pie
Mimi's Pumpkin pie
Mimi's date bars, molasses cookies and thumbprint cookies
Mimi's coffee pumpkin drinks (delish!)

yes we pretty much rolled out of Lincoln Street!

That night, we bopped over to Lisa's for the Thanksgiving night get together- the kiddos really wanted to show off Baby Diana and it was really special :)

Thank you to my family, extended family and friends for another wonderful holiday- love you all

Thanksgiving Eve at the Blackwater Grill

So I started the night unwinding with Jules, Cory and The Fois upstairs. Christian Breen, owner of BWG, is a very generous man and provided us with complementary dinner.

Then we headed downstairs to hear the 80's hits from our favorite band Sunglasses at Night. Rob did not disappoint on vocals but I must say, the crowd was very young.

Anyway, I think the reality of the situation hit when the football team, that graduated with Kayla, walked in- eek!

We had a blast, nonetheless and hope you can all make it out next year!
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