Monday, February 26, 2018

Weekend Recap (The Calm Before The Storm Edition)

It was a cozy little winter weekend and you will see why

Friday Night

Mama crashed early!  I have had a cough for over two weeks and finally got an antibiotic so I crashed on the couch and vegged.  The girls were in bed early and Daddy headed to a gig.  No joke, I was asleep by 7:30! 


It was a morning of cleaning everything in the house and we all pitched in and got it done in 2 hours.  The girls are really starting to take responsibility for their room AND we even convinced them to purge a bit FTW!  I felt so much better when everything was disinfected and de-cluttered.  Then we headed out to do a bunch of errands including a stop at Target (and Starbucks)

This one tho 

We had promised Eva she could get a prize because she has been such a Potty Training Ninja and she had her heart set on a Peppa Pig Castle complete with the figurines and a tea party...she was in heaven and she squished my heart (insert heart eyes emoji here too of course)

That afternoon Mama and Beth Ann headed to a wine tasting at one of our favorite wine shops- we wanted to love at least one and we really didn't but we purchased a couple of good ole standbys and had some laughs doing so :)

That night, Mimi and Papa took us out to The Common Man for dinner.  Though we had a long wait, we had some laughs and enjoyed our dinner despite all the chaos with the kiddos- I made an effort to take a few pics of course....


I woke up feeling a little better and whipped up a french toast breakfast for my people- Eva seemed to be the one who enjoyed it most of course

We then headed to mass and relaxed for most of the day while Daddy went out on his own to do some shopping for an upcoming guys' trip.  

Such a cozy winter weekend and the calm before the storm if you will....resting up before a crazy March!
What were you up to?


Good Better Best Food said...

Girl, I am glad you are feeling Better. I was right there a couple of weekends ago. I fell asleep sitting up at 8:30 p.m. Friday night!

Email me at goodbetterbestfood@gmail.com and we can start brainstorming about a gratitude link up. It's a great time for me to start planning this type of thing.

Hope you are feeling Better!


Julie said...

I love me some Starbucks!

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