Thursday, September 20, 2018

Life Lately

Life has been busy.....it always happens when the new fall routine starts...I feel a little overwhelmed at first and then we settle into our new groove.  I think it seems extra busy this year because Eva has started "big girl activities" too ;)

Here is a little look at Life Lately....

 Eva is back at Gymnastics and loving it!

 Friday Night was the 6th Annual Blackout Cancer Football Game- the town sold a record number of tee shirts and 4,000 people ended up at the game- it is the best night all year in our town- everyone comes together to show their support of "Blacking Out Cancer"

Soccer Week Two for Eva!

 Lovely Lunch at Laurel's

Halloween Costumes are in!  (This year we are Dorothy and Toto- their idea!)

1st Fall Cheese Ball of the season!


 Oktoberfest at Nicole and Sam's!

Nutcracker Tryouts for Diana!  Now the anticipation of the arrival of the cast list!

Heading off to school- captured these shots from my desk because sometimes her cuteness is too much for me :)

My Lunch Date- My Prince Charming

Giving it another go and running for Student Council AND hoping this romper from our dear friend BA brings her luck this year!

That's a little look at Life Lately...


Rechelle said...

Looks like a lot of good times! And Eva in her soccer shirt that looks to be as long as a dress is just too cute ;)

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