Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Fri Yay My Peeps!

Linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci HERE and showing you some faves from our week.....

 Team Will

Last week we had our firm's summer outing- feel grateful to work in such a respected organization and always love sharing laughs with these peeps

 Fave Memes of the Week!

My Girls

So many fun and special moments this week including this one as they were enjoying decorated pumpkins from "Auntie Janie"

and wasn't Pidge just a squishy baby two minutes ago?  Ahhhh....

 Rocking School

Diana is working hard and making us proud- I really enjoyed her Open House this week especially when I found her "Mini Me" (Insert Heart Eyes Emoji here)

 Practical Joke

The girls played a trick on Zach by using his body pillow and a dress up wig they have.  When he came home on Monday night he jumped and thought a real person was in his bed.  We were all laughing hysterically- I can't believe they came up with this on their own- soo sooo funny! :)

and before I leave you for today....I was loving my cozy set up and all ready to catch up on my DVR last night but I could NOT turn off the Kavenaugh hearing...it was riveting...anyone else?


That's a wrap...hope you all have a fabulous fall weekend!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What's Up Wednesday (September 2018)

I cannot believe the end of the month is already here!  I feel like this month we enjoyed the end of summer AND the beginning of fall on some days....but yet...looking forward to all of the fall fun that October brings.....Linking up with the lovely ladies HERE  and showing you what we have been up to.....

What We're Eating This Week

 *This week I am calling meal planning "Operation Clean Your Plate Club" and you will see why...keeping it simple and picked the things my kids will actually eat*
Monday- Breakfast for Dinner (Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Waffles, Roasted Potatoes, Mimi's Banana Chocolate Chip Bread)

Tuesday- One Pan Pork Chops with Apples and Onions with Rosemary Potatoes and Roasted Asparagus.  Find the Recipe HERE 

Wednesday- Pasta/Banza Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Thursday- Roasted Chicken and Broccoli with Rice

Friday- Pizza and Salad Night

What I'm Reminiscing About

 The Nutcracker....Diana just tried out and got cast as a Party Child again...we are all thrilled and then the Director, Mrs. Mullen, asked if she would also do her a favor and dance as a Polichinelle in the 2nd act...Diana was beyond thrilled to "cooperate" especially if it means she can dance in both shows...so we have been talking alot about the past performances and the dancers we love to watch and it is getting us even more excited for this year's performances.

What I'm Loving

Camo EVERYTHING....always liked it but this year I am not sure what it is...I am on the hunt for the perfect items...whether it be tops....pants...jackets...give me all the camo please!  :)

What We've Been Up To

Celebrated Janie's Bday

We met our teachers!

Mama Turned 45

We celebrated Uncle Matt turning 42 with pizza and cake a visit to Daddy's gig!

We enjoyed Labor Day Weekend at Benson's and the Beach....caught up on our much needed ocean time!

and we spent Mama's bday at the beach and at Brown's with the Batsons! 

We went back to school!

 and dance!

We started soccer! 

and enjoyed another Lilly APS

We celebrated Alice's 50th

and enjoyed a Sunday afternoon at Brenda's

 We went back to gymnastics!

and partook in the 6th Annual Blackout Cancer Game

 Had a lovely lunch at Laurel's....

and enjoyed our 2nd annual Oktoberfest at Nicole and Sam's

Diana tried out for The Nutcracker!

and decided to run for student council yet again and this year SHE WON!!!  We are so proud of her determination and the way she never gives us!

and....Mama and Daddy enjoyed the Annual Newport Wine and Food Festival in Newport RI with friends

What I'm Dreading

Some upcoming volunteer work I have to do- without going into detail, I rather be picking apples or walking through a pumpkin patch than in a gym volunteering all weekend....sigh.....

What I'm Working On

My 2018 goals...on track but need an extra push for Q4...financially...health wise....and with my books....striving to make them all happen!

What I'm Excited About

All of the festivals and Fall fun...cannot wait to enjoy with my little fam :)

What I'm Watching/Reading

All summer and now....I have become obsessed with Out Daughtered on TLC...if they can keep 6 kids alive (5 of which are the same age AND they are all girls)...we can keep 2 girls alive right?  ;)  Seriously though, I love this family!

and this is the week that all of our fall shows come back......This is Us, Greys Anatomy, Dancing With The Stars, American Housewife...and we are anxiously awaiting the new ABC drams, "A Million Little Things"  CANNOT WAIT for that one!

and this month I have been reading, "When Life Gives You Lu Lu Lemons" by Lauren Weisberger (The famous author who wrote The Devil Wears Prada AND I guess this one is part of her trilogy but you can read them all separately)  very cute...almost done!

What I'm Listening To

Most recently it has been the playlist I put together for our Newport Trip- I had all the girls send me their favorites and the list includes some faves from the 70's, 80's, 90's and now...my faves are the 90's tunes of course ;)

What I'm Wearing

Lots of Lilly to wrap up the summer season.....

and I started pulling out the layers...the army green...the leopard....you get it

and found this awesome new boutique online....so cute and so cost effective!!
Shop Chartreuse is responsible for this top!

What I'm Doing This Weekend

A Whole Lotta Decorating...our Fall decorations outside and our Fall and Halloween decorations inside....we also will be shuffling between Nutrcracker rehearsals...soccer...hockey and will try to find something else fun to do too!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month


What Else Is New?


What is My Favorite Way to Eat Pumpkin?

I would have to say in a pumpkin square or a pumpkin cheesecake/cupcake
It has to be sweet though I do enjoy pumpkin in some savory dishes...sweet wins for this flavor!

What's Up With You?
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