Wednesday, August 31, 2022

What's Up Wednesday (August 2022)


Oh my gosh friends...can you believe it is the end of August?  and the end of Summer?  It truly is for us as today is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL...wow...I know it sounds so cliche but how did we get here???

Anyway, I will have a recap on today up on the blog tomorrow....for now...let's recap August and share What's Up With Us!

What We're Eating This Week

Monday- Friends and Family Made Us Dinner- Mama recovering from Surgery

Tuesday- Friends and Family Made Us Dinner- Mama still recovering


Wednesday- Back to School Italian Feast- Beth Ann's Baked Ziti, Chicken Parm, Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread in our very own Italian Cafe (pics coming tomorrow) :)

Thursday- Leftovers for the Fam- Mama out with Besties for her Bday!

Friday- Pizza and Salad Night!



What I'm Reminiscing About


 The "First Days of Past"....how quickly the years go...



What I'm Loving

The extra care I am getting right now....the snuggles and attention and care...the meals and love from family and friends....all of the support...making me extra grateful and enjoying this...it is all helping me heal...it is nice to be taken care of once in awhile for sure!


What We've Been Up To

We loved seeing the girls in their Triple Threat Production this year- it was so great to be back in the theater and all together and the kids were so happy and excited- it really showed on stage!

Diana played Logainne "Schwartzy" in The Spelling Bee and June in Chicago and Eva played Marta in Sound of Music and Katie in School of Rock!  They were both also featured in the films they displayed!


The Fab Four enjoyed a pool day and dinner at our house

We celebrated Daddy's first new customer at TD

and we prepped for Kayla's Bridal Shower

The girls loved pool days with friends...

Date Walks have continued...right now they don't look like they usually do...they are much slower and shorter but I am determined to get back....will just take some time

We loved seeing the girls in the town's drama camp production of "Sound of Music"...Eva was Brigitta and Diana was Maria :)

Grateful for a few trips to the beach this summer...my true happy place :)

and happy to be able to catch up with friends before my surgery...

We had an AWESOME weekend in D.C seeing ALL the things!

Daddy and the Girls loved seeing a Beatles Cover Band

Diana got fitted for her new pointe shoes and is excited to have her first pair of Russian Pointe Shoes!

The girls loved Dance Instensives at LDA and we got to see them perform dances they learned!

Mama and Diana enjoyed our 9th Annual Mommy Daughter Boogie Board Day!

and Daddy and Eva enjoyed a breakfast date, bike riding and shooting some hoops!



We celebrated Papa Pete's Birthday

and we attended Finn's Foam and Swim Bday Party - the kids had a blast!

Mama had major surgery...sigh...

and I have been recovering at home...thankful for the company :)

and lastly, we enjoyed Kayla's beautiful Bridal Shower

What I'm Dreading

Really nothing...I was dreading surgery and so glad that is over...I am really excited about healing and feeling better and looking forward to a very exciting and festive fall!


What I'm Working On

Healing...My Full Time Recruiting Job...Planning for our Company's 40th Anniversary Celebration and Blackout!



 What I'm Excited About

See above...an amazing fall!

What I'm Watching/Reading

So besides the nightly news and morning news on Channel 5 (WCVB- Janie and I share this passion), Rob and I are binging "Last Man Standing"...such a light hearted and fun family show!

My Books for August Were...

Smells Like Tween Spirit by Laurie Gelman

This was Book #4 in the Class Mom Series and it did not disappoint- she just gets it- this is perfect for Mamas like me raising school-aged kids....and well worth the price for all of the laughs you will get out of this!

Read these books in order- you won't be sorry!  1. Class Mom 2. You've Been Volunteered 3. Yoga Pant Nation and then this!

and then I decided to jump back into the Spellmans Series- a series Shannon introduced us to with Book Club- they are light- funny - entertaining reads about a family with a PI business

I read Book #2

Curse of the Spellmans

and Book #3

Revenge Of The Spellmans

So fun!



 What I'm Listening To

You won't be shocked when I tell you that we started The Nutcracker right?  Rob said,
"God I thought I had a few more weeks!" My response?  "How long have you been in this family?" Ha!

What I'm Wearing

Comfy pj sets that I picked up at Macy's...and loose lounge wear as I recover

and I got a Lilly on for the shower on Sunday :)


What I'm Doing This Weekend

Resting...Spending QT with Family and Friends and Celebrating Turning 49...eek!!



What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month


Nutcracker Auditions...and Results of Course....getting into our new routine...hearing all of the school stories from my girls :) 

What Else Is New?

I want to thank you my fellow blog friends for all of your love and support this summer...I am getting choked up...I received so many personal notes...great advice...and prayers from all of you and I will be forever grateful...they have truly helped to carry me through and I will never forget it XO

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Kayla's Bridal Shower

Kayla is my oldest stepdaughter and Rob's first child.  She is 32 and will be turning 33 at midnight on her wedding night!



Purple has always been her favorite color so she is going with that theme for her wedding with some sage green accents.  Her Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor will be wearing a plum shade and her Junior Bridesmaids (Diana and Eva) are wearing what they call "Wisteria" which is a lighter plum shade.


Her mom decided to follow the same color scheme for her shower.


Ally made a beautiful sign that was put on an easel at the door and Zach got the balloons which were a purple shade and sage green that complemented a cute banner.


 I made the favors- they were individual bags with hot sauce and honey in them and the tags read "Sweet Like Marshall, Spicy Like Kayla"- they came out cute! They were Lisa's idea (Kayla's Mom)...I just made them happen.


We got some fun games on Amazon and my girls lead the games- they were cute and fun and made for some great laughs.

We enjoyed the beautiful celebration with brunch at Four Oaks Country Club in Dracut MA...they do such a great job!


Eva winning one of the prizes- she kills me- she acted as our de facto MC for the event -hysterical


Ally and Alex




The Bride and Groom!


The Bride and Her Mama


The Bride with her Stepmom and Mama


Love You Kay


Proud Daddy/Father Of the Bride :)


My Besties and Me with My Precious Mom, Girls and Father In Law


Besties with Papa ;)


Me and My Lea


The Donut and Macaron Tower

I think Kayla and Marshall were appreciative and blown away so mission accomplished.


I made it there and made it for the entire event...was grateful for that :) 


The Girls of the Wedding Party On The Way Out

 Lovely Celebration...

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