Friday, December 3, 2021

Friday Favorites (December 3, 2021)



Happy Friday Friends- YEAH!  We made it!  Here are a few faves from our week.....


Professional Shots starting to come in slowly


Here is a teaser....will do full post once we have them all





 This Guy






 Tuesday In The Office

Lots of excitement...early morning coffee chat with Janie....Red Cup Season at Starbucks..and then a fire alarm in the building which brought us outside and cold...the firefighters were so so nice though and made us feel like we were in the middle of a Hallmark movie ;)




Return of some Fave Christmas Traditions


Advent Calendars from Janie :)


 and the return of Relf the Elf ;)




 Evening Yoga

It felt so great to hit an evening yoga class...needed the sweat and detox after all of the Thanksgiving goodness



 Festival of Trees


and we are BACK!  Woohoo!  My mom and I were excited to revisit this annual tradition- it was cancelled last year- shocker.  We bid on so many trees- we always think we are going to win...maybe this is the year?  Ha!  Captured a few shots of some faves- Nutcrackers and Joy...Oh my!



 and a fun dinner after filled with laughter and tears

That's a wrap!  Have a wonderful and festive weekend my friends!

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Patty Good Better Best said...

Hold the phone...does your yoga studio have a fireplace? That would be amazing!

I am here for the Joy trees!

Oh and those Nutcracker photos are beautiful!

Happy weekend friend.

Holly said...

@Patty YES! I take a regular class called "Power" it is heated yoga- never thought I would make it through a class but I have found it to be necessary now- sweat out all the bad!

Joanne said...

What beautiful trees! I am loving those teasers of the Nutcracker photos too.

Sunshine and Books said...

Those are some great favorites! Your yoga class looks so perfect for this time of year! I love that your Festival of Trees tradition is back with your mom! Have a great weekend!

Maria Rineer said...

Those Christmas trees are gorgeous! And yah that you can do your normal Christmaas traditions. Love the dance photos- how exciting to see professional shots to memorialize all of the hard work and JOY that was the Nutcracker!

Natasha said...

Oh, I love all those trees and those Nutcracker photos -- amazing!!!

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