Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Summer: This Or That




 I got inspired by my blogging friend Jen to do this fun little summer-themed "This Or That"...here goes nothing!


Beach Or Mountains


BEACH all the way...my happy place...the ocean brings me peace and pure joy...get there as often as I can! 




Travel Or Stay-Cation


I say travel...now I also will tell you that there is no better place to be in the summer than New England but even when we travel to a New England beach town for a few days, I consider that travel.  This summer, our travel will be BIG :)


Ocean or Lake


Ocean all the way BUT I do love our time up at Lake Winnipesaukee with our dear friends.  I treasure those times and the beauty of the lake for sure!  I also love the time we spend with them boating.




Sunscreen or Tanning Lotion 



I know I should say sunscreen but if you have been following for awhile then you know I am a sun worshiper- it is a bad habit I know especially since I have had various growths removed.  I also see my dermatologist twice/year just to stay on top of everything 




Ice Cream or Slush


Ice Cream for sure- don't do it often but over the summer, I love to find a place, especially when we are away in a beach town, that has homemade ice cream and I will pick a super summery flavor and my favorite of all time was a Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream I tried in Kennebunkport Maine.




Early Mornings Or Late Nights


Always early mornings but especially in the summer...there is something so peaceful about early morning sunshine...hearing the bugs and birds (from a distance of course) and seeing sprinklers turn on...it is the promise of a hot summer day and there is nothing better!  I also love being up at the crack of dawn as I feel like I am getting a head start on the day!


 Camping Or Pool Party

I would have to say a pool party though we did enjoy our "glamping" when we did that for a few summers



 Sundress Or Overalls

Sundress for sure- have always been a big fan of dresses!



Water Balloons or Slip N Slide


My girls have loved Slip N Slide and I LOVED it as a kid :) 




Suntan or Swimming


Swimming because I love the water AND you can suntan at the same time - ha!






Jennifer Goodwin said...

I agree on the swimming vs. suntanning- I love to be IN the water, plus it gets me evenly tan all over! I turn around like a chicken on a rotisserie so that all the sides get even coverage. 🤣☀️

Holly said...

@Jennifer I am CRACKING UP- hysterical!!!

Maria Rineer said...

Fun questions to think about- I agree with your answers on almost all of them. Sundresses especially, ocean, up early, etc.

Joanne said...

We have all the same answers!! That ice cream looks amazing.

Rightupmyaliway said...

I Love this Summer This or That. I agree with you on pretty much everything! Hope you're having a fabulous day!! :)

Jennifer White said...

Good answer for "sun tan or swim" haha
You are so lucky to live where you live -- I hope to get to NE one day (we went when I was in high school, but that was obviously a long time ago...haha)

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