Friday, December 10, 2021

Friday Favorites (December 10, 2021)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  We made it!

As always, linking up HERE  with Erica and Andrea and sharing some faves from our week!



 Thanking Our Delivery Drivers


It's that time of year again!



Hi Remi ;)




 My Christmas Angel

My mom came to help me with my wrapping and did most of it while I worked...she didnt' want me to stress and she wanted to lend her talents to me...a true Christmas angel :)


Diana's 2021 PTA Reflections Piece

The theme this year is "I Will Change The World By..."

and this is what she wrote:

“I will change the world by spreading hope.  As a performer, this past year and half has been difficult but one thing I have held onto is hope and I find joy in the little things and also find that spreading hope helps to spread joy among most people.  In my dance, I hope to demonstrate shaking off anger and frustration and showing the joy I feel when I dance.  My goal is to present freedom and positivity in this piece and I hope you enjoy it!”




 YAGP Prep

Speaking of Diana, during her private lessons, she has been practicing for her upcoming RAD exams (Royal Academy of Dance) which occur right before Christmas and her two pieces for YAGP.  I brought her costumes in for Mrs. Mullen to approve and she loved them- thank God!  Ha!  She let me stay for Diana's private and it was fun to watch her and catch up with Mrs. M


We just keep lovin' on this little guy...he loves us unconditionally...what is better than that?



Snapchat Fun with Pidge


Yes....my happy place

Festive Snacks

We made Shay's Grown Up Hot Chocolate Last Night and it was delish!  You can find her recipe HERE


 and you ladies were right about this one- oh my gosh!  Can't wait to serve this to friends and fam this season!

That's a wrap!  Hope you have a wonderful and festive weekend-  we have an exciting one here!  

The Dance Fam is taking the kiddos to dinner and to see West Side Story tonight BECAUSE the kids' film and acting coach, Wesley Foster, is in the movie- YEAH!


Tomorrow Mama is heading into the big city with the Soul Sisters- CANNOT WAIT!


Sunday we are going to do Zoo Lights with Mimi and Papa- one of our favorite traditions every year!





Tanya said...

I can't wait to hear about West Side Story. have a wonderful weekend!

Joanne said...

It sounds like you have a fabulous weekend planned! How sweet of your mom to do all your wrapping. I just finished up everything I had in the house yesterday (again!) and two more packages arrived last night. I figure I'll let them pile up again and then spend one last afternoon wrapping.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Oh I need to make the grown up hot chocolate!!

Maria Rineer said...

Gorgeous dance costume! And how exciting about seeing West Side Story. I hope your trip is going well!!

Natasha said...

Sounds like a good weekend filled with some extra-special fun! And that's so great that you got to see some of Diana's lesson -- I miss being in the dance studio.

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