Monday, April 30, 2018

Weekend Recap and Hello Monday!

So....I am linking up with the lovely ladies HERE
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We had a fun but fairly relaxing weekend...here is what it looked like


Quick lunch with besties- photo courtesy of Sam

That night, since my Godfather and his wife were in town, we had them over for dinner and my parents joined us as well.  I don't get to see them much anymore since they moved to Florida but we made up for lost time.  The stories were flowing, the laughs were abundant and my heart was full....so glad we got to have this special time together.....


Rob brought Diana to her softball practice and Pidge and I just chilled.  I know what is that??  I have been pinning ideas for the menu for her party next weekend and I also got through my 2nd book for April- Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.  Pretty good self-help book.  I am excited, however, to dive into our May Book Club book which is The Flight Attendant- stay tuned!

 That night, the girls had a fun sleepover adventure night with Papa Bob.  Daddy and Mama had some fun plans.  Rob's band got a gig at the Fisher Cats Game (they are one of the minor league baseball teams for the Toronto Blue Jays) and they play at the local Delta Dental Stadium in Manchester NH.

Rob's band, Random Acts, got to play for the hour before the game and he was given four tickets to the game and for a private luxury box.  He announced it while we were on vaca and invited the Batsons and me to be his guests- we laughed because I found out about it the same time they did- hysterical!

Anyway, that is what we did and we had a blast.  Mike and Lea picked me up and we went and sat outside (and may I add that the weather was PERFECT!)  We enjoyed the band and then when they were done, the four of us headed up to the luxury box.

We had so much fun.  The stadium provided us dinner which was such a fun surprise and we enjoyed the game from the box.  It was such a fun and unexpected night and the weather just added to the excitement!

Rob even got interviewed on the radio!  Mike, Lea and I left around 10 and he stayed because the band was playing at the end of the game too.  What a fun night!


After mass and groceries, it was time for more chilling and planning for Eva's party.  It was a record day of binge-watching Rise and enjoying some wedding movies (my favorite!)

Then it was time to get ready for the gym again and try on my new Lululemon top!  It is keeping me motivated :)

That's a wrap!  What were you up to?

Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Favorites (Eva's Edition)

Hey Hey......it's.....

Woohoo!!  Though vaca week is winding down, Robby B and I have still been working all week and we are looking forward to a weekend to decompress with family and friends...as always, linking up with lovely ladies HERE

Here are some faves from this week... 


Tuesday was Eva's real birthday.  Her "parties" yes "parties" are next weekend but on her day we tried to make her feel special with fun birthday treats, getting her nails done and pizza and cupcakes :)

and wasn't she just in the hospital....here?


Reminiscing about our wonderful vaca in Maine with the Batsons- so good for the soul!

 The girls' bedroom

We are in the process of redecorating the girls' bedroom- it is coming along nicely- we have a new rug down and the bedspreads are in.  We now have to work on the walls and some accent pieces....everything is a work in progress right?


Spring has finally sprung here in New England and we are doing our happy dance!

I see us planting our garden early this year!   This year we are getting tips from our friend Mike who has such a green thumb- hoping to have some better results!

Nail Polish

So my nail shop got a new color line in....forgot to get the names and forgot to take a pic of the bottle but I love the neutral spring color I picked- now next time I have to get better with grabbing the brand and name so I can share with you!

Favorite Eats of the Week

Favorite memes of the week!


We have braces!  Diana is adjusting and is still sore but I think she also kinda likes that she has some metal going on- I can't believe my monkey has braces- wasn't she just in diapers???

Before and After.....

A Day In The Life Of America

Thanks to this wonderful blogging community again, I discovered this coffee table book and then scored it on Ebay for $10!  This book is chalk full of pictures from all different locations in America on May 2, 1986.  It is incredible to see how different our lives all are and at the same time, how alike we all are and how privileged to live  in America.  I HIGHLY recommend grabbing this one.  We will treasure it forever!


and thanks to my mom we have fallen in love with the new show on NBC- Rise.  It is about a high school and primarily about the theater group- it is reminding us of Friday Night Lights and we have been binge-watching every night this week!  Watch it...today!

That's a wrap!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Our Spring Vacation in Maine

So we just got back from a super fun long weekend during our April vaca up on the seacoast of Maine with some friends who are like fam.....and just as we had planned, there was lots of seafood...lots of hiking...relaxing and laughs!!  I would love to share our fun with you.....

Friday Evening

We headed up to the beach house we rented in Wells Maine.  We scored a great home that was cost effective, so close to the ocean with amazing water views and just beautiful!  We all fit so comfortably with room to spare.  The home actually slept 12 and we only had 8- ftw!

Once we got there, we got unpacked and settled in and I snapped some pics.  

(don't even know the drama she is displaying in this pic...just go with it)

and while the unpacking was going on, the Batsons arrived and the littles found the "Monster Chips" (Doritos)

Then I finished my work day up and got settled and then we headed out to dinner to the recommended, "Billy's Chowder House" in Wells.  Check them out HERE.  It did not disappoint.  Though I didn't order the chowder, I tried Rob's and it was the best chowder I have ever tasted in my life.  Awesome broth- not too creamy and chalk full of such tender and flavorful clams.  I enjoyed some steamers and an awesome baked fish dinner- yummo!  We got into vaca mode and started laughing almost immediately! 

Once we got back to the beach house, we decided to go down to the water and explore the rocky coast.

Later, we went back to the house and we hunkered down and watched Jaws 2...so appropriate! 


After an awesome homemade breakfast by the men, we headed out early to explore the next town over, York.  We went right for the famous Cliff Walk and enjoyed an amazing hike- awesome exercise- beautiful views and at some times scary.  Due to all of the harsh winter storms this year, there was tons of damage to the trail so we did our best to navigate!

First stop first, though, was the Hartley Mason Reservation- we walked through this beautiful area on our way to The Cliff Walk 

Then we stopped at the little beach next to The Stage Neck Inn...a beach I have visited which is pure bliss 

Next stop was the Nubble Light House (the most photographed light house in the world) which is on Cape Neddick (the very tip of York, Maine)

We definitely took advantage of the photo ops here!

By this time, everyone was starving so we made a last minute decision to head over to Kennebunkport for lunch and shopping.  The kiddos couldn't wait to hit the stores but everyone agreed we needed some lunch first.  We headed to a place that Rob and I have been with my parents called Allison's.  It is downtown Kennebunkport and they are known for their lobster rolls.  Check them out HERE

I went with the Southwest Lobster Roll which was very different and oh so good- it included avocado, black pepper bacon and a kick from the chipolte mayo- delish!

Everyone loved their food and we enjoyed a few games of "Heads Up" too....Pidge is "playing" a round with Brooks here ;)

Then it was time for some shopping.  We hit a few cute gift shops- I spotted this book in one of them- reminds me of My Auntie Mar-she used to read it to me when I was little.  So I posted it on her wall on FB so we could enjoy the memory together :)

and everyone got some treats to enjoy at The CandyMan :)

Sam's Candy Legos!

and then per my friend Alison's suggestion, Lea and I made a point to hit The Pink Tangerine- a signature Lilly store that was having 50% off many items- we both scored popovers-yeah!

I loved the striped one that Lea got!

and then after that success, it was only par for the course to hit the free wine tasting at the cute wine shop next door of course!

and Mr. Mike is outside waiting patiently!

Then it was time to head back to the house.  This night, we decided to cook in and relax.  The guys did most of the grilling- surf and turf and potatoes and veggies....and....I taught the girls how to make homemade guacamole!!

We crashed early- we had accomplished so much this day!


 The hubbies let Lea and I scoot out so we could go to mass and then hit a couple of the outlets.  I always love checking out new churches.  We enjoyed mass at St. Mary's in Wells.

Then we headed to Lululemon and got some great deals!  Lea has a new and awesome body from working so hard at the gym- she is my inspiration. She got some cute things and I got a cute top- my very first piece of Lululemon.  After that, we hit Crocs so she could get some boots for Sam and then we hit American Eagle.  We didn't want to leave the guys with the kiddos for too long so we headed back to the house for lunch AND THEN we headed to the beach!!  

The kids had been dying to run around and I was serious when I said I was going in the ocean- I don't think everyone thought I would do it but I did....the kids (all but Eva) joined me and everyone else looked on like we were nuts...Friends?  It felt SO GOOD...sure it was cold but the ocean in New England is always cold and I really didn't mind it much....I was so excited to be back in my happy place!!!

and who we call "90 Year Old Mr. Mike" ;)


and I call this one, "The Grumpy Eskimos" (insert laughing with tears emoji)

This Mermaid Loves Her Eskimo :)

 Sam's Artwork

Rob's Rebuttal- hysterical!

After our beach shenanigans, we headed back to the beach house to shower up and enjoy a glass of wine and then we headed out to dinner in Ogunquit.

We decided on Jackie's Too and it did not disappoint...more seafood of course...so fresh and delicious!  Check them out HERE

(I had steamers every day in Maine and I am not regretting it!)

Then it was time for our big family pic and only us is all I can say...we were victim to the best/worst photobomber ever....

Exhibit A

 Hysterical right?  

and these are a little better.....

and we got some silly shots after dinner....

Then it was time to head back to the beach house for the long awaited s'mores!  Yeah!!!  More laughs and fun ensued....

The one I call "The S'Mores Ninja"

 We crashed early this night too....we kept saying how much we were accomplishing in a day on vacation...we were wiped every night...a GREAT wiped!


The final day...it is never fun...all the packing up and cleaning...boo...but we went out with a bang. We hit the famous Congdons Doughnuts in Wells.  Check them out HERE 

We enjoyed a fun breakfast and the kids (and the Dads) all tried the funky donuts- the website lists all of the fun flavors AND they offer a full breakfast menu...I had the most delicious florentine omelet!


We had so much fun in our little slice of heaven....this was the house....

 it is even bigger inside and decorated perfectly!

We have wonderful memories that we will have forever....more quality time with friends who have become like family...I truly treasure these times and I am so happy that my kids get to have these experiences...I will do everything I can to make sure we continue making new memories and keeping up with traditions!
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