Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Amazon Lately

So I know we are all Amazon fans.  I always promote the Prime Membership because it is SO WORTH it.  I mean $100/year means free shipping and you really save on the large items when it comes to shipping!

It is now my go-to for most purchases for our home and the little extras.....

Here are a few recent finds...sharing the links in case you want to snag them too!

Wine Plates

We are headed to our 4th Newport Wine Festival this weekend with friends.  These plates come in so handy as they hold your wine glass and you can enjoy small bites at the same tine.  I snagged a 4 pack.
Find them HERE 


My go-to for all books- hard cover, paperback and many Kindle Editions.  This one was recommended by a neighbor- a great read for a Mom and her 10 year old :)  Find it HERE

Cell Phone Glass Protectors

I buy these packs every few months for our phones- saves on phone replacements like no one's business-we are all clutzes here and drop our phones repeatedly and these little gems save us
Find them HERE 

Paleo Wraps

When you are in the mood for a sandwich or just want to toss your salad in a wrap, these are incredible- virtually no carbs and chalk full of protein- I am addicted!  Find them HERE 

Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

We put this s..... on everything- no joke- get some....today!

and lastly Peter Thomas Roth 

LOVE his skincare products and Amazon always has them and they are Prime eligible so you get them quickly.
Love this gel mask I snagged recently.  Find it HERE 

 What are some of your Amazon faves?


Rechelle said...

I love the subscription feature of Prime! We receive our dog food on a schedule so I never have to worry about checking if we're going to run out because it just arrives :) Although I'm sure our recent orders would show a whole lot of automotive parts thanks to my hubby haha!

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