Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Prime Purchases: Best of 2021


Hi Friends!  I wanted to join in on Tanya's fun linkup again and this month, we are covering our best prime purchases of 2021- yeah!  Linking up with Tanya HERE





My Favorite Almond Butter HERE


 Tea Kettle to match our kitchen HERE





Natural Glow Lotion- to help keep that bronzed look all year HERE


  Thinking Spring and snagging my favorite Spring Scent Estee Lauder's Pleasures HERE






Our favorite pool float HERE




Sash and accessories for Lea's 50th! HERE




Patriotic Snacks for Eva's Presidential Birthday Celebration HERE



and a Life Size JFK for the festivities as well HERE




More Accessories to celebrate Cass and Laurel's 50ths!  HERE



Leotards always- pretty much 3 times/year for both girls so here is a sample HERE







My favorite wraps- super high fiber HERE



 Bunting to replace an old and teared one HERE






Diana's Favorite Deodorant HERE



New Backpack and Lunch Bag for Eva HERE





Supplies for our "Taco Bout Going Back to School" Dinner HERE



Most of our School Supplies HERE






Best Hydroflask Ever HERE




Eva's Secret Service Halloween Costume HERE




Diana's Record Player purchased with birthday gift cards HERE



COVID Test Kits made teting for Nutcracker convenient- currently unavailable but where we found them HERE




Christmas Gifts HERE



Devotionals for 2022 HERE



Contemporary Turning Shoes for Miss Thing HERE


Coconut Detangler Spray- a necessity in these parts HERE



Cutest Festive Tee HERE



What have YOU been priming?


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh fun! I like that you have the year of favorites. The record player is beautiful.


My Glittery Heart said...

I love that tea kettle

Joanne said...

That pool float is the best!

Tanya said...

Love that you did best of 2021! I'm checking out the merry and bright shirt...so cute. Thanks so much for linking up!

Natasha said...

Oh my goodness -- I might have to get that Merry & Bright t-shirt -- that's SO MUCH fun!!! And I will have to scour Amazon for dance stuff because our local dance store closed. BOOOOOOO :(

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