Tuesday, February 13, 2018

10 on the 10 Linkup (Favorite Memories with my Spouse)

I may be a day late to the linkup party, but I wanted to partake because how fun is it reminisce about your favorite memories with your spouse?

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Here are 10 Favorite Memories with my Robby B


You know the magic?  The butterflies?  The laughs?  The learning about each other?  Yep, we did it all...I knew right away that he was my destiny and back then it made me cry for different and serious reasons.  Regardless, I refused to take the path of least resistance and followed my heart and my gut.  I wouldn't go back to these days but I think about different times during our dating years and smile at the way God brought us together.

Our Wedding

One of my favorite days of my life thus far...so so happy...the charming little ceremony at the chapel in our hometown and then the beautiful reception, outside, on the ocean in Rye....my happy place....I will never forget the way I felt that day...and the happiness to be Robby B's.

The Honeymoon

We honeymooned in Cancun Mexico at The Moon Palace.  We still can't wait to go back and take our kids.  It was beautiful and romantic and fun all at once....best service we have ever had...and so wonderful to just be alone.....

Family Vacations

Even before we were married, there were family vacations, because when I married Rob, I also inherited 3 stepkids.  Our trips were so fun...we created so many wonderful memories and I learned how to be a wife and a mother all at once- those were overwhelming and stressful years but our family vacations always stand out in my mind as some of our happiest times filled with laughs and memories to last a lifetime. This picture is from our epic trip to Martha's Vineyard- the trip where everything went wrong but we laughed the hardest and it is the trip that anyone in our family will tell you...was our favorite :)

Having Diana

Oww....our first little baby....as Rob always says, we took 300 pictures before we even left the hospital!  The first three weeks were bliss and then her acid reflux kicked in and life was hell for her first year.  What I will remember more than anything though is that when Rob was around, I was at peace. I knew he wouldn't let anything happen to Diana and I knew he knew what to do...he had been there before and even if I was a mess, he always seemed to have it together

Buying Our Dream Home Together

Yes we bought a starter home together too but this one was when we made our dreams come true and bought the house we loved in a neighborhood we loved AND were able to have an in-law for Rob's parents.  We were making our dreams come true and helping the fam all in one and we were so so excited!

Having Eva

and this little bundle of joy completed our family...she was so peaceful and just brought pure joy to us and to everyone she touched.  As we always say, she is our gift after years of much stress with the other kiddos...and then we laugh :)


Enjoying Zach's High School Football Career

We always say it...those years flew by for us...faster than our own high school and college years...it was just crazy...we enjoyed every moment of every game and tailgate and pasta dinner...together...and with the amazing friends we met...those years were so much fun and so very special to us. 

Fun with Friends

We love our town...our community...and the friends we have made here.  We know it takes a village and you will often find our friends pitching in to help each other...or just being there to make you laugh.  For me, since my family does not live nearby, my friends have become my extended family and Rob and I love spending quality time with our Windham peeps.  They have made us love this town even more!

Family Time/Holidays

I will wrap up our favorite memories with family time.  We have loved to host holidays over the years and bring our families together.  I am proud of the way we have managed our blended family and have tried to include our parents and family in so many things we do.  We know that family comes first and we make an effort to bring them together all the time.  We love that in our dream home, we are able to host holidays and get great usage out of our dining room...it makes me happy to feed people and Rob just loves watching me in my glory :)

 That's a wrap...blessed...that's what I am leaving you with...I feel blessed.....


Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

I love these memories that are simple but memorable! Family time and friends time are the best.

Simple Purposeful Living said...

Love that you joined up. It was so fun to reminisce with you :). I love all the sweet memories and photos. Family vacations are my favorite!!! I have always heard Moon Palace was amazing, I want to go!!! xoxo ERIN

Jaclyn @coffeepancakesanddreams said...

Such sweet memories--it was so nice learning more about you and your hubby! Happy Valentine's Day!

Laura E. said...

Love your memories and especially all the pictures. Your wedding day looks incredible and you look so, so happy! :)

Lisa said...

AW, I love how he's looking at you in your wedding photo! Adorable!

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