Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!  Excited to be sharing some faves from our week, as always!  Linking up with the lovely ladies HERE

Fave MEMEs of the Week


 Eating The Rainbow!


Pidge is back on the ice!  She is practicing and getting ready for her next program in the fall!  Daddy rocks!

 Pidge's Slip N Slide Instructional Video

Nuff' Said ;)

My Typical Day

On Wednesday, I shared what some of my typical days look like.  You can check it out HERE 

Flower Bar Studio

We have a fun and new little business in town called the "Flower Bar Studio".  It is a place where you can gather friends and make wonderful things for your home- trays, wine racks, etc.  Last night, I joined some friends I met through the schools and PTA and made an awesome tray that can be used as a cheese board.  We had so many laughs and had so much fun making our creations.  It really wasn't that difficult and I felt proud that I could use a drill successfully! Ha! :)

Fun Fact: Billie-Jo "BJ" was Diana's 2nd grade teacher.  She turned her life around and we will all be forever grateful.  We became fast friends and then over the years, I have been fortunate to spend even more time with her now that she is the Assistant Principal and I am back with PTA.  We can always count on her to get things done AND make us laugh.  In this pic below, I am pointing out her OCD because she had me use the gun to start screwing in her handles and because the screw got discolored, she kicked me off her project which is classic BJ- hysterical!

Triple Threat Camp

Last but not least, it has been an amazing week of Triple Threat Camp for the girls.  Eva LOVED the junior program this week and at lunch time today, we get to pick her up and watch her perform a few songs- can't wait!

and.....the most exciting part of our week is that Miss Diana got cast as Matilda in the upcoming performance- we are so proud of her....she worked very hard to get this role...practiced a song every night...practiced lines and had us quiz her...she never stopped...and when they announced it yesterday, she cried...she called me while I was on my way home and we cried together too!  So exciting!

That's a wrap!  Hope you all have a beautiful summer weekend!


Rechelle said...

The Flower Bar Studio looks like so much FUN, your tray turned out beautiful! Happy Friday :)

Sunshine and Books said...

Congratulations to Diana!! That’s fantastic!! I love all your memes and how they support your summer of simplicity!! That cheese board is beautiful! Have a great weekend!

My Glittery Heart said...

That salad looks so GOOD! And I love your tray! It turned out so good~

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