Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What's Up Wednesday (July 2019)

I can't believe the end of July is here already- my word- how did this happen?  It is time for my favorite linkup for the month!  This is when we share "what's up" with us!  Linking up with Sheaffer and Shay HERE and answering the above questions...here goes nothing!

What We're Eating This Week

Well as I mentioned Meal Planning goes out the window over the summer BUT here are some faves from the past few weeks!

Zesty Shrimp and Avocado Salads- Find the recipe HERE

Warm Kale Salad- Find the Recipe HERE 

and I put a fun twist on 
Shay's Blackberry Brie Burgers.  
I turned them into Raspberry Peach Chicken Burgers with Goat Cheese.  You can find her original recipe  HERE

I added the must-have Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning to the ground chicken and made the burgers.  Once the burgers were grilled, I topped them with Stonewall Kitchen's Raspberry Peach Jam, a dollop of goat cheese and a slice of bacon- they were heaven!

This week, since the girls are flying solo, I am trying to do some creative and fun things.  On Monday night, we made our own pizzas on pita bread....the girls love "decorating" their pizzas :)

My pizza- a little "fancy" as the girls say ;)

and theirs :) (excuse Eva's crazy eyes)

What I'm Reminiscing About

Last Summer and how far I have come in a year.  I still have a long way to go but my road to health has been a success this past year- I feel better all the time and I am just grateful to be able to live the life I do.  I consider every day a gift especially when I am surrounded by my family and friends and my village- it never felt so precious until now.

What I'm Loving

Listening to my girls sing songs from Matilda together.  Eva has learned all of the songs too and she thoroughly enjoyed "helping" Diana to rehearse...my heart is melting....

What We've Been Up To

 We enjoyed our town's Annual Fireworks Night!

We said goodbye to Kiddie Academy as Eva wrapped up Pre-K and our very last days of Daycare :(  Such mixed emotions!

Mama enjoyed Miss Jeanine's Rose Mansion

We all had a blast at the Breton Family Reunion!

We have enjoyed swimming with friends- grateful for generous friends who invite us to cool off!  :)

Eva LOVED dance camp and Diana was OBSESSED with Triple Threat Theater Camp!

We had a great 4th of July Weekend with Mimi and Papa in Portsmouth!

We have spent QT with besties

and Eva and Daddy have been back on the ice!

Mama loved making a tray with friends

and Daddy enjoyed a guys night out at the race track!

Diana had a great annual check up!

Zach moved out....the end of an era :(

and Diana and Mama really enjoyed having dinner and seeing Dear Evan Hansen at the Boston Opera House with some Dance Pals- the trip was part of her TTTC camp and so worth it!  (Can't believe it's the first time I am blogging about this too!)

First, we devoured our dinner at Blu.  My friend and I both ordered the Scallops over Lobster Risotto and I would've licked the plate if I could ;)

The girls loved their personal pizzas :)

The show is really good-very heavy- very emotional- very different- no choreography but powerful story and very relevant for these times

There has also been more swimming...

We had a blast at the McLains Lake House as always!

and capped off the Weekend with the Goo Good Dolls and Train Concert (for the Mamas only!) too!

and... the highlight of our summer thus far was seeing Diana play Matilda in the 2019 TTC Theater Camp Production- we are all still on Cloud 9 around here!

What I'm Dreading

Daddy traveling...we are in the middle of it...just hard

What I'm Working On

In addition to my full time job?  I love asking that because sometimes it feels like I work on that around the clock- eek!  I am putting together a surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary Party for my parents

What I'm Excited About

Since the kids here don't go back to school until after Labor Day, I am excited that we still have the entire month of August to "Summer!"

What I'm Watching/Reading

Well it has been a summer of binge watching Dance Moms...from the beginning (insert shocked face emoji here) BUT the girls and I are sharing many laughs and are all learning how NOT to behave ;)

Outdaughtered...warms my heart :)  Love those quints!

and Big Little Lies!  What a season!  Think there will be another one?

and Younger

I also really enjoyed Kate Plus Date but it abruptly ended- that is so Kate! ;)

For books, I read...

"You've Been Volunteered" by Laurie Gelman- it is the sequel to "Class Mom" and it did not disappoint...I laughed the entire way through again!  I will be sharing this with my book club when it is my turn to host again

and I am making my way through our book club book and that is
"The Silent Patient" by Alex Michaelides.  Not typically something I would read but I am fighting my way through it...or trying to anyway

What I'm Listening To

I LOVE when my girls ask me in the car, "Mom will you DJ?" I am psyched that they usually enjoy the songs I pick....some of our current faves include......

Any of the songs from the Matilda Broadway Soundtrack

Sucker- Jonas Brothers

Believer- Imagine Dragons

Bad Liar- Imagine Dragons

Sweet But Psycho- Ava Max 


Me!  Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie

What I'm Wearing

In addition to my fave sweatsuit from Venus you mean?  ;)

It's been lots of shorts....

and of course a little Lilly sprinkled in for good measure ;)

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Friday Night, my bestie Cass and Rob planned an "event" for our families...something the two of them our obsessed with..in honor of Shark Week, Jaws is coming to a nearby theater called "Chunky's" and we are going together and grabbing dinner there....it is one of those theaters with large comfy chairs and tables and they serve you food so it should be a fun Summer Friday Night....even I can't wait- ha!  Saturday we will relax at home and hopefully see our parents and then I am hoping we will get to the beach on Sunday...we shall see!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary- a simple night in the city (Boston)- so excited for one night of alone time!

What Else Is New?

The girls are working on their summer list....and having a blast doing it!  One of the highlights was Blueberry Picking!

That's a wrap!  What have you been up to?

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