Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday Favorites (Finally The End of January Edition)

Hi Friends!  Who is excited that it is FRI- YAY?

ME ME!!  Ha ha- my favorite day of the week is finally here- we had a productive week but this Mama is tired.  Daddy has been traveling and he gets home late tonight..I will doing my happy dance!  Ha!

Without further ado...linking up with the lovely ladies HERE  and sharing some faves from our week!

Face MEMEs of the Week

Eating The Rainbow

 Campaign Headquarters

This weekend we start campaigning again for Rob.  We have our supplies ready to go.  This is my favorite part of the whole "school board thing."  It is the part I can help him with and it is the part where we get to meet so many amazing people.  

Tale Of Two Cities


6th Grade

My Hubby

Doing his thing in Nashville- having a blast at his trade show

Wine Club

This month we went all kinds of healthy with the theme and tried all of the Fit Vine Wines- I really liked most of them and with half of the sugar and less calories, they are a no brainer.  We also ate mostly Whole 30 but did indulge in Lisa's chocolate fountain just a little ;)

Fave Fashion
I will be taking your advice this year and sharing more fashion posts- I promise! :)  I only snapped a few selfies this week...too busy with work and running the house but need to make a conscious effort to snap pics of outfits before work and leaving the house in general...stay tuned...here are a couple of fave comfy outfits from this week...

and this...right here....

Monthly Musings
Lastly, Patty and I loved starting our Monthly Musings linkup yesterday and were thrilled that you joined us...it was so fun to read about your Valentine traditions- thanks for joining in!

That's a wrap!  Have a fabulous weekend friends!

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Monthly Musings: Love Edition

Hi Friends!  Patty and I are excited to be here with our brand new linkup for 2020!  We loved Thankful Thursdays with you in 2019 and this year, we have changed things up a bit!  Our new linkup is called "Monthly Musings" and each month, we will share some fun themed questions with you and hope you will join in!

For January...we are talking all things LOVE
How can you go wrong with LOVE? 

So here goes nothing...check out our questions!

1. Conversation Hearts- I LOVE reading them and having them in a bowl in the house for my girls but I am not a big fan of the flavor or the damage they can do to your teeth- does that make me old?  Hope not- ha!  They bring back great memories of my school Valentine parties growing up too :)

2. Valentine/Galentine/Boycot- I say yes please!  I love celebrating with my Valentine especially the years when he makes us a cozy and romantic dinner (even with the kids)- it's all about LOVE- also the whole Galentine idea?  I love it- I thought I would be able to do a Galentine brunch this year but I dont' think timing will be on our side so you may see me host one next year :) 

3. Decorate?  Actually NO- I go all out for Christmas so I take a break with the holiday decorating until the Spring 

4. Do we buy a pet a Valentine treat?  Considering we only have fish, that's a big fat NO- ha!

5. Best Valentine's Day?  I would say our family dinner last year- we ate a fancy dinner in our dining room- I made my homemade Bolognese sauce for pasta and the girls loved surprising us with cards and silliness :) 

6. Stay in or Go out?  Stay in

7. Favorite Childhood Valentine's Memory?  Our class parties- exchanging Valentines in our homemade mailboxes and then eating lots of junk and having fun- some of the best parts of childhood!

8. Best Tips for Kid on Valentines' Day?  Class Suggestions?  Always bring an extra Valentine or two just in case one gets lost!  I also love to make Valentine theme chocolate covered pretzels as a fun treat

9. Any Valentine's Day Fashion Tips?  Not really- just ordered a cute Valentine tee for $13 on a boutique I saw on FB- the kids get a kick out of seeing me get into the holiday spirit :)

10. Champagne, Chocolate, Flowers?  All of the above?  I guess yes but so not necessary!

 That's a wrap!  Hope you joined us- it's fun to compare notes!

Here is the Monthly Musings Schedule for the rest of 2020

and don't forget to linkup!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

What's Up Wednesday: January 2020

It's time for our first "What Up Wednesday" Linkup for 2020!  Yeah!  This is my favorite linkup of all.  So much fun thanks to Sheaffer and Shay.

Linking up with them HERE
and sharing "What's Up with Us?"

What We're Eating This Week 

Monday- Chicken, Broccoli, Ziti
Find my recipe HERE 

Tuesday- Chicken Tacos with Celery and Carrots

Wednesday- Daddy is traveling so Mimi is bringing up her Parisian Chicken and Veggies- yum!

Thursday- Mac and Cheese for the kids- Mama is having a Whole 30 Meal with Friends

Friday- Out- Copper Door with the Fourniers (which will probably mean the Green Goddess Salad for Mama (my favorite!) and the steak tips for the girls- they love them :)

What I'm Reminiscing About

Well since Rob decided to throw his hat in the ring one more time and run for re-election for a seat on our school board, I am reminiscing about the past campaigns- yes they are work but what we discovered was how wonderful so many people are- strangers coming up to us everywhere and learning more about the people in our community is the best gift from it all

What I'm Loving

Built Bars

Have you tried them?  Oh my word are they good and help keep your diet on track- only 110 calories- perfect snack or meal on the go!  My favorite flavor is Chocolate Caramel

What We've Been Up To

We celebrated the holidays with our family and friends

Pidge loved Disney on Ice with Kayla and Daddy

We have all spent some QT with our Dance Pals

Christmas Break was full of fun

1st play date for these besties

and Daddy and the Papas built Pidge a hockey rink in our yard!

New Year's Eva was spent with some of our besties

and the Fab Four enjoyed our NYD lunch at Copper Door- Annual Tradition

There has been lots of hockey for Pidge!

and lots of dance for both girls!

The girls have loved having some sleepover adventures with Mimi and Papa

and Mama and Daddy have enjoyed a few nights out with friends...

There have been a few trips to The Nutrition Corner

Papa had a health scare but we are so grateful that he is on the mend!

Diana and Lucy took first place in Windham again for the National PTA Reflections Program- they won for the category of DANCE and now move onto the Regional Competition

We enjoyed watching Diana sing in her Winter Concert Coffee House with Mr. Dev- she did Somewhere Over The Rainbow (but I am not allowed to post the video as she was unhappy with her performance) ;)

and Mama has been busy meeting goals and setting things up for a kickin' 2020- including networking with the best!

What I'm Dreading

What I'm Working On

Health Goals
Work Goals
Financial Goals

All a Work In Progress!

What I'm Excited About

A few days in the Bahamas at the end of February-excited to share some time with our kiddos and our parents-will be a very special quick getaway 

What I'm Watching/Reading

Still Binge-Watching Dance Moms- picked it up again right after the holidays

and our usual faves

A Million Little Things

This Is Us

American Housewife

Greys Anatomy

and our favorite Friday night mysteries- either Dateline NBC or 20/20

I have also watched a few new things that I would love to share

We binge-watched The Morning Show on Apple TV and it was incredible- can't wait or the next season- very impressed with Jennifer Anniston's acting- she is excellent!

LOVED the movie Brittany Runs a Marathon on Amazon TV (have watched it 3 times- based on a true story!)

and really enjoyed the Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix- just haunting and so sad

My January Books were

It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover

Wow- this one had lots of twists and turns and really kept me interested throughout- loved how true love prevailed despite all of the obstacles


The One That Got Away By Bethany Chase

This one was good but I kept thinking "I wish I liked architecture"...really if you like architecture and hearing every detail about the way a house is designed and built than this book is for you- yeah there was love and smuttiness but seriously...it dragged at times

What I'm Listening To

I always loved Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons- love most of their music
Well their song Beggin' has been re-done and Diana and her friends did a "Tik Tok" to it during one of their days at the dance studio and I became obsessed with that song all over again.....

Exhibit A

Madcon is the new group that does it I guess...a more edgy..hip hoppy version if you will...can't get enough of that one and the original!  Great song for my girl to dance to and for Mama to run on the treadmill too :)

What I'm Wearing

It has been my least favorite month for fashion- it is either business attire or workout attire depending on the day and lots of layers and black on the weekends- promise to be better at snapping pics next month!  Eeek!

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Daddy is still away on Friday so on Friday night we are going to grab dinner with the Fournier Girls

Saturday- just lots of running around

Sunday- Mass, organization and carting Diana to rehearsals 

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Our School Deliberative Session (one of the best nights in our town all year and get to see my hubby in action as the school board discusses the warrant articles that will be on the ballot in March- so fascinating- it is amazing the power the constituents have in NH- we can vote on every article that ends up on the ballot!


Our February getaway of course!

What Else Is New?

I think I covered it all!

What have YOU been up to?

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