Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Favorites (Progress Report Edition)

Well look at that....this week just FLEW BY!  I am praying next week does too ;)

Linking up with the lovely ladies for Friday Favorites HERE 

Here are some faves from this week.....

Campaign Season
I love this stuff.  I love helping candidates network and market and with their branding overall.  I have been encouraged to start my own business on the side.  Maybe some day I will because it is a definite passion...oh yeah and Go Shannon!

Fave Eats of The Week

I shared some recipes in my What's Up Wednesday post and they were my faves of the week- Lemon Chicken Piccata Tenders and as we call it "Robby B's Whole 30 Meat Sauce"...I poured mine over a sweet potato and it was heaven


So saw this on line and I thought it was perfect...how sweet right?  What a way to be asked to the prom...especially if you are a Lilly Lover (insert heart eyes emoji here)

and while we are on the Lilly subject...I am in the process of putting together this outfit for the spring..I love these Lilly pants and I searched and searched for a more simple and comfy top to go with them...I figured the pants are busy enough...the top needs to be plain plain.  Once the outfit comes together, I will post it.

Timehop...doing it again....

Progress Report
and my absolute fave of the week goes to Diana's progress report...so proud of her hard work and her effort to build strong friendships this year...she has learned to compromise and what it means to be a kind friend..and that is what matters to me most...go Monkey!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!  One day closer to Spring!  Yahoo!


Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Aww nothing better than seeing your own kids thrive in school! Have a great weekend!

Rechelle said...

That progress report comment is SO sweet! And I can not wait to see your Lilly outfit, looks super cute already :) Happy Friday friend!

Good Better Best Food said...

You are so right. That Lilly "prom posal" is just the Best.

Have a Good weekend!


Laura E. said...

Hooray for Diana! Sounds like a great week. 😊 I bet you would be great at doing a side business. You seem really passionate and skilled in recruiting! 💗

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