Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday (August 31, 2016)

It's that time of the month!  The very end.  This month, I am sad because this is also the end of Summer- insert tears here.
As always, though, I am linking up with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay HERE
 Here is what is happening

What We're Eating This Week!
This is our first week of "official meal planning" and
first week that Robby B and I are trying a modified Paleo lifestyle.  Modified meaning that we will be eating clean and unprocessed foods but tailoring the plan to fit our lifestyle.  For example, oats are not Paleo friendly but they are part of our dinner on Thursday night.  They are not processed.  Robby B will also continue using 2 creamers in his coffee each morning.  I have already made the switch to coconut milk

Here is our dinner menu for the week:
Meatless Monday- Shrimp and Avacado Salads

Taco Tuesday- Chicken Tacos (ours will be with Grain Free Tortillas by Siete Foods)

Pasta Worthy Wednesday- Chicken and Lemon Angel Hair (ours will be with Zoodles)
Anything Thursday- Baked Peanut Butter and Banana Oatmeal
Friday Night Pizza Night- Take Out pizza for the kiddos- Salads for Us :)

What I'm Reminiscing About
Summer Fun- Already I know
There is something about summer with no homework and no alarm setting for the kiddos- the fresh air- the hot sun...ahhhhh....I am going to miss you Summer of 2016!

What I'm Loving
My cheer team- extra time spent with Diana- spending time with these precious littles and having Eva join in on the fun occasionally- a major commitment and one I probably won't do again but enjoying it while I live in the present :)

and Juice Plus!  Have you tried it?  I am feeling great ladies- have to tell ya!

What We've Been Up To

We enjoyed Diana's 1st theater performance as an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka (The Musical)

We hit the beach- of course!

Lots of cheering!

We visited with our friends from France!

Squeezed in a little golf and associated shenanigans!

The ladies checked out Bad Moms!

The Committee Started Planning the 2016 Turf Fundraiser Bash!

 We saw Pearl Jam at Fenway with Laurel and Tom-
they were just as awesome as they were back in 1995 

We had our Mommy and Me pics done by Kristina Mearls
 We went to Story Land and Santa's Village with the Grahams!

We celebrated our 12 year Wedding Anniversary!

We celebrated Papa Pete's Birthday!
 and we celebrated Diana's birthday!

Mama enjoyed a day and night in Ogunquit with some gal pals

We celebrated Baby Alex at his blessing

and went to Canobie Lake Park with Ally and Aaron!

What I'm Dreading?
The Back-To-School Routine- just getting into it is tough- I know we will be in the normal swing of things once we are two weeks in but just getting everything organized and remembering where everyone needs to be every day can be tricky! (and not to mention all of the blessed homework)

 What I'm Working On
Still working on running but honestly have not progressed past the 3 mile mark- just haven't had as much time to train once cheering started- I must say I have continued exercising consistently, however.  I continue to walk 3-4 days/week.  I am still also working on my golf game and working at getting better and better at my full time job too!
Everything is a work in progress
Oh yeah...and our meal planning too!

What I'm Excited About
My Birthday.  I can't help it.  I love all of the birthday wishes and the love you get on your special day.  I love that Robby B is going to cook dinner for some of our closest friends and I love that I am going to enjoy other bday fesitivities with friends and family all weekend long.  It makes the "official end of summer" a little less painful :)

 What I'm Watching/Reading

Well, I have to say that I am just as excited about all of my shows starting back up in a few weeks.  Not too happy about a couple of them starting in November though- ugh!
I have to wait until then for The Affair and Jane The Virgin.
Starting sooner will be Younger, Teachers, Dance Moms, Scandal, Greys Anatomy,  Dancing With The Stars and Life...In Pieces

This summer, we have kept entertained with some newer shows

Vice Principals (on HBO)
So unbelievably inappropriate but Oh So FLIPPIN hysterical!

Odd Mom Out (on Bravo)

and occasionally we watch an episode of The Un- Breakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix (Season 2 is going much slower than Season 1 did)

We have been religiously binge-watching Ally McBeal on Netflix...All...Summer...Long.  We are now in Season 4 of 5 seasons.  Again, I will be devastated when it is over.  We have really loved it :)

I read some great books this summer!  Since cheer started, again, I have not had much spare time so reading, again, has been put on the back burner!
I finally finished both Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand and Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner.  Both wonderful summer reads!  (I am a sucker for romance)

What I'm Listening To
Not a heck of a lot outside of cheer counts right now but I do play tunes for the girls at practice and they are usually by Taylor Swift and/or One Direction :)

What I'm Wearing

My purchases from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale...
 Estrada Shift in Multi Out To Sea (will be wearing for my birthday dinner)

Arya Tank in In to the Deep, Blue (wore it in Ogunquit this past weekend AND to Canobie Lake Park)

and the Lauren Top in More Kinis in the Keys in Pink Pout (will wear this coming weekend too at some point)

and I am LOVING my White Capri Kick Crop Pants from the Loft.  I have been wearing them with all of my Lilly pieces and everything else for that matter!  You can find them HERE 

What I'm Doing This Weekend
Birthday Lunch with a gal pal on Friday,
Birthday beach with another gal pal then
Birthday Dinner with Friends on Saturday,
Breakfast with my Mama on Sunday and then spending the day together and
then family beach day on Monday!  Sounds busy right?  I am SO EXCITED though and much of this time will be relaxing time so I can't wait!
 (Below is the main course for Saturday night!)

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month
The Newport Wine and Food Festival- last year was so wonderful-can't wait for this event again!

What Else is New?
We are in the middle of choreography right now and I am documenting this after a rough practice tonight- I hope to look back at this and laugh when it all comes together

Bonus Question For The Month: 
“What is your favorite summer to fall transitional piece in your closet?”
I would have to say my Lilly scarves.
They really provide a nice pop of color and they are not too warm, like a winter scarf.
My favorite scarf comes in "She She Shells"

There ya have it- can't wait to read all about you!
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