Wednesday, January 26, 2022

What's Up Wednesday (January 2022)


Hi Friends!  I am not going to say that I can't believe it is the end of January already....I am going to say that I am SO EXCITED it is the end of January...yeah!  One more day closer to Spring- can I get a what what?  Anyway...I digress...it is time for my favorite link up of the month...as we share "What's Up With Us!"  Let's get to it...

What We're Eating This Week

Monday- Artichoke Chicken Bake with Broccoli and Cilantro Lime Rice.  See the chicken recipe HERE


Tuesday- Taco Bowls, Soup for Mama


Wednesday- Pasta Shells with Homemade Marinara Sauce, Soup for Mama

Thursday- Breakfast for Dinner (Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Pancakes, Strawberries), Mama out at Mint with Wine Club

Friday- Eating on the Road



What I'm Reminiscing About


When Eva was a baby..we got to reminisce with her Godparents this past weekend...and talked about the first day they met her...she was only days old and slept the whole time..that's our Pidge! :)



What I'm Loving


My business right now....swamped...busy working on great jobs with awesome clients...truly energizes me!


What We've Been Up To

Diana took her RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Exams around Christmastime and we just found out she scored at the highest level- Distinction- we are now waiting on her final number to see if she was able to meet her goal and that is to beat her numbers from the last two years- fingers crossed!

Eva has been playing hockey every weekend and getting more and more into it...so fun to watch her be aggressive when she is so sweet at home...ha!

I have really been enjoying heated yoga classes at my gym- I had to miss yoga last week and I really felt it- BOO- it feels great always but even more so during the long cold winter here!

The girls enjoyed their first snow day of the season

 Mama and Daddy are continuing their date walks and we experienced a record temp for us this past weekend of 5 degrees....brrrrrr!


Starbucks Dates continue before Saturday Morning Ballet

Diana has been working really hard...seven days a week..Sundays now mean YAGP rehearsal for three hours!

We have been lovin' on Remi of course...even when he tries to steal our snacks ;)

Diana had a blast at her Winter Wonderland Dance which was her very first semi-formal dance

and was over the moon when she learned she has been cast as Sally in her school's production of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown!"

Rehearsals started last week after school and before dance!


Eva LOVED playing hockey at Tsongas Arena....


 especially when her family was there to cheer her on :)

 Mama and Mimi enjoyed some QT in Ogunquit ME- beautiful place even in the winter!

 Diana auditioned virtually for AAB's (American Academy of Ballet's) Summer School Program AND we just got a letter saying she was accepted!  She was granted a scholarship too- we are waiting to see what her summer is going to look like before committing- she is nervous to go away too so we are not going to push it!

 Mama and Daddy enjoyed a quick little date night while the girls were at dance and acting...

 and then our little fam participated in the January Family Faith night at our church

We enjoyed catching up with Eva's Godparents up at their beach house in Wells ME...lots of reminiscing and laughs and just an amazing time...

 Diana has been enjoying her adjustments with Dr. Dan..they are really making a difference especially when she beats on her body so much!



 and our little ice ninja is still at it!


What I'm Dreading


Nothing at the moment...just keeping the faith here 



What I'm Working On


My full time job...I can tell you balance but I am really trying to crush my goals this year and I am going full steam right now and I am not complaining ONE BIT :)




What I'm Excited About


This upcoming weekend...if it happens...waiting to see if they postpone due to the impending snowstorm...we are scheduled to drive down to Long Island NY and The Hamptons... so Diana can participate in her first film/movie...we are all so excited about this opportunity for her and we are making it a family adventure...will share info as I am allowed to..this is all new to us so we shall see!



What I'm Watching/Reading

Not a whole lot of tv right now...nothing is exciting me EXCEPT for "And Just Like That"...oh my word....what do you think friends?

It has been a BIG month of reading for me...it is how I stay cozy during these cold months...my monthly goal remains at two books per month but this month I read FOUR...woohoo!  They were great books too...

The first two books were the second two books in the Accidental Triology by Dana Mason...I had read the first "Accidental Groom" in December

Then this month, it was

Accidental Lies- Dana Mason

and the second and final was

Accidental Secrets- Dana Mason


 These books were the perfect mix of romance....adventure...suspense and trashiness that we all crave...so quick and fun to read!


Next was Katie Couric's new memoir

Going There

 This will probably end up being in my top three for the year- that good- loved reading about her life and career in tv and yes she addresses the Matt Lauer scandal but that wasn't even my favorite part...that part is rather disturbing...I much prefer reading about the competitive industry she made it in.


and my final book for the month was 

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid


 Another one which will most likely end up in my top three for the year- what a way to start the year!  This was fascinating and I love how it was written in the point of view of the writer interviewing her...it was old Hollywood glamour and romance and again about a competitive industry where this woman had to claw her way to the top...just fascinating!


What I'm Listening To


I am really only listening to music when I am in the car...when I commute to my office on Tuesdays...you will find me flipping between Kiss 108 and Mix 104.1 for pop and the morning talk shows and of course the "Can't Beat Kennedy" trivia game...but when I am carting the girls to and from rehearsals and dance, it is usually what they want and they are obsessed with the West Side Story soundtrack right now so I would have to say West Side Story (The 2021 Cast)



What I'm Wearing


 January is so boring for fashion for me....workout clothes...a business outfit 1-2 times/week and then lots of BLACK on the weekends...right now...lots of layers too....sigh



What I'm Doing This Weekend


See above...hopefully heading to NY :)



What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month


Fingers crossed...keeping the faith that we can pull this off...heading to Aruba for February Vacation with our little fam and some besties' fams...so nervous to travel and go through all of the testing stress again but hoping we can get into the warmth and decompress...it has been a tough couple of years and we all need it!


 What Else Is New?


Eva is taking place in a STEM program after school called "Destination Imagination" and she is really enjoying it...love that little Pidge!


 That's a wrap!  What's Up With YOU?
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Natasha said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear more about Diana's latest adventure. Keep us posted as you can and I hope the weather this weekend allows for travel.

Also, ARUBA!!! Ahhhhh, have so much fun! Just imagine how relaxing the beach will be!!!

Lauren D said...

I love hot yoga-- especially in the winter!! Your snow is beautiful. Looks like you've had a great month!

Maria Rineer said...

Wow, Holly! So many exciting things in the works- trips, movies, dance, etc. Can't wait to hear more about everything when you can share! Love all of the pictures and your positive outlook on everything!

Ruth said...

I hope all goes well and you can make the drive to Long Island. Participating in a movie sounds very exciting!!

Good Better Best Food said...

I just pinned the chicken artichoke recipe so thank you! Hope you make it to NY for filming this weekend. I can't wait to hear more about it. See you tomorrow for Monthly Musings.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like an exciting for you guys! I keep saying I want to go to NYC & the Hamptons this year but not sure if it'll happen -- I can't wait to read about your trip! And Aruba sounds amazing!!

Shelly @ The Queen in Between said...

So exciting about her first part! I'm defintely checking to see if my library has the audio of that Katie Couric book and I read 7 husbands this month too...loved it!!

Joanne said...

That chicken sounds amazing! Hoping both the trip to the Hamptons and to Aruba all fall into place for you.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

I agree that Seven Husbands was so good! I want to read Katie Couric's Book! So exciting for Diana and her movie opportunity--can't wait to hear more!

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