Friday, April 30, 2010

closer to this goal

306. I am loving the time we are spending with Kayla...have a standing date each week now...quesadillas and Dancing with the Stars....she is obsessed with Ocho ;)

307. A mentor of mine...a long time ago...shared this advice with me....."Spend time with people who choose you...don't waste your time on those who don't care or don't like you"...I have realized even more so lately, how true this is

308. Ken's Foods makes the best honey mustard around...I have even seen it being made and it is very impressive...Uncle Matt buys it by the vat ;)

309. The 10 Best Foods for You? (Being a Foodie- I long ago researched this)- 1. Sweet Potatoes 2. Grape Tomatoes 3. Skim Milk 4. Broccoli 5. Wild Salmon 6. Crisp breads 7. Brown Rice 8. Citrus Fruit 9. Butternut Squash 10. Spinach/Kale

310. The 10 Worst Foods? All I know is that my family's favorite dessert made it...yep that ridiculous 7 layer cake from Cheesecake Factory...la la la!!!

311. Adolf Hitler committed suicide today back in 1945...did you also know that his biggest turn on was when women pooped on his face? I know TMI but what a disturbed individual on so many levels

312. Why I get stressed and jealous of the rich folk in town? They never even think twice about buying Bounty paper towels or the soft plush toilet paper...they just buy it and can afford it....they never have to worry if they are going to have enough money at the end of the month to pay their bills...they can always take vacations (even when they don't need a vacation from life) and they never have to say...no I'm sorry I can't right now

313. I want sidewalks and light posts...is that too much to ask?

314. JP Lizzy makes the BEST diaper bags :) (It was so fun to look for those when I was pregnant...I liked their designs the best)

315. Will life ever get any easier? At least a little bit?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yes...only 2 weeks but have to keep up with the goal and these are very timely...

301. Newest TV discovery...The City...shameless little obsession ;)

302. The sweetness of watermelon balances out the saltiness of feta cheese....before you turn your nose up at a great greek watermelon salad...give it a shot

303. The deepest relationships are the ones that can endure the fights....the honest and difficult discussions...the hard things...those are the ones that will last...beware of the man who chooses not to argue with you....shallow relationships shall fail

304. To my friends managing blended families...if his ex is obsessed with poisoning your stepchildren and trying to paint you in a poor light...turn the other way...as hard as it may be...kids are smarter than you think....and they grow up to be even smarter adults who always find out the truth...be the better person....do the right thing and the rest will fall into place

305. Baby Alana is here!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

taking a break...

so much going on over the next few months...so so busy...taking a little break...i will catch most of you on facebook until i return....xoxo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

285. So I know that teal green was a big hit in the 80's...with bridesmaids dresses....clothing...home decor...etc...but it seems like it didn't hit Windham, NH until the 90's- how do I know this? We have seen so many homes here and so many have teal in their kitchen or on the walls or on the carpeting...it is dreadful...ha ha!!!

286. A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path." -- Agatha Christie

287. “To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and NEVER give up fighting.” -E. E. Cummings

288. I LOVE Elvis..he was such a talent and so handsome and his heart was always in the right place...check out "Elvis and Me" Great movie...even better book...Priscilla Presley's story

289. I am praying for my bosses right now- both having some health issues- prayers- healthy thoughts- I love them both like family

290. Today (4/15/10) is not only tax day but it is a day when several celebrity couples have parted ways...wow...Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels...Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva....Larry King and Shawn Southwick...

291. It amazes me how the littlest things I do in my everyday work are the very same things that make candidates like my work and trust me as their recruiter...it starts with respect and doing the right thing and although several boobs out there are giving our industry a bad name...I am also relieved that they are my competition...no contest!!

292. I am sick...very run down..but as a mom, who has time to get sick right? So I sent my husband to our boosters meeting tonight...he rocks but Mama needs some rest too :)

293. Diana is getting more and more fun...she really is my little pal and I cherish our time together...I can't even imagine how much more fun she will be when we can have full out conversations and go on shopping days together!

294. Certain people do not like or approve of my blog...my response? ha ha...you don't even want to know

295. The picture attached to this post is from a few years ago...girls night in...having another one soon and CANNOT WAIT...these girls have been such wonderful friends to me and i thank God all the time for them...can you say Strawberry Sangria?? only a few weeks away!!!! :)

296. My favorite shoes? Depends on the outfit and depends on the day...right now the toss up is between the following: black strappy Kenneth Cole heal sandals; black patent leather Nine West loafers; multi-color striped Nine West espadrilles; camel leather Bandolino sling back heels and J Crew multi-colored madras ballet flats (most of these are several years old...I make things last baby!!) ha ha

297. My office is LITERALLY like The Office tv show...even funnier..the comedy is never ending...even during the toughest year last year...the office gents succeeded in providing many belly laughs...such great therapy

298. Dean McDermott really reminds me of Rob...they really have so much in common and they are both wonderful hubbies and dads...we joke about this constantly

299. Neon pink is the new black...in J Crew world anyway...ask my creative designer-stepdaughter Kayla...oh she knows

300. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE facebook? Next FB project? Setting up Mimi's page...just like Idol...she makes fun of me now but I know quite quickly, she too, will become an addict ;)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

and so it goes....

245. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder

246. You never really know what you had until it is gone

247. While I am listing cliches I truly believe in...going for the hat trick here...better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

248. A wise person once said, "no matter how big and famous you get, always go home and eat spaghetti with your mother" AMEN

249. My good deed this week went over as expected- VERY well- thank God- thought I was losing my touch there- ha ha ;)

250. It's amazing how much you can change your life when you open your heart...I am taking action and returning with strength

251. Going to be "trashing the dress" this summer...can't wait for some steamy pix!

252. Better to be friends in the circle of trust than allow someone to be your friend because they are trying to keep their enemy close (yah had to throw in one more I love)

253. Netflix ROCKS....what an invention!!! :)

254. Crash by Dave Matthews Band gives me a good stomachache...then I remember the dance to it...only do it for my husband now

255. Another favorite dance was "Don't Want You Back" by Backstreet Boys...taught my stepdaughters that dance...had a blast

256. While on the subject of dancing, I hope Diana takes to it...but would not be unhappy at all if she becomes a jock like her big sister Ally!!

257. I love the smell of fresh basil....love growing it on our deck and then using it in my caprese salad or pasta sauce

258. While on the deck garden...my great grandfather (mother's grandfather on her mom's side) had the best garden and he was a master cook...he fed his family out of his garden....stories of him our legendary

259. Then my great grandmother (mother's grandmother on her dad's side) was the best cook around...people would line up down the street to get a taste of her cooking...we like to think we got our cooking skills from her! (She would feed half the town of Winchester)

260. I respect people who are honest with themselves...who don't constantly point the finger and blame others...who hold themselves accountable and truly understand we are all flawed in some way...look in the mirror and get real is what I say

261. psyched for the little pleasures of summer...beach...ocean water...deck garden...grill....sprinkler...fishy pool...slip n slide...long weekends away :)

262. so excited to start golfing again with my peeps...woohoo!!! several golf dates planned...double WOOHOO!!!

263. Jersey Boys has been my favorite musical I have gone to seen (believe it or not)...enjoyed it more than Les Mis, Phantom and Wicked and those are very tough acts to follow! Could see Jersey Boys 100 more times

264. Going to Lake Wallkill is like stepping back in time..."Hot Dog it's Regatta Time Again!"

265. I never knew why my ex and my best friend growing up were so similar...when I found my ex, he reminded me so much of her and we always joked about it...recently, I found out why and so much made sense to me...after all these years

266. It takes a very strong person to be a good step parent...I never thought I was strong until I became one. Now I know how strong I am...the rejection....the judgement...helping to raise kids the best way you know how.....the criticism...and then not allowing all of this to bother you? Strong to say the least...even with the sadness I sometimes feel...I wouldn't change it for anything...my wonderful husband and the gratitude from my terrific step kids makes it all worthwhile...the strength comes from within and from their unconditional love...and this my friends, is the greatest gift of all

267. It is amazing how much clearer I am thinking after a life-changing week...I know that things are not only going to be okay...they are going to be fabulous and I am SO THANKFUL

268. It is amazing how much we have accumulated in 5 short years in our home...we are only realizing now as we purge and prepare to test the market

269. Mexico is in our future...near future

270 Why my marriage works? No games

271. Why our family thrives? One of the biggest reasons: Family dinners (as many nights as possible) with good quality conversation (and Wii family golf tournies too of course) :)

272. Our life? Controlled Chaos......balance...juggling...sense of humor...faith...hope and love

273. Not a fan of those who live in a passive-aggressive place...I am sure you already got that with me being a type A and all

274. Yes I am finding it hard to reach that 344 number...yes there is a certain amount of ego here...full of myself? I guess a bit but I choose this forum to share my purpose in life and enjoy the entertainment of all of the feedback and backlash too!

275. Re-connected with Lizzy on Facebook...and her first note to me read "Holly...Do you still celebrate Doll Christmas?"...again I had such a charmed childhood

276. Favorite things to do with my friends in elementary school? Crank call boys...play with Strawberry Shortcake Dolls....Barbies and Cabbage Patch kids....dance...roller skate...watch Michael Jackson and sing every word of every song

277. So you want local restaurant recommendations? Best Sushi in Boston- Haru. Best Sushi in NH- Wasabi (Salem). Best Italian in Boston- Limoncello's- Best Italian in NH- Ronaldo's(Hampton)- Best Martinis in MA- Felicia's (Stoneham). Best Martinis in NH- Blue Mermaid (Portsmouth). Best Mojitos- Blackwater Grill, Salem NH. Best Salmon Salad- Sky Restaurant, Sudbury, MA. Coffee (outside of the Breton Household ;) )- The Village Bean Windham, NH. Best Gelato- Cafe Paradiso- Lowell, MA. Best Seafood Tower- Abe & Louie's- Boston, MA. Best Halibut- Cafe Escadrille Burlington, MA. Best Mexican AND Best Margaritas- Poco's Cantina- Portsmouth, NH. Best Pizza- Pizza Regina (any Boston, MA location). Best Dessert- Cheesecake Factory (any location)- try the 7 layer cake which includes a layer of coconut cheesecake (to die for)

278. Best New England Vaca suggestions: Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, MA. Wentworth by the Sea in New Castle, NH. The Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA (in summer for rooftop pool). Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI (in October for the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular), Rockport (MA)

279. Best designer clothing buys? (Not giving away all of my secrets) ;)

280. I am FREAKING OUT! ha ha...that one was for you Jenny G :)

281. It perplexes me with all of our medical breakthroughs and technical advancements, that there is still no cure for the common cold?

282. THE MONK! enough said

283. Local spa suggestions? Best Facial- Freedom Salon & Day Spa (York, Maine). Best Massage- Balance Spa (Tewksbury, MA). Best Mani & Pedi-The Spa at the Venetian Hotel (Las Vegas, NV)- Best Hair- Bella Viaggio Salon & Day Spas (Windham, NH), Best Salt Rub- La Novita (Randolph, MA)

284. When you are travelling, always try the local specialties...whether it be a food or a drink...try the lobster in New England...try the beignets in New Orleans...the red snapper in Miami...the Sangria in Coconut Grove...the tequila in Mexico...the Shoefly Pie in Pennsylvania Dutch Country...and the champagne and duck confit in Montreal



A Night to Honor the Life of Tricia...

...and what a beautiful celebration of life it was.

Tricia C was the wife of Mark...a former high school classmate of Rob's and my former Gym Teacher and Football Coach.

Tragically, Tricia took her own life a year ago.

Last night, we enjoyed a celebration of her life and so much more.

Mark and friends did a wonderful job showing his four kids how something positive can come out of such darkness...he truly has shown them the light...

A scholarship in Tricia's name has been set up for a Northeastern nursing student.

Tricia devoted her life to others...she was a Labor and Delivery nurse at Beth Israel for 13 years...she ran several road races and did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer several times in honor of her mother and grandmother. She was a devoted wife, mother, daughter, niece and friend.

We were so touched learning about her and her life.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

Holy Saturday

Running around...swim class...groceries...cooking...then coloring eggs as a family...chicken salad on croissants...and the perfect ending? Watching the Passion of The Christ...

Swim Class- Year 2 Week 5!

A Good Friday

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