Thursday, December 9, 2021

Santa Clausmopolitans


Oh friends this one is a keeper!  It is so festive and delish and perfect for this time of year but truth be told, it would taste good any time of the year...the garnish just makes it look like Santa's Hat or Coat too!

It was a BIG HIT at my favorite things party so of course I needed to share it with you!


Powdered Sugar, Water, Shaved Coconut to rim the glasses (you can also do Karo syrup instead to make the flakes stick better)


1 oz Vodka


1 oz Gran Marnier/Cointreau/Triple Sec

1.5 oz Peach Schnapps

.5 Cups of Cranberry Juice





Rim your martini glasses with either a mix of confectionery sugar and water or Karo syrup.  Then dip rims in coconut shavings.  Flip over and let dry 

To an ice shaker, add ice and the remainder of the ingredients

Give it a good shake

Strain into glass

Now you can add some extra fun garnish like frozen cranberries, fresh rosemary sprigs or even something more fun like I did- chocolate peppermint rock candy sticks- the options are endless but the end product is perfect!

( I also added in some ice cubes because I love my cocktails ice cold!)

Cheers Friends!


Chelle said...

This sounds amazing! My sisters, mom, daughter, niece, and I are having a Christmas cocktail competition for Christmas this year; this may just be my entry! Thank you for the recipe!

R's Rue said...

So yummy. Thank you for sharing. I need to make one.

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