Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Fri Yay My Peeps!

Linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci HERE and showing you some faves from our week.....

 Team Will

Last week we had our firm's summer outing- feel grateful to work in such a respected organization and always love sharing laughs with these peeps

 Fave Memes of the Week!

My Girls

So many fun and special moments this week including this one as they were enjoying decorated pumpkins from "Auntie Janie"

and wasn't Pidge just a squishy baby two minutes ago?  Ahhhh....

 Rocking School

Diana is working hard and making us proud- I really enjoyed her Open House this week especially when I found her "Mini Me" (Insert Heart Eyes Emoji here)

 Practical Joke

The girls played a trick on Zach by using his body pillow and a dress up wig they have.  When he came home on Monday night he jumped and thought a real person was in his bed.  We were all laughing hysterically- I can't believe they came up with this on their own- soo sooo funny! :)

and before I leave you for today....I was loving my cozy set up and all ready to catch up on my DVR last night but I could NOT turn off the Kavenaugh hearing...it was riveting...anyone else?


That's a wrap...hope you all have a fabulous fall weekend!


Rechelle said...

The ice cream/sprinkles quote is just TOO GOOD!! And oh my gosh that prank the girls pulled has me rolling HAHA! Have a great weekend Holly :)

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