Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Favorites (Short Week Edtion)

It's FRI YAY....and YAY for a short week!
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Here are a few faves from our week....

First Day of School Pics
You saw Diana's first day.....
and Eva started Pre-K yesterday!
I can't take it :)
She was worried until she got to school and one of her best pals greeted her at the door with a smile and a big hug...my heart was squished all day!

New Haircut

Let's get serious about the new school year!  We have to look sharp right?  Miss Sassy Pants showing off her new do ;)

Garden Love

and we FINALLY have some veggies in our garden- lots of fresh tomatoes and huge cukes- FTW!

Birthday Love

My Work family surprised me with a lovely birthday lunch and some gifts- they are priceless- definitely felt the love :)

 and my Mama took me to breakfast at Tuscan Market- we always love our meals there. We spotted this crab shaped bread and were freaking out! Wouldn't this be so cute for a party?  You could carve out the middle and put dip in it- I will need to come up with a reason to get this next summer!

 Girls Back To School Dinner

While the Daddys were home playing corn hole, the Mamas and girls grabbed dinner out- always so much fun with The Fourniers

 That's a wrap- hope you all have a great weekend!


Rechelle said...

Goodness Eva is too cute! And HOORAY for garden harvests :) Happy Friday!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Glad the first week back went well! Thank goodness for short first weeks too right?! Have a good weekend!!

Good Better Best Food said...

Ok. I got one cucumber the entire summer. ONE! So jelly.

Happy weekend


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