Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What's Up Wednesday: March 2021


Hi Friends!  Happy End of March!  We are in the throws of Spring and although we are still in a pandemic- I am following the joy and seeing glimmers of hope everywhere....linking up HERE and sharing What's Up With Us!



What We're Eating This Week


Monday- Ground Turkey, Broccoli and Brown Rice in Tomato Sauce (Recipe Coming Soon- has been a go-to once/week for the last few months!)


Tuesday- Taco Tuesday with Rice!


Wednesday- Lemony Chicken and Broccoli with Angel Hair


Thursday- Breakfast For Dinner- Pancakes, Bacon and Berries


Friday- Good Friday- Pizza and Salad



 What I'm Reminiscing About


Last year at this time....the lock down...the quarantine...the newness of it all...the fear...the panic...the sadness...the losses to come...it all became too much :(


 What I'm Loving

My Workout Routine

Trying to experience variety and trying different classes at my gym and also trying to get outside as it is getting warmer!

Sample schedule:

Monday- KO- Stands for Knockout- class at my gym which is a mix of cardio and weights

Tuesday- Synergy- class at my gym that is all weight training

Wednesday- Shred- class at my gym that is in a heated room and is a mix of cardio and weight training and then I walk outside at night with my friend Bethany

Thursday- YOGA!  It is actually called Power at my gym- the yoga room is heated and there are some intervals so although it is low impact, you still burn more than in a typical yoga class- I find it so restorative...some great stretching and mentally, a wonderful escape

Friday- Private Training with Besties- these are the hardest workouts of the week- mix of cardio and weight training with our kick ass trainer Kelly

Saturday- Date Walk with the Hubby

Sunday- Rest Day

Sometimes, depending on my schedule, I need to change this up a bit but during the week, I am also back at my desk by 8am and ready to rock- early mornings are best for me

I am feeling healthier- stronger and so so motivated!



What We've Been Up To


We watched Daddy's new band on FB Live- so much fun!


The guys in the fam enjoyed a morning of Virtual Golf


 and the Ladies "lunched"



There has been more dance, of course, for Diana

 and dinner with besties....



Pidge wrapped up a wonderful hockey season....



and the Dance Moms celebrated Misty turning 40!



 I have been loving working out but the greatest re-set comes from weekly yoga....


Wine Group resumed at Lisa's and it was a cozy little night of trying sparkling wines from all over the world


We started the bday celebrations for Cass...



and made Tik Tok Pasta...what a hoot!

Eva has become obsessed with the U.S Presidents so we have started to enjoy books and videos together....she is demanding that we get to Washington D.C- I told her we would try when things are a bit safer ;)

Remi is keeping us on our toes!

Shannon and Cindy made it back on the school board...

and weekly time spent with the BFF is just what the doctor ordered!

Diana got fitted for her Invisaline


 and Remi tried to come to Yoga with Mama one morning- ha!

Date Walks have continued on Saturday mornings...early!

and the Fab Four celebrated St. Patty's Weekend for the 4th year in a row!  Felt wonderful to have a "normal" night out together 

Diana enjoyed a successful Dress Rehearsal and Photo Shoot at LDA to prepare for YAGP....

and the event itself was the experience of a lifetime- we are all so grateful!

We celebrated Mimi's Bday....

and Papa Bob's Bday....

and I have enjoyed Wednesday Night Walks with "B"

and Remi got accepted into Obedience School....so funny but oh so needed!  ;)

What I'm Dreading

Nothing...thinking positively and Following The Joy!



What I'm Working On

Balance- Family- Work- Health

What I'm Excited About

Performance Awards!  The girls will both perform for these exams on June 6th and we can watch- yeah!  Can't wait to see them on stage again AND enjoy Eva's first time!

What I'm Watching/Reading

OutDaughtered has returned and I feel like it is the best season ever...I can't get enough....anyone else watching?

and because we were seeing the ads on TLC, Rob and I gave "The Blended Bunch" a shot and oh boy...we are LOVING that....

Good Girls returned and I am devouring that again too....

and recording and watching when I can, the usual faves- A Million Little Things, Greys and This Is Us

My Two Books for March were....

The Vineyard at Painted Moon by Susan Mallery

Really cute but VERY SLOW...ugh...wine lovers...you will want to check this one out though!

and my second one...which I LOVED and flew through....

The Perfect Neighbors by Sarah Pekkanen (love the books she writes with Greer Hendricks so thought I would give one of her solo novels a shot and I FLEW through it- so good!)


What I'm Listening To

You mean in addition to the Bombshell Soundtrack on repeat?  Ha!

My favorite recent song is Bang! by AJR

What I'm Wearing

Still lots of workout clothes....a biz cas outfit 1-2 times/week and on the weekends jeans and fun tops...started bringing out the Lilly again...I promise to get better with snapping fashion pics....I know I will in April and May so watch out next month! :)

What I'm Doing This Weekend

It is Easter Weekend- yeah!  One of my favorite weekends all year!

Friday Night we are attending the Living Stations of the Cross

Saturday we are doing our annual Easter Baking and Egg Coloring with Mimi and then going to friends for dinner and

Sunday is the big day!  We are going to mass and then coming back to our home for brunch!  Yeah!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

April Vacation with my little fam- a few days at the beach- long overdue!

What Else Is New?

I think I covered it....can't wait to read "Whats Up With You!"



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