Wednesday, September 5, 2018

1st Day of School- 2018!

 My little Monkey is off to 5th Grade- wow- how did this happen?
She started looking older to me last year- this year even more so because she had to have her hair blown out- hysterical

She was excited AND really nervous as she got on the bus yesterday morning ...Mama was too...I prayed hard that she will have a great year both academically and socially...my heart worries for her too....we all do the best we can...sometimes it is hard to let go...any Mamas with me?

We did our obligatory first day of school pics of course....outfit courtesy of Mimi :)

When she got home she was all smiles and felt relief- she likes her teachers, is happy there are friends in her class and was ecstatic to get back to dance last night too!

After dance was dinner- her special request- my spaghetti and meatballs with homemade marinara sauce.  Was glad I could be there to oblige :)  Hope your cherubs have all had a smooth start to school!


Kim Sabadie said...

I love your dress, such a pretty color! Where did you find it?

Rechelle said...

LOVE Diana's romper! Glad the first day went well, hoping she has as great year :)

Holly said...

Thank you Kim! It is a Lilly Pulitzer but I bought it used on Ebay!

Holly said...

Thank you Rechelle! My parents got it for her birthday :)

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