Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekend Recap (Eva's Fun Edition and her Daddy Daughter Dance!)

It was a fun and cozy weekend here in New England!

So you know how you do everything for your first child?  Every activity....every play group....every event?
Well we did with Diana...and then Eva (a.k.a Pidge) came along and we pretty much just drag her every where we go. We have her in a few activities- skating and gymnastics but I am guilty of skipping play groups and such.

I could use work as an excuse and most of the time it is just that but I am trying to make a conscious effort of doing more for her!  Anyway...here is what our weekend looked like (and forgive me for not taking many pics!)


I took Pidge to a play date on my lunch break- she had a ball with her friend Justin and us moms got to catch up on town gossip, politics and Moms club stuff.  Kristen and I connected right away a few years back and it is always fun to catch up while the kids are wreaking havoc on a playroom or in the park! 

Early evening, Beth Ann and I headed to the Merrimack Outlets.  She had some specific things she wanted to get and I was along for the ride.  Well we hit it just right and really benefited from the Presidents' Day sales.  I snagged a couple of cute dresses for work in Michael Kors and got to smell my newest fave perfume there- Exotic Blossom.  They were sold out but I did find it on line after- FTW.

Beth Ann got her shorts and shirts for her hubby and I also snagged a cute outfit for golf (which was later approved by Lea- my golf pro friend) ;) 

While we were out, Rob texted me a pic of himself all dressed up.  He was getting ready to donate his time and play a benefit with his band- he is the cutest!

When I got home, he jetted.  Diana made me take some pics of her as she practiced her leaping and such for dance.

Then I made dinner for Lea and me- sauteed shrimp, scallops and lobster tails with roasted asparagus....we loved catching up over dinner and having some Friday night laughs...nothing better than QT with your bestie.  The girls were wild for a bit but finally settled down...they just love when I have a friend over and they think that they can get in on the action ;)


I headed to the transfer station first thing for some old school NH politics...ha ha!  I held a sign for my friend Shannon who is running for a seat on the school board.  While I was doing this, Daddy took the girls to Diana's basketball game.

After that, Mama headed to the salon for some highlights and Daddy took Eva to her pals' birthday party at The Butterfly Place in Westford, MA and she had a ball!  (See what I mean about it being Eva's Fun Weekend?) :)

That night, the girls spent some time with Grammy and Papa and Rob and I met up with some old football friends for dinner in Andover.  It was so great to catch up.  After dinner, Rob headed to another gig and I picked up the girls and we watched some dance movies in bed...such a cozy Saturday night! 


It was time for mass and then getting lunch ready because Mimi and Papa were coming up to see Pidge all fancied- up for the Daddy Daughter dance.  (Diana's dance is in a few weeks and Daddy was kind enough to take each girl to her own dance) :) 

After lunch, it was time to get Eva dressed and fancy up her hair a bit and then we snapped some pics of course!

and then pal Sophie came over with her family for some pics and we got some cute ones

and once they were at the dance, Daddy sent me a cute pic and some videos...check 'em out.....

and Diana and I snuggled up and watched West Side Story- bitten by the theater bug over here!  It was a wonderful little weekend...what were you up to?


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