Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday Favorites (August 5, 2022)


Happy Friday Friends!  I don't know about you but I plan on soaking up every ounce of summer until school starts in three and a half weeks!  I am excited about the fall for a variety of reasons but after being sick and worried this summer...I am ready to start enjoying life again!  

As always, linking up HERE and sharing some faves from our week

This guy

How could he not be a fave?

and did you know I have THREE kids?  ;)

Back To School Shopping!

Well I really love love summer but I will tell you as much as I do...this summer has been challenging for me with health issues and the unknown so I find myself getting more excited for the fall...besides the fact that having two girls in school always gets me excited and even more so after the pandemic...so I am getting excited as I snag things for them for school and start meal planning for the fall and registering for dance and softball...well you get the picture....anyway!  This week Old Navy and Target have had some GREAT sales!  I have scored some great pieces for the gals on line as well as the Chuck Taylors they both requested (those I found at Famous Footwear)  :)

Last night, after dinner, we hit Target for their school supplies and it was a success- Praise God! :)


Next project is their closets this weekend....pray for me...ha!

Summer Joy

Pool with Friends

More Walks Outside

Decaf Cinnamon French Toast Iced Coffee...yes it's the little things!

Fave Recent MEMEs

Sound Of Music

and the BEST for LAST!  The girls just finished up our town's theater camp and they performed in Sound of Music.  It was a beautiful little show.  Diana was Maria and Eva was Brigitta and they both made me cry!

Sorry for the picture and video overload...have to document every moment ;)

Curtain Call!

Obligatory Pics!  My Father in Law and I were there- Rob had to be at a business planning meeting

and with everyone's fave Mrs Fothergill- wonderful director and music educator in our town- she is a legend!

That's a wrap!  Enjoy your summer weekend friends XO


Maria Rineer said...

Great pictures of another great performance! You must be so proud seeing your girls onstage doing what they love- that they get to do it together must make it all the more special. I hope you soak up every minute of the rest of summer break. Ours is winding down fast... sad to see it go but that's just how it is. Have a great weekend!

Sparkles and Lattes said...

What a great performance. I am trying to soak in the last days of Summer break too. Your pup is sooo cute!

Joanne said...

Love the picture overload! I'm trying to soak up every minute of summer too. In fact I tried to convince my husband to take a day trip to Maine last Sunday! Sadly it was noon by the time I thought of it so we went hiking locally instead.

Ruth said...

What an amazing performance. Your girls are so talented!! I really am glad that all the health scares are behind you now and you can enjoy the rest of summer. Hope you had a great weekend Holly!

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