Monday, January 30, 2017

Winter Overnight in Boston ("My Hometown....love that Dirty Water.....")

My friend Beth Ann, sometimes just known as "BA", is always on the lookout for great Groupons.  This time, she found one for the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston and suggested a couples' overnight in the big city.  We did just that on Saturday.
I LOVED it there.  Since it is right around the corner from Fenway "Pahk", everything is Red Sox themed.
Check out the hotel HERE

We had a blast!

Packing up- hubby loves my fur scarf ;)
Once we all checked in, we met up at the bar at Eastern Standard.  It is an awesome Boston restaurant that is located right at the hotel.
Check them out HERE 
Starting our afternoon/evening

After meeting up and relaxing for a little bit, we walked on over to Citizens Pub and Oyster Bar where we had our dinner reservations.  
It was fantastic!  Check them out HERE 
The oysters that us ladies shared were a definite highlight!

as were the Grapefruit Sparkler Cocktails (requested by us just like the ones we enjoyed at XO on Elm)
and I loved what I chose
Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

and Honey Ricotta Crositini

After dinner, it was time to bar hop and I never realized how the Fenway area is the best to do just that!

We hit up the Bleacher Bar where half of the bar literally overlooks Fenway Park!
Beth Ann insisted I get a picture of her getting carded- when you are in your 40's, that is always such a highlight- ha ha! ;)

We could only imagine watching a game from here...incredible!

The Whole Gang

This picture...I can't even....that is the men's room and that is where I am leaving this one

After leaving here, snapped a pic of the famous sign and Rob stopped to play drums on the street :)

After the bleacher bar, we made an additional few stops until we landed at Cask N Flagon.  Check them out HERE 
This stop was soo soo fun.  This bar is known to be a must-see if you are ever in Fenway and especially if you ever are heading to a Red Sox game.
Our bartender Matt was awesome!  We had so many laughs; danced a little and such....

Here are a few shots of fun....

Yep...my fur scarf yet again.....

Our last stop was back at Eastern Standard at our hotel....
we are lucky to have such awesome peeps in our life...love my tribe!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites (January 27, 2017)

It's Fri-Yay!!!

My favorite...my favorite!
Ha ha!!  As always, linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea HERE

These are my favorites from this week....

Kitchen Progress!  It is coming along thanks to my hubby!
One sneak peak at a time....

and while we are on the topic of the kitchen....
shopping for a backsplash is fun!

My nail color this week?
The name is the best!
"Valking in a Vinter Vonderland"
Gotta love OPI- definitely a Friday Fave!


My crazy cats- ALWAYS a fave! Such silly girls!

Well...Rob officially filed to run for re-election!
The photographer from our local newspaper snapped this pic- I love it- side note: Eva was not cooperating which is comical because she is usually so good but this whole election thing has her rattled ;)

and just because he tries to make homework so fun...love this guy


My little monkey is one of my biggest inspirations- especially when she is driven to work to get better!
Here she is with her cheer team- can't wait for her comps to start!

and she won her class spelling bee so she was able to compete in the school-wide spelling bee on Wednesday...she made it through four rounds...we were so proud...and when she is serious and focused...my heart just melts!

These were my favorite graphics for the week....


and this...made me chuckle...not that I am on one side or the other....but I loved it...I am a complete independent....and I don't discuss politics here but I just loved this

Starting to price out new cheer uniforms so we can decide if we are going in that direction on not for this coming season....had a great time and many laughs and have I mentioned, I LOVE CHEER!!!!  Ha haa!!!!!!!

The NH Winter Wine Festival was last night at the Radisson in Manchester.  Last year Cass, Beth Ann and I went and this year Cass decided to open it up to more friends....we had a blast!  I think it was even better; I learned even more and found some new favorite wines!

First off, my outfit....I was liking it

 Lilly Pulitzer Gold Poncho (Ebay purchase- couldn't find one to show you but I am sure it will pop up again!) Lilly Pulitzer Pearl Necklace (find on Ebay HERE)
Tissue Tee (find at Nordstrom HERE)
I.N.C Skinny Jeans (find similar at Macy's HERE)
Leopard Pumps (find similar at Zappos HERE)

and some fun pics from the event....

Selfie at Caymus was a must!

 That's a wrap!  Hope you all have an amazing weekend!
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