Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Finds and Vacation Packing

SO...I am finally getting around to trying on my finds and taking pics of the different things I snagged at the most recent Lilly sale in January.

Reason being?  I am getting ready for a girls trip- a nice long weekend in sunny Florida and I want to be prepared with "options."  That is why I have trouble packing lightly.  I can't just pack one outfit per day.  I need a backup plan in case I am not feeling it that certain day.  Anyway, I digress.....

Here are some of the things I snagged and plan on wearing on my little trip! (I apologize in advance for my pasty white skin and the items tossed on the floor as I was organizing and packing)

 After sharing my Lilly finds, I am going to share a couple of other outfits I will be including too (not Lilly- I know shocker!) :)

Bay Dress in "No Problem Llama"

The name right?  Oh friends..the names keep getting better!  I love the print on this dress-busy and bright!

Bay Dress (yes again- reminds me of my fave Lilly style dress of all time- the Marlowe) and this one is in "Multi Play That Trunky Music"

My fave find from the sale- lilac and romantic LOVE the print and LOVE the color and can't wait to wear this one!

 Essie Dress in "Multi Catch and Release"

The Essie Dress is so so comfy and feminine- I actually have worn it as a coverup in another print in the past (you will see below)

(This Essie Dress was not from this year's sale- it was a purchase two years ago BUT I still love it!  We had Mommy and Me portraits done that summer and I wore it...I wore it to the beach as a coverup and to several other events...it is one of my faves of all time and this print is called "Pink Pout Barefoot Princess"

and here are a few times I wore it- I love how the colors just POP!

 Georgia May Palazzo Pants in "Beckon Blue Sparkling Grotto"

This item was not from the sale.  It was a full on Lilly splurge.  Oh I love these pants- so bold- so comfy YET hard to match...both color wise AND style wise.  The sweater ruffle top I got a Dillard's just did not work.  It made the look much too baggy...not flattering.  A white tee is just ok with them but I thought they looked best when I paired them with a plain navy tee.  So...the outfit is so comfy I figured I would wear it on my last day back to the airport...and will probably go with the navy tee but packing the white one just in case :)

Zia Skirt in "Tiki Pink Royal Lime"

Oh is this one bright..and comfy and adorable!  I am having trouble deciding however, if I will pair with a plain white tee OR a knit Lilly top I already have..  I am showing you both and welcome your feedback...packing both of course...like I said...I need options!!  Ha ha!!

(I also included the White Crossbody that I snagged)

Non Lilly Outfit #1

J Crew Factory Yellow Tank and Loft White Kick Crop Capri Jeans (I am most likely going to changes things up with this one- I think I am going to pair this tank with my dark blue cuff capri jeans)

Non Lilly Outfit #2

Blush, Gray and White Outfit

I was so determined to put together an outfit to really blend my favorite color combos lately- that is how I ended up here

I took my Loft white kick crop capri jeans and paired them with a white tank and then topped it all off with a blush ruffle sleeve cardigan and gray suede wedges...oh yeah and a blush handbag to finish the look (carry on!)  This is the outfit I am going to wear on the plane on my way to FLA.

I am also going to pack my Lilly skorts and toss in some tees...you know I really need options! 


Holly Osborn said...

Cute outfits!! Have so much fun in Florida!!

Logan G said...

I LOVE all these outfits!! Those Lilly ones are SO cute! I am obsessed with your palazzo pants - perfect for a day of travel and still looking cute! Also, I love BOTH tops with that skort - the knit one looks great but the white tee top looks perfect for a casual day! Can't wait to read all about your trip - I'm jealous! Have so much fun!

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