Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Hello Monday on Tuesday! (May 28, 2024)


Hi Friends and Happy Monday....I mean Tuesday!  I am here with Sarah and we are recapping our MDWs...hope you will join us!


It was my bestie Cass's Bday first and foremost!

Then it was the start of Eva's Memorial Day Weekend Tournament that night.  Though they got crushed by Londonderry, it was an exciting game!


We headed out for a date walk first thing!  The weather was AWESOME

Then it was time to take Diana to dance and head to the next softball game.  Another blood bath- eek but Eva did pretty well pitching

Between games, Violet came over to swim and have lunch, Daddy started staining the deck and Diana and I headed to the airport for our secret adventure!

We were heading down to Fort Lauderdale to meet up with Tina and surprise Harry at his big spring show at the Harid Conservatory where he is studying ballet. :)

We had several delays and the flight was longer than normal due to the pilots having to go around some big storms.  The flight should've taken about three hours and it took over four.

We got to our hotel a little before 11 and looked everywhere for food.  We ended up Door Dashing pizza  and we scarfed it down and crashed hard!

(At home the 2nd game on Saturday was another loss)


We were up by 7 (Diana insisted on setting the alarm so we could get quality beach time in).  I got a fun pic text of my loves at the softball game ready for their 8am game!

and this was our view.....

(My birthday present from Cass last year and the first time I was debuting it!)

It was SO HOT!  Such a shock to the system ;)  We laid out and jumped in the water every so often...we spent a good three hours on the beach!

Then we headed back to our hotel, freshened up and walked down to Senor Frogs for some nachos and fun drinks- it brought back so many memories of Spring Break in College- ha!  Diana was named a princess five minutes after we sat down...pray for me ;)


Meanwhile, at home, it was another loss and an end for the Windham Wildcats in the MDW tournament.  Cora came over to hang out and swim with Eva for the day so that cheered her up.

 Meanwhile, back in Fort Lauderdale, we walked back to our hotel to get all dolled up and Tina picked us up around 1:30.  We were so happy to see her and so excited to see Harry dance and truly surprise him!



He was simply incredible...he just gets better and better and is a true star in the making!  I was sad that no pics or videos were allowed.  Check out our surprise after the show though...

We then headed to dinner at the Capital Grille to celebrate a wonderful performance and our beautiful friendships

When Tina took us back to our hotel, we said our goodbyes and crashed a little after 10.


Our alarm was set for 2am- UGH- anyway - we powered through-checked out and Uber'd to the airport.  Our flight was at 6am and we landed in Boston around 9.

Fueling up before our flight- my favorite look- NOT

The rest of the day was getting organized for our week!  Diana headed out with a friend for a bit but came home to do her homework and then head to a dance class.

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Ruth said...

What a fun weekend! It looks so warm over there, I'm jealous! Haha!!

Maria Rineer said...

What a fun FL getaway! Diana will never forget this trip, I am sure. Surprising her friend, making lots of memories with you, seeing the performance- things she will look back on and treasure. You guys were looking good in FL! Have a great Tuesday.

Amy from www.coffeeandcocktailsatthecasa.com said...

Well how fun is that? Diana is so grown up! Ok - I have to ask - are those the Walmart shorts someone I follow was sharing? They are to die for! So cute on you! I love that lobster purse so much, too!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

What a great weekend you had! I'm so glad you got to do this with your big girl. She will always remember the trips like this and all the quality time you two spent together. You're such a great mom, Holly!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your weekends are always so full of fun! Have a happy month of June.

Joyce said...

I absolutely love the crab bag! Sounds like a really fun weekend, except for that too early flight home. It would take me a week to recover. Have a happy week!

Holly said...

@Amy- yes they are! Just love them!

Joanne said...

That sounds like such a fun little weekend getaway!

Tanya said...

What an epic surprise weekend! Yes it is sooo hot down here now!! We were at 115 heat index inHouston this weekend.

MandyJoyLoves♥ said...

Love the softball video, and what a fun weekend! Love your Kate Spade bag!

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